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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
RBI Master Circular on Credit Facilities to Minority Communities RBI/2022-23/99 FIDD.GSSD.BC.No.11/09.10.001/2022-23 02/08/2022
Master Circular – Credit facilities to Scheduled Castes & Tribes RBI/2022-2023/97 FIDD.CO.GSSD.BC.No.10/09.09.001/2022-23 01/08/2022
Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Rural Livelihoods Mission RBI/2022-23/92 FIDD.GSSD.CO.BC.No.09/09.01.003/2022-23 20/07/2022
Master Circular – Housing Finance for UCBs Notification No. RBI/2022-23/76 DOR.CRE.REC.No.49/09.22.010/2022-23 23/06/2022
Master Circular – Management of Advances – UCBs Master Circular No. RBI/2022-23/22 DOR.CRE.REC.No.17/13.05.000/2022-23 08/04/2022
RBI Master Circular – Income Recognition, Asset Classification, Provisioning and Other Related Matters – UCBs RBI/2022-23/17 DOR.STR.REC.5/21.04.048/2022-23 01/04/2022
Master Circular – Housing Finance RBI/2022-23/16 DOR.CRE.REC.No.06/08.12.001/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular – Prudential norms on Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning pertaining to Advances Master Circular No. RBI/2022-23/15 DOR.STR.REC.4/21.04.048/2022-23 01/04/2022
Master Circular – Bank Finance to Non-Banking Financial Companies RBI/2022-23/14 DOR.CRE.REC.No.07/21.04.172/2022-23 01/04/2022
Master Circular- Prudential Norms on Capital Adequacy – Primary (Urban) Co­operative Banks (UCBs) Master Circular No.RBI/2022-23/13 DOR.CAP.REC.2/09.18.201/2022-23 01/04/2022
Master Circular – Basel III Capital Regulations RBI/2022-23/12 DOR.CAP.REC.3/21.06.201/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular – Lead Bank Scheme RBI/2022-23/11 FIDD.CO.LBS.BC.No.02/02.01.001/2022-23 01/04/2022
Master Circular – Guarantees and Co-acceptances RBI/2022-23/10 DOR.STR.REC.8/13.07.010/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular – Disbursement of Govt Pension by Agency Banks RBI/2022-23/09 DGBA.GBD.No.S2/31.02.007/2022-23 01/04/2022
Master Circular on Conduct of Government Business by Agency Banks RBI/2022-23/08 CO.DGBA.GBD.No.S-1/31.12.010/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular – Detection and Impounding of Counterfeit Notes RBI/2022-23/07 DCM (FNVD) G –1/16.01.05/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular – Guarantees, Co-Acceptances & Letters of Credit – UCBs RBI/2022-23/06 DoR.STR.REC.9/09.27.000/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular on Investments by Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks RBI/2022-23/05 DOR.MRG.REC.10/21.04.141/2022-23 01/04/2022
Master Circular – Scheme of Penalties for bank branches including Currency Chests RBI/2022-23/04 DCM (CC) No.G-5/03.44.01/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular – Asset Reconstruction Companies RBI/2022-23/03 DOR.SIG.FIN.REC 1/26.03.001/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular on Self Help Groups-Bank Linkage Programme Master Circular No. RBI/2022-23/02 FIDD.CO.FID.BC.No.1/12.01.033/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular – Facility for Exchange of Notes & Coins RBI/2022-23/01 DCM (NE) No.G-5/08.07.18/2022-23 01/04/2022
RBI Master Circular – Housing Finance Mater Circular No. RBI/2021-22/171 DOR.CRE.REC.No.87/08.12.001/2021-22; 18/02/2022
Master Circular – Asset Reconstruction Companies Circular No. RBI/2021-22/154 DOR.SIG.FIN.REC 84/26.03.001/2021-22 10/02/2022
Master Circular – Bank Finance to Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) Master Circular No. RBI/2021-22/149 | DOR.CRE.REC.No.77/21.04.172/2021-22 05/01/2022