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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
CBIC assign powers of Superintendent of central tax to Additional Assistant Directors in DGGI, DGGST & DG Audit Notification No 01/2023-Central Tax, [G.S.R. 8 (E).] 04/01/2023
Notification No. 27/2022- Central Tax | Dated: 26.12.2022  Notification No. 27/2022- Central Tax, [G.S.R. 903(E)] 26/12/2022
Central Goods and Services Tax (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2022 Notification No. 26/2022 – Central Tax, [G.S.R. 902(E).] 26/12/2022
GSTR-1 date extended for few cyclone hit districts of Tamil Nadu Notification No. 25/2022- Central Tax [G.S.R. 877(E).] 13/12/2022
CBIC amends rules related to National Anti-Profiteering Authority Notification No. 24/2022-Central Tax [G.S.R. 843(E)] 23/11/2022
Now Competition Commission of India to examine Anti-Profiteering Notification No. 23/2022-Central Tax [S.O. 5450(E)] 23/11/2022
Central Goods and Services Tax (Third Amendment) Rules, 2022 Notification No. 22/2022–Central Tax, [G.S.R. 817(E).] 15/11/2022
CBIC extend due date of filing GSTR 3B to 21st day of October, 2022 Notification No. 21/2022-Central Tax [G.S.R. 786 (E)] 21/10/2022
CBIC rescinds GST Notification No. 20/2018-CT dated 28th March, 2018 Notification No. 20/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 735(E).] 28/09/2022
Central Goods and Services Tax (Second Amendment) Rules, 2022 Notification No. 19/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 734(E).] 28/09/2022
GST: CBIC notifies 14 sections of Finance Act, 2022 wef 1st October 2022 Notification No. 18/2022–Central Tax [S.O. 4569(E).] 28/09/2022
GST E-invoice limit reduced to Rs. 10 Crores wef 01/10/2022 Notification No. 17/2022-Central Tax [G.S.R. 612(E)] 01/08/2022
Seeks to amend notification No. 14/2019- Central Tax Notification No. 16/2022-Central Tax [G.S.R. 569(E).] 13/07/2022
Seeks to amend notification No. 10/2019- Central Tax Notification No. 15/2022-Central Tax [G.S.R. 568(E).] 13/07/2022
Central Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Rules, 2022 Notification No. 14/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 517(E)] 05/07/2022
CBIC extends compliance dates related to tax recovery & GST Refund Notification No. 13/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 516(E)] 05/07/2022
CBIC extends waiver of late fee for delay in filing FORM GSTR-4 Notification No. 12/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 515(E)] 05/07/2022
CBIC extends due date of furnishing FORM GST CMP-08 for June 2022 Notification No. 11/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 514(E)] 05/07/2022
Taxpayers having AATO upto Rs. 2 crores exempted from annual GST return Notification No. 10/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 513(E)] 05/07/2022
CBIC notifies amendment to section 49 & 50 of CGST Act wef 05.07.2022 Notification No. 09/2022–Central Tax [S.O. 3070(E)] 05/07/2022
Govt waives interest for specified e-commerce operators under GST Notification No. 08/2022-Central Tax, [G.S.R. 429(E).] 07/06/2022
Late fees for GSTR 4 waived till from 1.5.2022 to 30.06.2022 Notification No. 07/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 397(E)] 26/05/2022
Due date of payment of tax for April 2022 extended under QRMP scheme Notification No. 06/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 355(E)] 17/05/2022
Extension of due date of filing FORM GSTR3B for April 2022 Notification No. 05/2022–Central Tax [G.S.R. 354(E)] 17/05/2022
Notification No. 04/2022-Central Tax, Dated: 31.03.2022 Notification No. 04/2022-Central Tax, [G.S.R. 243(E).] 31/03/2022