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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Mention specific HS Codes at 8 digit level if exist in Bill of entry Trade Notice No. 46/2019-20-DGFT 17/01/2020
Revised HSN code for import quota of additional Urad (2.5 lakh MT) Trade Notice No. 44/2019-2020-DGFT 26/12/2019
Clear import consignments of Onion Speedily: Govt Trade Notice No. 40/2019-2020-DGFT 24/12/2019
Restriction on import of Pulses Trade Notice No. 42/2019-2020-DGFT 19/12/2019
Laying down of modalities for import of additional Urad (2.5 Lakh MT) Trade Notice No. 43/2019-2020-DGFT 19/12/2019
Certificate of Origin | Export to Nepal | Foreign Trade Agreement (FTA) | Preferential Trade Agreement Trade Notice No. 41/2019-2020-DGFT 12/12/2019
Incorrect Data in certain IECs – corrective action required from exporters Trade Notice No. 39/2019-2020-DGFT 19/11/2019
Imports of Pulses for the fiscal year 2019-20 Trade Notice No. 38/2019-2020-DGFT 05/11/2019
Mis-declaration of imported goods under ‘Others’ category of ITC (HS) 2017 Trade Notice No. 37/2019-2020-DGFT 22/10/2019
Late Cut imposed by system while applying MEIS on reactivated shipping bills Trade Notice No. 36/2015-2020-DGFT 09/10/2019
Imports of Pulses for year 2019-20 to be completed by 31.10.2019 Trade Notice No. 35/2019-2020-DGFT 30/09/2019
Online filing & Issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin through Common Digital Platform Trade Notice No. 34/(2015-2020)-DGFT 19/09/2019
Imports of Maize (feed grade) under TRQ Scheme for 2019-20 Trade Notice No. 33/2019-20-DGFT 19/09/2019
Last date of Import of Pulses for fiscal year 2019-20 Trade Notice No. 32/2019-2020-DGFT 11/09/2019
Reorganisation of Regional Authorities of DGFT Trade Notice No. 31/2019-2020-DGFT 06/09/2019
DGFT invites Applications invited for recognition as PSIA Trade Notice No. 30/2019-2020-DGFT 04/09/2019
DGFT enable online filing of Application to avail TMA assistance Trade Notice No. 29/2019-2020-DGFT 08/08/2019
Mechanism to apply for additional claims under MEIS Trade Notice No. 28/2019-2020-DGFT 05/08/2019
Reg. Import policy of ‘Ethyl Alcohol and other spirits, denatured, of any strength’ Trade Notice No. 27/2019-2020-DGFT 29/07/2019
Corrigendum to Trade Notice No. 06/2019-20 dated 16th April, 2019 Trade Notice No. 26/2019-2020-DGFT 24/07/2019
Import of 4 lakh MT of feed grade Maize (dent corn) under TRQ allowed Trade Notice No. 25/2019-2020-DGFT 09/07/2019
DGFT Invites applications for allotment of additional import quota of Pigeon Peas (Cajanus Cajan)/Toor Dal Trade Notice No. 24/2019-2020-DGFT 05/07/2019
Additional quota of Toor allowed for import for fiscal year 2019-20 Trade Notice No. 23/2019-2020-DGFT 05/07/2019
Review of Foreign Trade Policy-inviting suggestions- regarding Trade Notice No. 22/2019-2020-DGFT 03/07/2019
DGFT Invites suggestions on Review of Foreign Trade Policy Trade Notice No. 21/2019-2020-DGFT 28/06/2019