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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Applicability of Dynamic QR Code on B2C invoices & compliance Circular no. 146/02/2021-GST 23/02/2021
Physical Submission of Audit Report in Form 704 for FY 2019-20 Trade Circular No. 05T of 2021 29/01/2021
Kerala GST Department issues Informer management Instructions Circular No.01 /2021 06/01/2021
GST Circular on IBC Code & provisions relevant to CTD Circular No. GST-15/2020 28/12/2020
General procedure for GST Audit | Section 65 | MGST Act 2017 Trade Circular no.13T of 2020 21/12/2020
Salient features of KGST Act, 2017- electronic Scrutiny of High risk cases Circular No: GST-14/2020-21 19/12/2020
Use of unblocking functionality for generation of e-way bill Circular No: GST-13/2020-21 16/12/2020
Guidelines for online e-hearing before GST AAR Maharashtra Trade Circular ARA-01T of 2020 02/11/2020
GST paid under Reverse charge is eligible for certification File No. REV03-14023/3/2018-AC - ENFT - CCT 27/08/2020
Blocking of credits under Rule 86A ­procedure to follow Circular No. 8/2020 21/09/2020
Kerala VAT- Amnesty scheme-2020 for settlement of arrears – Further instructions No. CT/01/2020-C1 15/09/2020
e-Submission & e-Hearing in MVAT Assessment Proceedings Trade Circular No. 12T of 2020 14/09/2020
SOP | Conduct of Search & Seizure | Section 67(2) | APGST Act 2017 Ref: CCST’s Ref.No.ENFT/CEW/E1/150/2020 03/09/2020
Quote DIN on all communication with tax payers- Kerala GST Circular No. 8/2020 04/08/2020
MVAT: Guidelines for online e-submission & e-hearing in first appeals Trade Circular No. 11T of 2020 29/07/2020
MVAT: Refund of Voluntary Registration Security Deposit Trade  Circular No. 10T of 2020 29/07/2020
Submission of correct return under GST Circular No. 6/2020 16/06/2020
Corrigendum to MVAT Trade Circular 09T of 2020 Dt 26.05.2020 Corrigendum to Trade Circular No. 9T of 2020 02/06/2020
Clarification in respect of appeal in regard to non-constitution of Appellate Tribunal Trade Circular No. 09T of 2020 26/05/2020
MVAT: Guidelines for condonation of appeal, acceptance of form 314 & rectification of assessment order Trade Circular No. 08T of 2020. 25/05/2020
CBIC clarifies on Issues related to IBC, GST ITC-04 & Supply to merchant exporter Circular No. 138/08/2020-GST 06/05/2020
Maharashtra PT: Waiver from Late Return Filing Fees Trade Circular No. 6T of 2020 30/04/2020
Time barring assessment under Maharashtra VAT Act- Internal Instructions Internal Circular No. 04A of 2020 20/03/2020
SOP to be followed by exporters- GST Refund Trade Circular No. 05T of 2020 19/03/2020
No Late Fees on PT Return for periods up to March 2019 in Maharashtra Trade Circular No. 04T of 2020 19/03/2020