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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Tax Invoice to have 8 digit HSN code on specified products Notification No. 90/2020 – Central Tax [G.S.R. 747(E).] 01/12/2020
CBIC waives Penalty for non compliance to GST Invoice QR code provisions Notification No. 89/2020–Central Tax/G.S.R. 745(E). 29/11/2020
Corrigendum to Notification No. 86/2020–Central Tax Corrigendum to Notification No. 86/2020–Central Tax/G.S.R. 712(E) 13/11/2020
Corrigendum to Notification No. 82/2020–Central Tax Corrigendum to Notification No. 82/2020–Central Tax/G.S.R. 711(E) 13/11/2020
GST E-invoicing mandatory from 01.01.2021 if TO exceeds Rs. 100 Crores Notification No. 88/2020–Central Tax/S.O. 704(E) 10/11/2020
Due date for filing ITC-04 for July 2020 to September 2020 extended Notification No. 87/2020–Central Tax [S.O. 703(E)] 10/11/2020
CBIC rescinds notification related to due dates of filing GSTR-3B Notification No. 86/2020–Central Tax [S.O. 702(E)] 10/11/2020
CBIC notifies procedure for those opting to file GSTR 3B Quarterly Notification No. 85/2020–Central Tax/S.O. 701(E) 10/11/2020
CBIC notifies new rules for Monthly/Quarterly filing of GSTR 1 Notification No. 84/2020–Central Tax/S.O. 700(E) 10/11/2020
CBIC notifies time limit for furnishing FORM GSTR-1 Notification No. 83/2020–Central Tax/S.O. 699(E) 10/11/2020
CBIC notifies New rules for Inward/Outward Supplies, GST Returns & New form GSTR 2B Notification No. 82/2020–Central Tax [G.S.R. 698(E)] 10/11/2020
CBIC notifies date of applicability of amendment in Section 39- CGST Act 2017 Notification No. 81/2020–Central Tax/S.O. 4043(E) 10/11/2020
CBIC notifies extended due date of GSTR-9, GSTR-9A, GSTR-9C Notification No. 80/2020–Central Tax [G.S.R. 679(E)] 28/10/2020
GST Audit relaxation to SMEs to continue in FY 2019-20 Notification No. 79/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 639(E)] 15/10/2020
HSN Code Mandatory irrespective of Turnover from 01.04.2021 Notification No. 78/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 638(E)] 15/10/2020
Optional annual GST return filing benefit extended to FY 2019-20 Notification No. 77/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 637(E) 15/10/2020
CBIC notifies GSTR-3B due date for October 2020 to March 2021 Notification No. 76/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 636(E) 15/10/2020
CBIC notifies GSTR-1 due date for dealers with T.O. exceeding ₹ 1.5 Cr Notification No. 75/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 635(E) 15/10/2020
CBIC notifies GSTR-1 due date for dealers with T.O. < Rs. 1.5 Cr Notification No. 74/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 634(E) 15/10/2020
CBIC notifies special procedure for issuance of GST e-Invoices till 31.10.2020 Notification No. 73/2020-Central Tax/G.S.R. 613(E). 01/10/2020
GST E-Invoice- CBDT amends rules related to IRN & QR Code Notification No. 72/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 603(E)] 30/09/2020
Dynamic QR Code on B2C invoices requirement deferred to 01.12.2020 Notification No. 71/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 602(E)] 30/09/2020
CBIC amends rules related to E-Invoice Under GST Notification No. 70/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 596(E)] 30/09/2020
CBIC extends due date of GSTR-9 & GSTR 9C to 31.10.2020 (Read Notification) Notification No. 69/2020-Central Tax [G.S.R. 595(E)] 30/09/2020
Late fees capped at Rs. 500 for delay in filing Form GSTR 10 Notification No. 68/2020–Central Tax [G.S.R. 573(E)] 21/09/2020