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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
CBIC amends certain specific FTA/PTA notifications Notification No. 61/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 848(E).] 25/11/2022
Govt withdrawn AIDC exemption on Anthracite, PCI Coal & Coking Coal Notification No. 60/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 829(E)] 18/11/2022
Govt withdrawn BCD exemption on Anthracite and PCI Coal, Coke & Semi coke & ferronickel Notification No. 59/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 828(E)] 18/11/2022
Govt withdrawn export duty on iron ore & steel products Notification No. 58/2022-Customs, [G.S.R. 827(E).] 18/11/2022
Notification No. 57/2022-Customs, Dated: 17.11.2022 Notification No. 57/2022-Customs, [G.S.R. 822(E).] 17/11/2022
CBIC amends notification No. 50/2017-Customs, dated 30th June, 2017 Notification No. 56/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 798(E)] 01/11/2022
CBIC notifies export duty exemption to specified varieties of Rice Notification No. 55/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 796(E).] 31/10/2022
Project Imports (Amendment) Regulations, 2022 Notification No. 54/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 783(E).] 19/10/2022
CBIC increases AIDC on imports of platinum and Rhodium Notification No. 53/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 760(E).] 03/10/2022
CBIC increases basic customs duty on imports of platinum Notification No. 52/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 759 (E)] 03/10/2022
CBIC prescribed TRQ for specialty sugar to 30,000 tons Notification No. 51/2022–Customs [G.S.R. 736(E).] 28/09/2022
Seeks to further amend notification No. 50/2022-Customs, dated 30.06.2017 Notification No. 50/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 730(E)] 27/09/2022
CBIC prescribes export duty on specified Rice products Notification No. 49/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 689(E)] 08/09/2022
Notification No. 48/2022-Customs, Dated: 07.09.2022 Notification No. 48/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 688(E)] 07/09/2022
IGCR Rules applicable with effect from 01.10.2022 Notification No. 47/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 687(E).] 07/09/2022
CBIC extends concessional import duties on specified edible oils till 31.03.2023 Notification No. 46/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 676(E).] 31/08/2022
Notification No. 45/2022-Customs | Dated:  31st August, 2022 Notification No. 45/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 670(E).] 31/08/2022
Govt extend concessional AIDC of Nil on Lentils (Mosur) till 31.03.2023 Notification No. 44/2022-Customs, [G.S.R. 598(E).] 23/07/2022
TRQ holders can import gold through IIBX under India-UAE CEPA Notification No. 43/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 587(E)] 20/07/2022
Seeks to amend notification No. 51/96-Customs for withdrawing IGST exemption Notification No. 42/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 574(E).] 13/07/2022
Seeks to amend notification No. 19/2019-Customs for defence related imports Notification No. 41/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 573(E).] 13/07/2022
Seeks to amend notification No. 50/2017-Customs for DEC tablet & S. No. 404 Petrol operations Notification No. 40/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 572(E).] 13/07/2022
Notification No. 39/2022-Customs, Dated: 12.07.2022 Notification No. 39/2022-Customs, [G.S.R. 539(E).] 12/07/2022
CBIC extends exemption from BCD & AIDC upon import of Raw Cotton Notification No. 38/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 509(E).] 04/07/2022
CBIC continues exemption from IGST & Compensation Cess on goods imported under AA/EPCG/EOU Schemes Notification No. 37/2022-Customs [G.S.R. 501(E)] 30/06/2022