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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Recovery of Penal Interest on delayed remittance of Government Receipts into Government Account RBI/2019-20/248 DGBA.GBD.No.1909/42.01.011/2019-20 29/05/2020
Cessation of 7.75 percent Savings (Taxable) Bonds, 2018 wef 28.05.2020 F. No. 4(28)-B(W&M)/2017 27/05/2020
COVID-19 – Regulatory Package by RBI RBI/2019-20/244 DOR.No.BP.BC.71/21.04.048/2019-20 23/05/2020
RBI notifications on Change in Policy Rates wef 22.05.2020 RBI/2019-20/240 DOR.No.Ret.BC.74/12.01.001/2019-20, RBI/2019-20/238 REF.No.MPD.BC.391/07.01.279/2019-20, RBI/2019-20/236 FMOD.MAOG.No.143/01.18.001/2019-20, RBI/2019-20/237 FMOD.MAOG.No.142/01.01.001/2019-20 22/05/2020
Statutory Branch Audit of Banks – Guidelines Revised- COVID-19 DOS.ARG.No.6605 /08.91.001/2019-20 27/04/2020
Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instruments) (Second Amendment) Rules, 2020 Notification No. S.O. 1374(E) 27/04/2020
Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instruments) Amendment Rules, 2020 [F. No. 01/05/EM/2019-Part (1)] [S.O. 1278 (E)] 22/04/2020
PML (Maintenance of Records) Third Amendment Rules, 2020 Notification No. G.S.R. 254(E). 16/04/2020
Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2020-21 Press Release: 2019-2020/2213 / Notification No. G.S.R. G.S.R. 250(E). 13/04/2020
PML (Maintenance of Records) 2nd Amendment Rules, 2020 G.S.R. 251(E) 13/04/2020
Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme-Procedural Guidelines – Consolidated RBI/2019-20/213 IDMD.CDD.2730/14.04.050/2019-20 13/04/2020
Short Term Crop Loans eligible for Interest Subvention Scheme (ISS) and Prompt Repayment Incentive (PRI) through KCC RBI/2019-20/202 FIDD.CO.FSD.BC.No.23/05.02.001/2019-20 31/03/2020
PML (Maintenance of Records) Amendment Rules, 2020 Notification No. G.S.R. 228(E). 31/03/2020
Foreign Exchange Management (Export of Goods and Services) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 Notification No. FEMA 23(R)/(3)/2020-RB 31/03/2020
FAR for Non-residents Investment in specified Govt Securities RBI/2019-20/201 FMRD.FMSD.No.25/14.01.006/2019-20 30/03/2020
RBI Circulars on Change in Repo/Reverse Repo Rates dated 27.03.2020 RBI/2019-2020/182 FMOD.MAOG.No.140/01.01.001/2019-20+5 Others 27/03/2020
RBI clarifies on creation of Investment Fluctuation Reserve (IFR) RBI/2019-20/175 DOR.BP.BC.No.42/21.04.141/2019-20 17/03/2020
Yes Bank Limited Reconstruction Scheme, 2020 G.S.R. 174(E). 13/03/2020
Yes Bank placed under Moratorium- Depositor Withdrawal capped to Rs. 50K Press Release: 2019-2020/2022, Press Release: 2019-2020/2025, DOR. PSBD. No. 7117/16.01.137/2019-20, S.O. 993(E) 05/03/2020
Foreign Exchange Management (Manner of Receipt and Payment) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2020 Notification No. FEMA 14(R)/(2)/2020-RB 04/03/2020
Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill, 2020 Bill No. 56 of 2020 03/03/2020
Foreign Exchange Management (Foreign Exchange Derivative Contracts) (First Amendment) Regulations, 2020 Notification No. FEMA.398/RB-2020 18/02/2020
Incentivising Bank Credit to Specific Sectors – Exemption from CRR Maintenance RBI/2019-20/159 DOR.No.Ret.BC.30/12.01.001/2019-20 10/02/2020
Guidelines on Merchant Acquiring Business – Regional Rural Banks RBI/2019-20/156 DOR.RRB.BL.BC.No.31/31.01.001/2019-20 06/02/2020
Govt designates special Court for 2G Scam Money Laundering cases Notification No. S.O. 477(E) 31/01/2020