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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Anti-dumping duty concerning imports of “Ammonium Nitrate” Notification No. 44 /2017-Customs (ADD) 12/09/2017
Anti-dumping duty on Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)-Reg. Notification No. 43/2017-Customs (ADD) 30/08/2017
Anti-dumping duty, on Castings for Wind Operated Electricity Generators Notification No. 42/2017-Customs (ADD) 30/08/2017
Anti-dumping duty on import of Metronidazole from China to continue Notification No. 41/2017-Customs (ADD) 29/08/2017
Anti-dumping duty on imports of Sodium Nitrite from China Notification No. 40/2017-Customs (ADD) 25/08/2017
Anti-dumping duty on import of Caustic Soda- Reg. Notification No. 39/2017-Customs (ADD) 23/08/2017
Anti-dumping duty on Textured Toughened (Tempered) Glass import from China Notification No. 38/2017-Customs (ADD) 18/08/2017
Anti-dumping duty on Opal Glassware import from China and UAE Notification No. 37/2017-Customs (ADD) 09/08/2017
Anti-dumping on Import of PTFE’ originating in exported from China Notification No. 36 /2017-Customs (ADD) 28/07/2017
Reg. discontinuation of anti-dumping duty imposed on Soda Ash F. No. 7/5/2017-DGAD.—1 22/07/2017
Anti-dumping duty on imports of ‘O-Acid” from China Notification No. 35/2017-Customs (ADD) 13/07/2017
Anti- dumping duty on imports of ‘ Grinding Media Balls’ Notification No. 34/2017-Customs (ADD) 13/07/2017
Anti dumping duty on imports of Soda Ash extended till 2nd July, 2018 Notification No. 33/2017-Customs (ADD) 30/06/2017
Anti-dumping duty on imports of ‘Pentaerythritol’ from China Notification No. 32/2017-Customs (ADD) 29/06/2017
Anti-dumping duty on imports of sewing machine needles Notification No. 31/2017-Customs (ADD) 22/06/2017
Anti-dumping duty on Clear Float Glass of nominal thickness Notification No. 30/2017-Customs (ADD) 16/06/2017
Anti-dumping duty on Soluble Salt Double Charge, GVT & PGVT, Porcelain/ Vitrified Tile Notification No. 29/2017-Customs (ADD) 14/06/2017
Anti-dumping duty on imports of Hydrogen Peroxide Notification No. 28/2017-Customs (ADD) 14/06/2017
Anti Dumping Duty on imports of ceramic tableware & kitchenware Notification No. 27/2017-Customs (ADD) 12/06/2017
Anti dumping duty on imports of Plain Gypsum Plaster Boards extended up to 06.06.2018 Notification No. 26/2017- Customs (ADD) 07/06/2017
Anti-dumping duty, on ‘Toluene Di-Isocyanate’ (TDI)- Reg. Notification No.25/2017-Customs (ADD) 05/06/2017
Notification No. 24/2017-Customs (ADD) Dated: 02.06.2017 Notification No. 24/2017-Customs (ADD) 02/06/2017
Anti-dumping duty, on imports of Aluminium Foil from China Notification No. 23/2017-Customs (ADD) 16/05/2017
Increase in anti-dumping duty on imports of Polytetraflouroethylene Notification No. 22/2017-Customs (ADD) 16/05/2017
Anti-dumping duty on import of Amoxycillin Notification No. 21/2017-Customs (ADD) 16/05/2017
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