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Budget 2024 - All About Union Budget 2024 At One Place

Budget 2024
Analysis of Union Budget 2024 provisions of Income Tax, GST, Custom Duty with Budget Highlights Commentary Speech, Notification, News & Articles.

Budget 2024 Articles

Budget 2024 – Issues in Presumptive Taxation

July 16, 2024 5058 Views 0 comment Print

Income Tax : Budget 2024 brings into focus the complexities and challenges surrounding presumptive taxation in India, particularly under sectio...

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Anticipating India’s Budget 2024: Expectations and Projections

July 15, 2024 1119 Views 0 comment Print

Income Tax : Explore India's Budget 2024 expectations and projections, including potential tax relief, increased healthcare and education spend...

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Anticipations and Expectations for Budget 2024

July 11, 2024 432 Views 0 comment Print

Income Tax : Explore the key expectations for Budget 2024, including potential tax reliefs, increased deductions, and economic growth strategie...

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Rationalise Income Tax Rates to augment income and for better Compliance

June 21, 2024 1113 Views 2 comments Print

Income Tax : Explore rationale behind rationalizing income tax rates in India, its impact on compliance, and potential benefits for taxpayers. ...

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Pre Budget Memorandum 2024-25: Tax Base, Avoidance, Litigations

June 19, 2024 25302 Views 3 comments Print

Income Tax : Explore the comprehensive Pre Budget Memorandum 2024-25 addressing crucial aspects like tax base expansion, avoidance mitigation, ...

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Budget 2024 News

Postmortem of Union Budget 2024: A Comprehensive Webinar

July 18, 2024 4659 Views 3 comments Print

Income Tax : Join our webinar on July 24-25 for an in-depth analysis of Union Budget 2024. Learn about tax proposals, sector impacts, and inves...

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Rajasthan Budget 2024-25 Tax Proposals

July 10, 2024 471 Views 0 comment Print

Goods and Services Tax : Explore Rajasthan Budget 2024-25 tax proposals with reductions in VAT rates, abolition of certain taxes, and new incentives. Detai...

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Budget 2024 Proposals: GST & Income Tax Amendments

June 29, 2024 5292 Views 0 comment Print

CA, CS, CMA : Discover comprehensive proposals from The Punjab Accountants Association to improve tax compliance, extend filing deadlines, inclu...

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Budget Memorandum 2024 & suggested Amendments to Income-tax Act 1961

June 20, 2024 3279 Views 0 comment Print

Income Tax : Explore the Malad Chamber of Tax Consultants' 2024 Pre-Budget Memorandum proposing crucial amendments to the Income Tax Act, 1961,...

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Suggestions for Union Budget 2024-25 in Direct Tax Domain

June 17, 2024 1089 Views 0 comment Print

Income Tax : Explore comprehensive suggestions for Union Budget 2024-25 in direct tax domain, addressing key reforms and their potential impact...

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Budget 2024 Notifications/Circulars

Budget 2024: CBDT invites Suggestions on changes in direct & indirect taxes 

June 12, 2024 849 Views 0 comment Print

Income Tax : Explore suggestions from trade associations for Budget 2024-25 on changes in direct and indirect taxes. Submit proposals for tax s...

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Finance Act 2024: President Grants Assent

February 15, 2024 5703 Views 0 comment Print

Income Tax : On February 15, 2024, President Droupadi Murmu granted his assent to the Finance Act 2024 (Budget 2024), officially bringing the g...

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Government announces Remission of Income Tax Demands as per Budget 2024

February 13, 2024 12420 Views 0 comment Print

Income Tax : Explore the details of F. No. 375/02/2023 - IT-Budget by the Ministry of Finance. Learn about the remission of outstanding tax dem...

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Updation of changes vide Budget 2024-25 in System

February 1, 2024 834 Views 0 comment Print

Custom Duty : Explore the impact of Budget 2024-25 updates by the Office of the Pr. Commissioner of Customs. Learn about changes, timelines, and...

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Finance Bill, 2024 for Interim Budget 2024-2025

February 1, 2024 8406 Views 0 comment Print

Income Tax : The Finance Bill, 2024, also known as Bill No. 14 of 2024, is a legislative proposal introduced in the Lok Sabha, the lower hous...

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Budget Personal Taxation

The Good Vs. The Not So Good - Analysis of Union Budget 2024 provisions favouring Taxpayers, Industry, Good for Economy & Business Growth-Development Vs. measures resulting in negative impact.
Budget News That Are Beneficial To All.

Changes in Due date of Original, Revised, Belated & Defective Return

Budget 2021 proposes Extending of due date for filing return of income in some cases, reducing time to file belated return and to revise original return and also to remove dif...

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Section 234C interest relaxed on dividend income, Capital Gain

Union Budget 2021 proposed to relax Section 234C interest on Dividend income along with capital gains if shortfall in the advance tax payments and tax due has been paid in the...

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Tax Audit Limit proposed to increase to ten crore rupees

It is proposed to increase the threshold limit for Tax Audit Under section 44AB from five crore rupees to ten crore rupees in cases listed above....

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TDS/TCS on non filer of income-tax return at higher rates

New section 206AB of the Income Tax Act is a special provision providing for higher rate for TDS for the non-filers of income-tax return. Similarly it is proposed to insert a ...

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Major Income Tax Changes Proposed in Union Budget, 2021

MAJOR INCOME TAX CHANGES PROPOSED IN UNION BUDGET, 2021 In this article we will take a look at all the major income tax changes proposed in Union Budget, 2021 presented by Hon...

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Not So Good
Budget News That Are Not Beneficial To All.

FM withdraws proposal to tax EPF/Superannuation Fund

In View of pressure from all quarters Finance Mister Arun Jaitley has withdrawn the Proposal to Tax 60% of EPF/Superannuation Fund Proposed in Union Budget 2016 and which was ...

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Budget 2016: Phasing out of deductions and exemptions

The Finance Minister in his Budget Speech, 2015 has indicated that the rate of corporate tax will be reduced from 30% to 25% over the next four years along with corresponding ...

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Tax on Non-compete fees & exclusivity rights in case of Profession

It is proposed to amend clause (va) of section 28 of the Act to bring the non-compete fee received/receivable( which are recurring in nature) in relation to not carrying out a...

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Tax on income by way of dividend in excess of Rs. 10 lakh

Under the existing provisions of clause (34) of section 10 of the Act, dividend which suffer dividend distribution tax (DDT) under section 115-O is exempt in the hands of the ...

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(Ab)Normal period for issuing notices under Service Tax

At present, in cases other than fraud, suppression etc cases the Service Tax Authorities can issue Show Cause Notice (SCN) within 18 months from the relevant date for non/shor...

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