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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Master Direction – Credit Card & Debit Card – Issuance & Conduct Directions, 2022 RBI/2022-23/92 DoR.AUT.REC.No.27/24.01.041/2022-23 21/04/2022
Master Direction on Penal Provisions in deficiencies in reporting of transactions/ balances at Currency Chests RBI/2022-23/91 DCM (CC) No.G-4/03.35.01/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Direction on Framework of Incentives for Currency Distribution & Exchange Scheme for bank branches including currency chests Master Direction No. RBI/2022-23/90 DCM (CC) No.G-3/03.41.01/2022-23 01/04/2022
Master Direction – Classification, Valuation & Operation of Investment Portfolio of Commercial Banks (Directions), 2021 – Amendment RBI/2021-22/185 DOR.MRG.REC.96/21.04.141/2021-22 23/03/2022
Master Direction – RBI (Regulatory Framework for Microfinance Loans) Directions, 2022 Master Direction No. RBI/DOR/2021-22/89 DoR.FIN.REC.95/03.10.038/2021-22 14/03/2022
Master Direction – Reserve Bank of India (Credit Derivatives) Directions, 2022 RBI/2021-22/88 FMRD.DIRD.10/14.03.004/2021-22 10/02/2022
FCNR(B) – Master Direction on Interest Rate on Deposits Master Direction No. RBI/2021-2022/123 DOR.SOG (SPE).REC.No 67/13.03.00/2021-22 11/11/2021
Master Direction – Prudential Norms on Capital Adequacy for Local Area Banks (Directions), 2021 Notification No. RBI/DOR/2021-22/87 DOR.CAP.REC.No.61/21.01.002/2021-22 26/10/2021
Master Direction – RBI (Transfer of Loan Exposures) Directions, 2021 RBI/DOR/2021-22/86 DOR.STR.REC.51/21.04.048/2021-22 24/09/2021
RBI (Securitisation of Standard Assets) Directions, 2021 RBI/DOR/2021-22/85 DOR.STR.REC.53/21.04.177/2021-22 24/09/2021
Master Direction | RBI (Market-makers in OTC Derivatives) Directions, 2021 RBI/2021-22/84 FMRD.FMD.07/02.03.247/2021-22 16/09/2021
RBI Master Direction on Financial Statements – Presentation & Disclosures Master Direction No. RBI/DOR/2021-22/83 DOR.ACC.REC.No.45/21.04.018/2021-22 30/08/2021
Master Directions on Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs) Circular No. RBI/DPSS/2021-22/82 CO.DPSS.POLC.No.S-479/02.14.006/2021-22 27/08/2021
RBI (Classification, Valuation and Operation of Investment Portfolio of Commercial Banks) Directions, 2021 RBI/DOR/2021-22/81 DOR.MRG.42/21.04.141/2021-22 25/08/2021
Master Direction – RBI CRR and SLR Directions 2021 RBI/DOR/2021-22/80 DOR.No.RET.REC.32/12.01.001/2021-22 20/07/2021
Master Direction – Reserve Bank of India (Certificate of Deposit) Directions, 2021 RBI/2021-22/79 FMRD.DIRD.03/14.01.003/2021-22 04/06/2021
Levy of Penal Interest for Currency Chest Transactions Reporting RBI/2021-22/77 Master Direction DCM (CC) No.G-4/03.35.01/2021-22 01/04/2021
Master Direction on Currency Distribution & Exchange Scheme Notification No. RBI/2021-22/76 Master Direction DCM (CC) No.G-2/03.41.01/2021-22 01/04/2021
Amendment to Master Direction on KYC – KYC norms for SHGs RBI/2021-22/10 DOR.AML.BC.No.1/14.01.001/2021-22 01/04/2021
RBI (Amalgamation of Urban Co-operative Banks) Directions, 2020 RBI/DOR/2020-21/75 Master Direction DOR.MAM.No.49/09.16.901/2020-21 23/03/2021
Master Direction on Digital Payment Security Controls Notification No. RBI/2020-21/74 DoS. CO. CSITE. SEC. No. 1852/31.01.015/2020-21 18/02/2021
Master Direction – NBFC – HFC (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2021 RBI/2020-21/73 DOR.FIN.HFC.CC.No.120/03.10.136/2020-21 17/02/2021
RBI Releases Revised Priority Sector Lending Guidelines RBI/FIDD/2020-21/72 Master Directions FIDD.CO.Plan.BC.5/04.09.01/2020-21, Press Release No. 2020-2021/284 04/09/2020
Mortgage Guarantee Companies (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2016 RBI/DNBR/2016-17/50 Master Direction DNBR.(PD-MGC) No. 01/23.11.001/2016-17 10/11/2016
NBFC- Peer to Peer Lending Platform (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2017 RBI/DNBR/2017-18/57 Master Direction DNBR (PD) 090/ 03.10.124/ 2017-18 09/11/2017