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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Decentralization of work related to Registration of Portfolio Managers Press Release No. 41/2020-SEBI 04/08/2020
SEBI Regulatory measures to continue till August 27, 2020 PR No.39/2020 21/07/2020
SEBI signs MoU with CBDT to share Data with each other Press Release No. 38/2020 08/07/2020
SEBI (Investment Advisers) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 No. SEBI/LAD-NRO/GN/2020/22 03/07/2020
Pricing of preferential issues – Temporary relaxation due to COVID 19 PR No.36/2020 25/06/2020
Relaxations for Listed Companies having stressed assets PR No. 35/2020 23/06/2020
SEBI Regulatory measures to continue till July 30, 2020 Press Release No. 34/2020-SEBI 18/06/2020
Facility to view status of/deficiency in PACL claim applications Press Release No. 32/2020 02/06/2020
Working Group report on Social Stock Exchange Press Release No. 31/2020 01/06/2020
No restriction imposed on use of POA by broker- SEBI Clarifies Press Release No. 29/2020 26/05/2020
Regulatory measures introduced by SEBI to continue till 25.06.2020 Press Release No. 28/2020 22/05/2020
SEBI Advises Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund To Focus on Returning Money To Investors Press Releases No. 26/2020 07/05/2020
SEBI eases KYC Process by enabling online KYC Press Release No.: 25/2020-SEBI 29/04/2020
SEBI reduces Broker turnover fees and filing fees for issuers PR No.: 24/2020 27/04/2020
SEBI relaxes regulatory provisions related to rights/ public issuances by listed entities Press Release No. 23/2020 21/04/2020
SEBI measures implemented since 23.03.2020 to continue till 28.05.2020 Press Release No.: 22/2020-SEBI 20/04/2020
13 SEBI decisions to reduce compliance burden on Market Participants Press Release No. 19/2020-SEBI 23/03/2020
Regulatory measures taken by SEBI in view of ongoing market volatility  Press Releases No. 18/2020 20/03/2020
SEBI statement on market movement relating to COVID-19 pandemic Press Release No. 16/2020-SEBI 13/03/2020
SEBI launches mobile application for lodging investor grievances Press Releases No. 14/2020 05/03/2020
Implementation of Section 51A of UAPA, 1967 – Addition of two entries Press Releases No. 12/2020-SEBI 26/02/2020
Mauritius included in FATF list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring Press Release No. 10/2020-SEBI 25/02/2020
Implementation of Section 51A of UAPA, 1967-Addition of 1 entry in 1267 List Press Releases No. 08/2020 18/02/2020
SEBI approves amendments to SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 Press Releases No. 07/2020 17/02/2020
SEBI constitutes ‘Municipal Bonds Development Committee’ Press Release No. 06/2020 14/02/2020