2 Invitation to join taxguru.in panel of Authors / Submit Articles

Invitation to join taxguru.in panel of esteemed authors / Submit Articles

TAXGURU.IN would like to invite Authors to join our esteemed panel of Authors. The Authors who like to be Part of  TAXGURU.IN and get their article published on our website can mail their article to us and we will publish the same with due credit to the author.

TAXGURU.IN is a unique and focused portal on taxation, Accounting, Finance, Audit and Corporate law. We are currently providing all news and analysis on taxation, Accounting, Finance, Audit and Corporate law covering virtually the entire spectrum of taxation.

What speaks of our credibility and promptness in providing information with authenticity is the fact that a large number of C.A., C.S., CMA, Finance professionals, Advocates, tax Professionals and other Account professionals depends on us for regular updates speaks volumes about the authenticity and reach of our services.

Thanks to the exclusivity of our information and soundness of quality in other services we have a huge gamut of C.A., C.S., CMA, Advocates  Finance professionals, tax Professionals and other Account professionals.  What makes us a popular tax portal is the massive ambit of coverage of different segments of the economy.

For Publication of Your Article on www.taxguru.in E mail your articles at:-  articles@taxguru.in or submit online at the following link- https://taxguru.in/submit-post/

Author must Register at the following link if he is not already registered on our website :-


Subjects on Which We Accept Articles

Income Tax International Taxation Service Tax
Excise Duty Custom Duty DGFT Matters
Company Law Limited Liability Partnership Business, Commercial & Labour Laws
Foreign Exchange Laws Accounts & Audit SEBI & Securities Laws
Banking & Insurance Laws Securitisation & DRT Laws VAT/CST/GST
Investment Avenues Financial & Tax Planning  Exam Tips for Students
 Financial Planning  Goods & Service Tax  Motivational Articles

Article Category

(i) Analysis of Latest Judicial & Statutory happenings :- Articles of this category should be precise and emphasis must be laid on practical value of the issues involved. Broadly the articles may be divided in two parts:     What has happened, and implications of such happening.

(ii) Articles on Any of the above subject which may help understand subject better: – A list of some suggested features is given below:-

  • Personal Finance & Taxes
  • Investment Products
  • Case studies on Investment & Tax Planning
  • Practical experiences in query format (Subject can be Direct Tax Laws/Service Tax/Corporate Laws)
  • Real Life Case studies dealing with management issues

We welcome your suggestions on similar features which can help fellow professionals in their day-to-day practice.

Form and structure of articles

To help us in editing your article expeditiously, you may keep the following points in mind:

  • Length of article –  The article should ordinarily have 1000 to 4000 words. A longer article may be considered if the subject so warrants.
  • Heading of article – Headline of the article should be clear, short, catchy and interesting, written with the purpose of drawing attention of the readers. (preferably within 12 words).
  • Brief: It is in essence a short summary of the article, giving thrust of the article in nutshell.
  • An article should have following main parts:

(i)  Introduction It should contain about 200-300 words.

(ii) Main bodyIt should be well-structured and synchronized. Each para should bear a suitable heading. A para may be divided into sub-paras with suitable sub-headings.

(iii) ConclusionIt should contain about 200 words.

  • Law stated – Please ensure that the law stated is accurate and the latest one. In case any development takes place after the submission of the article, but before its publication, please contact us immediately so that we can stop the publication of the same and publish the same after necessary correction from your side.
  • Citation and References: Authors may use citations as per need but one citation/ quote should have about 40 words only. Lengthy citations and copy paste must be avoided. The authors must provide the list of references at the end of article.

Guidelines for Authors

  • Name, address and photograph – Name, address and contact number along with Passport size coloured photograph should be emailed along with the article.
  • CopyrightIt should be ensured that the article sent is original and does not infringe copyright of any person/institute, etc. In case of any such infringement, the author of article shall be personally liable for such infringement and any consequent damages. Further If a article gets published on the website Taxguru.in than copyright of such article will vest with Taxguru.in.
  • The article must be original contribution of the author.
  • Consent for exclusive publication – It is to be ensured that the article is sent exclusively to TAXGURU.IN for publication on its website.
  • The article must not have been published elsewhere, and must not have been or must not be sent elsewhere for publication, in the same or substantially the same form.
  • The articles go through blind review and are assessed on the parameters such as (a) relevance and usefulness of the article (from the point of view of company secretaries), (b) organization of the article (structuring, sequencing, construction, flow, etc.), (c) depth of the discussion, (d) persuasive strength of the article (idea/argument/articulation), (e) does the article say something new and is it thought provoking, and (f) adequacy of reference, source acknowledgement and bibliography, etc.
  • The Taxguru.in/the Editor of the  Taxguru.in has the sole discretion to accept/reject an article for publication on its website or to publish it with modification and editing, as it considers appropriate.
  • The article shall be accompanied by a ‘Declaration-cum-Undertaking’ from the author(s) as under:


Taxguru Consultancy & Online Publication LLP  
509, Swapna Siddhi, Akurli Road,
Near Railway Station, Kandivali (East),
Mumbai – 400 101.


1. I, Shri/Ms./Dr./Prof…………………… , declare that I have read and understood the Guidelines for Authors.

2. I affirm that:

a. the article titled “……………………………….. ………… ” is my original contribution and no portion of it has been adopted from any other source;

b. this article is an exclusive contribution for Taxguru.in  and has not been / nor would be sent elsewhere for publication; and

c. the copyright in respect of this article, if published in Taxguru.in, shall vest with the Taxguru.in.

d. the views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the Taxguru.in or the Editors of the Website Taxguru.in.

3. I undertake that I:

a. shall comply with the guidelines for authors,

b. shall abide by the decision of the Taxguru.in , i.e., whether this article will be published and / or will be published with modification / editing.

c. shall be liable for any breach of this ‘Declaration-cum-Undertaking’.




By following the above procedures, you can ensure that no major editing of your article is necessary and this would hasten publication of your article.

For Publication of Your Article on www.taxguru.in E mail your articles at:-  articles@taxguru.in or submit online at the following link- https://taxguru.in/submit-post/

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  1. nayana says:

    I have one query regarding details of a body corporate.
    mr.x appointed in an xyz LLP on 28/03/2022 and he acts as a body corporate in 3 LLP’s. these body corporate details are not displaying in xyz LLp while filing online form 11. can you suggest any solution regarding this.

  2. Noor Rajak says:

    Due to some internal documentation issue SB filed Less Value, after one day and containers offloaded in PORT we found that Invoice value which we declared LESS vale. Could you pls help some one how to rectify problem, because if I amend Invoice with correct value and share to Consignee will get correct amount but as per SB value is less.


    ITR-2 which is to used for persons without business income does not give option for filling up Firms details. Where the individual is a partner in a TAX AUDIT Firm will not get the benefit of extension for filing the ITR by 15.2.21. Consequently the fees of ₹.10,000 is being levied though it cannot be levied till 15.2.21. Pl highlight this issue.

  4. Kalleshamurthy K N says:

    Someone asked that his GST NUMBER WRONGLY MENTIONED WHILE FILING GSTR-1 FOR OCTOBER 2018. HOW CAN he RECTIFY NOW after the lapse of two years

  5. komal says:

    Can the Invoice be carried electronically (even through Whatsapp) or has to be carried physically? when such invoice is the invoice of movement of goods from the one place to another.



  7. Parimal shah says:

    a local firm ( PVT Ltd Co) provides its services to their Associated firm which is located outside India.

    Are they entitled to get the benefits of SEIS scheme?
    for which they get 7% license of duty-free.

    please guide & under which sec are they entitled for this benefit.

  8. Saunak Bose says:

    RE:’AxisBank=001-199-521′ Axis Bank Ltd-Employees Superannuation Scheme MASTER POLICY NO GSCA/609989- VERY VERY URGENT

    I have a superannuation policy with axis bank .I have resigned from Bank .I have commuted 1/3 of that . But due to my present health condition and financial crisis I want also with the 2/3 money .please help me in this case I will be very great full for me.The money is laying with LIC and I am getting only 1835 as pension. I don’t want that .please help me out.
    Saunak Bose

  9. Syed Hassan says:

    I am a retired person age above 60.
    Will I be eligible for standard deduction for FY 2018-2019 , if so to what extent.
    As I understand, Standard deduction is only meant for salaried individuals. Is it true?

  10. Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Iam service provider for Direct export including export from other countries Like from China to Europe.
    In this regard i received overseas commission in USD. i paid GST 18% on the amount credited by the bank to my account. I applied for GST refund.
    In GSTR 1 i delcared an IGST amount of Rs. 12389.04 and i wrongly declared in GSTRS 3B as 12387.00 and paid Rs.12387.00.
    Now my claim was kept pending as there is a difference of Rs.2 ( Rupees two) between GSTR! and GSTR3B. The return period is Dec. 2017.
    How can i correct this amount in GSTR3B and pay this Rs.2/=.
    GST Officer dont know the process of correcting and payment.
    Can anybody suggest what has to be done.

  11. JOGISHWAR SOOD says:

    I am getting EPF pension 1995 from provident fund
    commissioner office and my annual pension Rs 29888 Kindly advice whether I will also be entitled for standard deduction as allowed in budget for 2018-2019 and if so how much and how to calculate the same Thanks JOgishwar sood

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