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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
DGFT enable online filing of Application to avail TMA assistance Trade Notice 29/2019-20-DGFT 08/08/2019
Mechanism to apply for additional claims under MEIS Trade Notice No. 28/2019 -20-DGFT 05/08/2019
Reg. Import policy of ‘Ethyl Alcohol and other spirits, denatured, of any strength’ Trade Notice No. 27/2019-20 29/07/2019
Corrigendum to Trade Notice No. 06/2019-20 dated 16th April, 2019 Trade Notice No. 26 /2019-20 24/07/2019
Import of 4 lakh MT of feed grade Maize (dent corn) under TRQ allowed Trade Notice No. 25/2019-20-DGFT 09/07/2019
DGFT Invites applications for allotment of additional import quota of Pigeon Peas (Cajanus Cajan)/Toor Dal Trade Notice No. 24/2019-2020 05/07/2019
Additional quota of Toor allowed for import for fiscal year 2019-20 Trade Notice No. 23/2019-2020 05/07/2019
Review of Foreign Trade Policy-inviting suggestions- regarding Trade Notice No. 22/2019-20 03/07/2019
DGFT Invites suggestions on Review of Foreign Trade Policy Trade Notice No. 21/2019-20 28/06/2019
Issue one consolidated deficiency letter for a particular redemption request: DGFT Trade Notice 20/2019-20 26/06/2019
Response to representations against Allocation of Quota for Pulses/Peas Trade Notice No. 19/2019-2020-DGFT 21/06/2019
Imports of Maize (feed grade) under TRQ Scheme for 2019-20 Trade Notice No.18/2019-20 14/06/2019
An entity requires only one RCMC from its relevant EPC : DGFT Trade Notice No. 17/2019-20 22/05/2019
Prohibition on direct or indirect import & export from/to Korea- Reg. TRADE NOTICE No. 16/2019-20 16/05/2019
Claim of MEIS benefits for exports made to countries in OFAC List Trade Notice No. 15/2015-2020-DGFT 16/05/2019
Three months time window for applying for MEIS for Shipping bills Trade Notice No. 14/2015-2020-DGFT 15/05/2019
Last date to apply for Imports of Maize (feed grade) under TRQ Scheme extended till 31.05.2019 Trade Notice No. 13/2019-20-DGFT 14/05/2019
DGFT discontinues submission of physical copy of RCMCs WEF 1.7.2019 Trade Notice No. 12/2019-20-DGFT 13/05/2019
Reg. Registration of contracts for Peas under Trade Notice No. 25/2018-19 Trade Notice No. 11/2019-20 09/05/2019
Make Full Usage of Self-Ratification scheme : DGFT Trade Notice No. 10/2019-20 09/05/2019
Processing of applications received for import of Peas and Pulses Trade Notice No. 08/2019-20-DGFT 07/05/2019
DGFT launches Upgraded Online Filing for Tracking Quality Complaints Trade Notice No. 08/2015-2020-DGFT 26/04/2019
India allows import of 175000 MT pulses from Mozambique in FY 2019-20 Trade Notice No. 07/2019-20-DGFT 23/04/2019
Procedure for import of Pigeon Peas /Toor Dal/ Moong dal & Peas Trade Notice No. 06/2019-2020  16/04/2019
Requirement of documents for online IEC application-modification Reg. Trade Notices No. 05/2019-20-DGFT 15/04/2019