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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
IGST: Relaxation in GST interest rate for March & April 2021 Notification No. 01/2021-Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 311(E)] 01/05/2021
HSN Code on GST Tax Invoice Mandatory wef 01st April 2021 Notification 06/2020–Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 640(E)] 15/10/2020
CBIC reduces interest rate for tax periods from Feb to July 2020 Notification No. 05/2020 –Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 410(E)] 24/06/2020
Amendment to section 25 of IGST Act, 2017 notified wef 30.06.2020 Notification No. 04/2020 –Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 409(E)] 24/06/2020
CBIC notifies conditional lowering of interest rate for GSTR 3B Notification No. 3/2020 – Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 242(E)] 08/04/2020
Place of supply for B2B MRO services to be location of recipient: CBIC Notification No. 02/2020–Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 1212(E)] 25/03/2020
Section 17A of IGST Act 2017 Applicable from 01st January, 2020 Notification No. 01/2020–Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 3(E)] 01/01/2020
CBIC notifies place of supply of R&D services related to pharmaceutical sector Notification No. 04/2019 - Integrated Tax 30/09/2019
IGST Registration provision amended to align Special Category States Notification No. 03/2019 – Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 69(E)] 29/01/2019
GST Registration of Jewellery, goldsmiths & silversmiths- Reg. Notification No. 02/2019 – Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 68(E)] 29/01/2019
IGST (Amendment) Act, 2018 applicable from 1st February, 2019 Notification No. 01/2019 – Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 67(E)] 29/01/2019
IGST Rules to determine place of supply in case of inter-State supply Notification No. 04/2018–Integrated Tax 31/12/2018
Reg. GST Registration Exemption to Handicraft Dealers on Inter-State Supply Notification No. 3/2018–Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 1052(E)] 22/10/2018
IGST: TCS Rate on intra-State taxable supplies by e-commerce operator Notification No. 02/2018-Integrated Tax 20/09/2018
Cross-empowerment of State tax officers for processing and grant of refund allowed Notification No. 1/2018 – Integrated Tax [G.S.R.60(E)] 23/01/2018
Apportionment of IGST with respect to advertisement services Notification No. 12/2017 – Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 1424(E)] 15/11/2017
IGST: Cross-empowerment of State Tax officers for processing & grant of refund Notification No. 11/2017–Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 1261(E)] 13/10/2017
GST not payable on inter-State supplies of taxable services by exempt persons Notification No. 10/2017- Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 1260(E)] 13/10/2017
New items been added to list of handicraft goods for IGST exemption Notification No. 9/2017–Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 1259(E)] 13/10/2017
Registration exemption for ‘Inter-state Supply of Handicrafts’ notified by CBEC Notification No. 8/2017–Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 1156(E)] 14/09/2017
GST Registration Exemption to Job workers providing Inter-state Supply of Services notified Notification No. 7/2017–Integrated Tax [G.S.R. 1155(E)] 14/09/2017
Govt prescribes rate of interest under CGST / IGST Act, 2017 Notification No. 6/2017–Integrated Tax 28/06/2017
Govt notifies number of HSN digits required on tax invoice Notification No. 5/2017–Integrated Tax 28/06/2017
Integrated Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017 Notification No. 4/2017-Integrated Tax 28/06/2017
Govt notifies certain sections of IGST Act, 2017 w.e.f 01.07.2017 Notification No. 3/2017-Integrated Tax 28/06/2017