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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Redressal of issues due to technical glitches on Trade Circular No. 38T of 2019 01/06/2019
GST Intelligence wing – Power, Roles and Responsibilities Circular No. 10/2019 31/05/2019
GST: Scrutiny of self assessed returns filed by registered persons Circular No. 7/2019 30/05/2019
GST on construction of Affordable Houses in Mumbai Metropolitan Region Trade Circular No. 37T of 2019 17/05/2019
FAQ’s: Maharashtra Settlement of Arrears of Tax, Interest, Penalty or Late Fee Ordinance, 2019 Trade Circular No. 20T of 2019 15/05/2019
Submission of Form for one time option to pay tax on construction of apartments Circular No. 56/2019-GST 10/05/2019
One time option to pay GST tax on construction of apartments in project: Form & Procedure Trade Circular (GST) No. 19 T of 2019 08/05/2019
SOP for visit to premises for verification of GST registration particulars Circular No. 4/2019 07/05/2019
GST: Casual & Non-Resident Taxable Person- Registration, Return, Refund, ITC, Invoice Trade Circular (GST) No. 18 T of 2019 07/05/2019
All about Amendments to Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002 Trade Circular No. 16T of 2019 06/05/2019
MVAT: Submission of details of sales through Online Ledger Confirmation Utility Trade Circular No. 15T of 2019 25/04/2019
Attendance of jurisdictional officer for hearing of Advance Ruling NO: GST/ARA/Maharashtra State/2018-19/B-49 Internal circular ARA No. 01/2019 03/04/2019
Refund of security deposit given during Voluntary MVAT Registration Trade Circular No. 12 T of 2019 30/03/2019
Professional Tax- Exemption from payment of late fee u/s. 6(3) Trade Circular No. 11T of 2019 30/03/2019
TDS under section 31 of MVAT Act after 1st July, 2017 Trade Circular No. 10T of 2019 16/03/2019
Tax Amnesty scheme in Maharashtra: Salient features & procedures Trade Circular No. 9T of 2019 08/03/2019
GST on trading of PSLC by banks on e-Kuber portal of RBI Circular No. 93/12/2019-GST 08/03/2019
Physical Submission of Audit Report in Form 704 for F.Y. 2017-18 Trade Circular No. 08T of 2019 08/03/2019
Refrain from issuing notices on directions of AGCR Audit: DVAT Commissioner N/A
Certification of amounts eligible as Interest free Loan under KGST Act as Industrial Incentives Circular No. GST-15/2018-19 No. KSA. GST. CR-108/2018-19 26/02/2019
RVAT: Penalty on Awarders not revising Form VAT-40E in time RVAT Circular No. 01/2019 23/01/2019
Reg. Exemption from payment of late fee for delayed profession tax payment in Maharashtra Trade Circular No. 6T of 2019 14/01/2019
Clarification on Intra-State E-way Bill limit of Rs. One lac in Maharashtra Corrigendum to Trade Circular No. 36T of 2018 19/12/2018
Relief in Penalty for minor discrepancies in e-way bill in Maharashtra Trade Circular No. 36T of 2018 03/12/2018
No further physical verification of same conveyance in Maharashtra unless info of GST Tax Evasion Trade Circular No. 35T of 2018, 03/12/2018