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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
IGST rate on supply of goods for real estate sector under RCM by unregistered dealer Notification No. 08/2019- Integrated Tax (Rate) 29/03/2019
IGST on real estate sector under RCM on supply from unregistered supplier Notification No. 07/2019-Integrated Tax (Rate) 29/03/2019
CBIC notifies person liable to pay IGST on development rights, FSI etc Notification No. 06/2019-Integrated Tax (Rate) 29/03/2019
IGST: CBIC notifies Services taxable under RCM of real estate sector Notification No. 05/2019- Integrated Tax (Rate) 29/03/2019
IGST on Real Estate Sector- CBIC exempt certain services Notification No. 04/2019- Integrated Tax (Rate) 29/03/2019
IGST rates on real estate sector services wef 01.04.2019 Notification No. 03/2019- Integrated Tax (Rate) 29/03/2019
IGST exemption on supply of services having place of supply in Nepal or Bhutan Reg. Notification No. 2/2019- Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 86(E)] 04/02/2019
RCM under IGST on procurement from unregistered dealer’s withdrawn Notification No. 01/2019–Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 72(E)] 29/01/2019
Reg. IGST on Transport of goods in containers by rail by any person other than Indian Railways Notification No. 31/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 1278(E)] 31/12/2018
IGST: New services under Reverse Charge Mechanism wef 01.01.2019 Notification No. 30/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) 31/12/2018
CBIC exempt certain services from IGST w.e.f. 1st January 2019 Notification No. 29/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) 31/12/2018
Changes in IGST rates on various services from 1st January 2019 Notification No. 28/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) 31/12/2018
CBIC exempts IGST on supply of gold by nominated agencies to registered persons Notification No. 27/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) G.S.R.1266(E). 31/12/2018
CBIC exempt IGST on certain goods WEF 1st January 2019 Notification No. 26/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) G.S.R.1265(E). 31/12/2018
Changes in IGST rates on goods wef 01.01.2019 Notification No. 25/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) G.S.R.1264(E). 31/12/2018
CBIC amends Table 43 of notification No. 9/2017 – Integrated Tax (Rate) Notification No. 24/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 907(E)] 20/09/2018
No RCM on payment of tax U/s. 5(4) of IGST Act, 2017 till 30.09.2019 Notification No. 23/2018 – Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 744(E)] 06/08/2018
Concessional IGST rate on specified handicraft items WEF 27.07.2018 Notification No. 22/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 699(E)] 26/07/2018
CBIC allows Refund of IGST credit to fabric manufacturers Notification No. 21/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 698(E)] 26/07/2018
Changes in List of goods exempt from IGST wef 27.07.2018 Notification No. 20/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 697(E)] 26/07/2018
Revised IGST rates on various Goods WEF 27th July, 2018 Notification No. 19/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 696(E)] 26/07/2018
IGST on Composite supply of works contract to Govt: Term ‘Business’ clarified Notification No. 18/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 686(E)] 26/07/2018
IGST on Services in relation to a function entrusted to a municipality Notification No. 17/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 685(E)] 26/07/2018
RCM on services by individual DSAs to banks/ NBFCs wef 27.07.2018 Notification No. 16/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 684(E)] 26/07/2018
CBIC notifies IGST exemption on certain services from 27th of July, 2018 Notification No. 15/2018-Integrated Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 683(E)] 26/07/2018