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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Applications for export of Diagnostic Kits (VTM/RNA Extraction kits/RT-PCR Kits) Trade Notice No. 45/2020-21- DGFT 02/03/2021
DGFT Online Module for Adjudication, Appeal, Review proceedings Trade Notice No. 44/2015-2020-DGFT 01/03/2021
Preferential CoO for India’s Exports to Mercosur & Thailand Trade Notice No. 43/2020-2021-DGFT 23/02/2021
Issuance of Certificate of Origins (NP) through Common Digital Platform Trade Notice No. 42/2020-21 19/02/2021
Introduction of online e-Certificate Management System for Imports Trade Notice No. 41/2020-21-DGFT 15/02/2021
Introduction of online e-Tariff Rate Quota System for Imports Trade Notice No.40/2020-21-DGFT 04/02/2021
Reg. export of Diagnostic Kits & their components/laboratory reagents Trade Notice No: 39/2020-21-DGFT 19/01/2021
DGFT Introduces online e-PRC System Trade Notice No. 38/2020-21  15/01/2021
UK added as a country of Export on e-COO Platform under GSP Trade Notice No. 37/2020-2021 11/01/2020
Cyber fraud complaints from Indian Exporters – Trade Advisory Trade Notice No. 36/2020-21 04/01/2021
Migration of AA/EPCG/DFIA Online modules to new IT environment Trade Notice No. 35/2020-21-DGFT 12/11/2020
New Foreign Trade Policy – DGFT Invite Suggestions Trade Notice No. 34/2020-21-DGFT 12/11/2020
Linking/ Registration of IECs in new revamped DGFT Online environment Trade Notice No. 33/2020-21-DGFT 28/10/2020
Submission of data to RoDTEP Committee Trade Notices No. 32/2020-2021-DGFT 28/10/2020
Procedure & Criteria for applications for export of Nitrile/NBR Gloves Trade Notice No.: 31/2020-21 27/10/2020
Electronic filing & Issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin w.e.f. 15.10.2020 Trade Notice No. 30/2020-2021-DGFT 13/10/2020
Application procedure & criteria for export of Diagnostic kits Trade Notice No.29/2020-21 13/10/2020
Submission of ICLCs for export of Onions Trade Notice No.: 28/2020-21-DGFT 30/09/2020
Streamlining of Unit Quantity Codes in DGFT’s EDI system & Customs’ Trade Notice No. 27/2020-21-DGFT 14/09/2020
Validity period of SCOMET export authorizations for transfer of technology/software Trade Notice No. 26/2020-21-DGFT 31/08/2020
Procedure for applications for export of N-95/FFP2 Masks Trade Notice No.: 25/2020-21-DGFT 31/08/2020
Extension of date for filing online applications for export quota of August 2020 for PPE medical coverall for Covid-19 Trade Notice No. 24 /2020-21-DGFT 06/08/2020
Issuance of CoO for India’s exports under ASEAN-India FTA- Reg. Trade Notice No. 23/2020-2021-DGFT 31/07/2020
Application procedure & criteria for export of 2/3 Ply Surgical Masks Trade Notice No.: 22/2020-21-DGFT 30/07/2020
Application procedure & criteria for export of Medical Goggles Trade Notice No.: 21/2020-21-DGFT 30/07/2020