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Internal Audit Requirements for Companies in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Navigating the intricacies of internal auditor compliance in the Indian Companies Act is crucial for businesses. Today, I want to shed light on the intricate requirements for appointing internal auditors in Indian companies. In this simplified guide, we’ll address key questions surrounding the appointment of internal a...

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Companies (Incorporation) Third Amendment Rules, 2023

Notification No. G.S.R. 790(E). 20/10/2023

Explore latest amendments to Companies (Incorporation) Rules 2014. Learn about changes regarding registered office shifting under resolution plans....

Infosys Panaya Deal Controversy: Legal Perspective

An analysis of Infosys Panaya deal controversy in light of Companies Act 2013. Understanding legal framework and shareholder actions in this situation...

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Regularization of Directors under Companies Act, 2013

Learn process and significance of director regularization under Companies Act, 2013. Ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Find out more....

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CCDs allotment – Not Filing of PAS-3 & PAS-4: MCA Imposes 2.08 Crore Penalty

Order No. ROCM/Adj Order/42/Viraj Profile/341/347/46 19/10/2023

CCDs allotment- Not Filing of PAS-3 & PAS-4 & Non-maintenance of Separate Bank account- MCA Imposes Penalty of Rs. 2,07,56,000/-. In a recent development, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), under the Government of India, has imposed a penalty on M/s. Viraj Profiles Private Limited for violations of Section 42 of the Companie...

Compliance Alert: Significant Beneficial Ownership Rules 2018

Learn about latest compliance update from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India regarding Significant Beneficial Ownership rules and their implications....

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Company Penalized by MCA for Annual Return & CSR Report Violations

Order No. ROC(M)/ASB/ADJ-ORDER/4737-HD/RD-41/4738/4739 18/10/2023

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) imposes penalties on LA-FIN Financial Services Private Ltd. for failing to submit annual return extracts with ROC and missing CSR details in Directors' Report. ...

Directors’ Report Checklist under Section 134, Companies Act 2013

Ensure compliance with Section 134 of Companies Act, 2013. Explore checklist for Directors' Reports and its key disclosures, obligations, and more....

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Violation of Board meeting provisions- MCA imposes penalty

Order No. ROC/D/Adj/Order/Section 173/Pantheryx/ 3923-3925 17/10/2023

Learn about the penalty imposed by MCA on Pantheryx (India) Private Limited for violating board meeting provisions. Details and analysis included....

Violation of clause 2.1 of secretarial standard-1 r/w Section 118(10) – MCA imposes Penalty

No. ROC/D/Adj/Order/Section 118/Pantheryx/3926-3928 17/10/2023

Learn about penalties imposed by MCA on Pantheryx (India) Private Limited for non-compliance with clause 2.1 of Secretarial Standard-1 and Section 118(10) of Companies Act, 2013....

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Corporate law also known as the company law is the study of how the directors, shareholders, creditors, employees and other participants in the community, consumers, and the environment work together with each other. Company law deals with organizations which are registered or incorporated under the Indian company law. The latest Companies Act is the Act which controls the incorporation of companies, responsibilities of companies, directors and laws relating to dissolution of any company. The newly constituted Companies Act 2013 is divided into twenty-nine chapters comprising 470 with 7 schedules. This Act replaced the previous Companies Act, 1956 on August 29th, 2013. The newly constituted Act came into action on September 12th, 2013 with number of changes.

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