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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Notification No. 02/2022-Central Tax (Rate), Dated: 31.03.2022 Notification  No. 02/2022-Central Tax (Rate), [G.S.R. 237(E).] 31/03/2022
Notification No. 01/2022-Central Tax (Rate), Dated: 31.03.2022 Notification No. 01/2022-Central Tax (Rate), [G.S.R. 236(E)] 31/03/2022
CBIC amends Notification related to CGST Rate on Services wef 01.01.2022 Notification No. 22/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 923(E)] 31/12/2021
CGST Rate on Footwear Increased WEF 01st January 2022 Notification No. 21/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 920(E).] 31/12/2021
Amendment in CGST rate on specified handicraft items WEF 01.01.2022 Notification No. 20/2021-Central Tax (Rate), [G.S.R. 898(E)] 28/12/2021
CGST: Amendment in list of exempt goods wef 01.01.2022 Notification No. 19/2021-Central Tax (Rate), (G.S.R. 895(E)) 28/12/2021
CBIC notifies changes in CGST Rate on Goods wef 01.01.2022 Notification No. 18/2021-Central Tax (Rate), (G.S.R. 892(E)) 28/12/2021
Notification No. 17/2021-Central Tax (Rate), Dated: 18.11.2021 Notification No. 17/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 813(E).] 18/11/2021
Notification No. 16/2021-Central Tax (Rate), Dated: 18.11.2021 Notification No. 16/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 810(E).] 18/11/2021
Notification No. 15/2021- Central Tax (Rate), Dated: 18.11.2021 Notification No. 15/2021- Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 807(E).] 18/11/2021
Notification No. 14/2021-Central Tax (Rate), Dated: 18.11.2021 Notification No. 14/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 816(E)] 18/11/2021
Increase in GST Rate on Information Technology software to 18% Notification No. 13/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 763(E)} 27/10/2021
CGST exemption on specified medicines used in COVID-19 Notification No. 12/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 697(E).] 30/09/2021
Reg. CGST on Food for free distribution to economically weaker sections Notification No. 11/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 696(E).] 30/09/2021
CGST payable under RCM on essential oils other than those of citrus fruit wef 01.10.2021 Notification No. 10/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 695(E).] 30/09/2021
CGST Exemption on Seeds, fruit & spores used for sowing wef 01.10.2021 Notification No. 09/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 694(E)] 30/09/2021
Changes in CGST Rate on Certain Goods WEF 01.10.2021 Notification No. 08/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 693 (E).] 30/09/2021
Changes in CGST exemption on Supply of services WEF 01.10.2021 Notification No. 07/2021- Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R.. 688(E)] 30/09/2021
CBIC notifies CGST Rate on various services WEF 01.10.2021 Notification No. 06/2021- Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R.. 687(E)] 30/09/2021
CBIC notifies concessional rate of CGST on Covid-19 relief supplies Notification No. 05/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 405(E).] 14/06/2021
CBIC reduces GST rate on Covid related services till 30.09.2021 Notification No. 04/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 402(E).] 14/06/2021
CGST: CBIC clarifies on Date of issuance of completion certificate Notification No. 03/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 380(E)] 02/06/2021
CBIC notifies changes in CGST rate of services wef 02.06.2021 Notification No. 02/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 377(E)] 02/06/2021
CBIC notifies changes in CGST rate of goods wef 02.06.2021 Notification No. 01/2021-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 374(E)] 02/06/2021
CBIC exempt CGST on satellite launch services Notification No. 05/2020-Central Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 643(E).] 16/10/2020