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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Govt increases import tariff rate of soya beans from 30% to 45% Notification No. 88/2017-Customs 17/11/2017
Govt increases Custom Duty on crude palm/sunflower/Soya bean/ canola/mustard/colza oil Notification No. 87/2017-Customs 17/11/2017
CBEC exempts import of specified goods when imported by eminent sportsperson Notification No. 86/2017–Customs 14/11/2017
CBEC notifies Exemption on import of Lifesaving Medicines & on goods imported on lease Notification No. 85/2017-Customs 14/11/2017
CBEC increases customs duty on Peas and Wheat to 50% and 20% Notification No. 84/2017-Customs 08/11/2017
Seeks to amend notification No. 16/2017-Customs dated 20th April, 2017 Notification No. 83/2017-Customs 31/10/2017
CBEC prescribes effective rate of duty under chapters 50 to 63 on textile products Notification No. 82/2017–Customs 27/10/2017
CBEC prescribes effective rate of duty on specified fabrics Notification No. 81/2017–Customs 27/10/2017
Seeks to increase the tariff rate on textile products in chapters 50 to 63 Notification No. 80/2017–Customs 27/10/2017
Notifications to exempt Integrated Tax/Cess on import of goods under AA/EPCG schemes Notification No. 79/2017-Customs 13/10/2017
Seeks to exempt goods imported by EOUs from integrated tax and compensation cess Notification No. 78/2017-Customs 13/10/2017
CBEC prescribes BCD and IGST rates on certain goods Notification No. 77/2017-Customs 13/10/2017
Seeks to amend certain customs notifications in pursuance to change made in Budget 2017-18 Notification No. 76/2017- Customs 15/09/2017
Seeks to exempt goods imported for organizing FIFA under 17, world cup, 2017 Notification No. 75/2017-Customs 13/09/2017
CBEC reduces BCD on raw sugar upto a quantity of 3 lakh MT from 50% to 25% Notification No. 74/2017-Customs 07/09/2017
CBEC gives effect to renewed MoU on India-Bangladesh border haats Notification No. 73/2017- Customs 18/08/2017
Reg. IGST exemption to temporary import of goods Notification No. 72/2017-Customs 16/08/2017
Import duty on crude edible palm / Soya oil increased Notification No. 71/2017-Customs 11/08/2017
Amendment in notification No 50/2017-cus dated 30.06.2017 Notification No. 70/2017-Customs 31/07/2017
Rescinding notification no 63/2017-customs dated 05.07.2017 Notification No. 69/2017-Customs 31/07/2017
Notification No. 68/2017-Customs dated: 27th July, 2017 Notification No. 68/2017-Customs 27/07/2017
Notification No. 67/2017 – Customs Dated: 14th July, 2017 Notification No. 67/2017-Customs 14/07/2017
CBEC increases import duty on sugar to 50% Notification No. 66/2017-Customs 10/07/2017
CBEC Seeks to amend Notification No. 50/2017-Customs dated 30.06.2017 Notification No. 65/2017–Customs 08/07/2017
IGST exemption to SEZs on import of Goods by a unit/developer in an SEZ Notification No. 64/2017-Customs 05/07/2017
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