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Buy-Back of Shares: Companies Act 2013 & Companies Amendment Act 2020

Explore the intricacies of share buy-backs under Companies Act 2013 and Amendment Act 2020. Learn about regulations, process, and accounting treatments for a comprehensive understanding....

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FAQs on Dematerialization of Shares of Private Limited Company

FAQs on mandatory dematerialization of securities for private limited companies post MCA's 27.10.2023 notification. Learn about exemptions, process, and compliance....

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Puzzle of Significant Beneficial Ownership under Companies Act

Learn what Significant Beneficial Ownership is and what affects it under Companies Act in India from this blog post. FATF, PMLA and other entities affect Ownership compliance and rules....

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Dematerialisation of securities of Private Companies

Introduction: In a significant move, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has extended the requirement of dematerialisation of securities to private companies. This article explores the implications of the recent amendment, understanding dematerialisation, its benefits, the process involved, and the consequences of non-compliance under...

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Dematerializing Private Company Shares – Compliance Insights

Explore the latest regulations on dematerializing private company shares. Learn about compliance obligations, deadlines, and steps for a seamless transition to dematerialized securities....

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Section 140(5) Companies Act 2013: Auditors’ Debarment – Constitutional Analysis

Explore constitutionality of Section 140(5) Companies Act 2013, delving into SC's decision on auditors' debarment, relevant provisions, and impact on corporate governance....

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Violation of Section 62(3) of Companies Act 2013- MCA Imposes Penalty

Order No. ROC(M)/CMC/NJN/ADJ-ORDER/5319 TO 5321/RD-57 17/11/2023

Explore the case of WURKNET PRIVATE LIMITED penalized by MCA under Section 62(3) of the Companies Act, 2013. Analysis of violation, hearing details, and imposed penalties...

IEPF Compliance Guide: Forms, Rules and Timeframes for Companies

IEPF checklist, including forms like IEPF-1 to IEPF-4, rules, and timeframes for filing. Stay compliant with the Investor Education and Protection Fund regulations....

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Circular Resolutions under Section 175: Companies Act and Board Powers

Circular resolutions play a vital role in corporate decision-making, particularly under the Companies Act and board powers. This article delves into the specifics of Circular Resolutions, highlighting key restrictions, agenda items, and significant decisions that impact corporate governance. Agenda items are not allowed to be passed by re...

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MCA Imposes Penalty for Non-Disclosure of ESOP in Explanatory Statement

Order No. ROC(M)/CMCMJN/ADJ-ORDER/5316 To 5318 RD-56 17/11/2023

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs penalizes WURKNET PRIVATE LIMITED for violating Companies Act, 2013 by not disclosing ESOP details. Analysis, implications, and order details...

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Corporate law also known as the company law is the study of how the directors, shareholders, creditors, employees and other participants in the community, consumers, and the environment work together with each other. Company law deals with organizations which are registered or incorporated under the Indian company law. The latest Companies Act is the Act which controls the incorporation of companies, responsibilities of companies, directors and laws relating to dissolution of any company. The newly constituted Companies Act 2013 is divided into twenty-nine chapters comprising 470 with 7 schedules. This Act replaced the previous Companies Act, 1956 on August 29th, 2013. The newly constituted Act came into action on September 12th, 2013 with number of changes.

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