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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Seeks to maintain effective rate of BCD on Whey at 30% Notification No. 44/2018-Customs 10/04/2018
CBEC increases BCD on Whey and modified Whey Notification No. 43/2018–Customs 10/03/2018
Govt amends 4 Custom Tariff Notifications dated 2nd Feb 2018 Notification No. 42/2018-Customs 06/04/2018
Govt amends 4 Custom Tariff Notifications dated 2nd February 2018 Notification No. 41/2018–Customs 06/04/2018
CBIC imposes 10% BCD on Camera Module and Connectors of cellular mobile phones Notification No. 40/2018-Customs 02/04/2018
CBIC imposes BCD on Camera Module & Connectors of cellular mobile phones Notification No. 39/2018-Customs 02/04/2018
CBIC imposes BCD on PCBA of cellular mobile phones Notification No. 38/2018-Customs 02/04/2018
CBIC imposes 10% BCD on PCBA, Camera Module & Connectors of cellphone Notification No. 37/2018-Customs 02/04/2018
CBIC imposes 10% BCD on populated, loaded or stuffed printed circuit boards Notification No. 36/2018-Customs, 02/04/2018
CBEC amends 5 notification to exempt IGST & services tax compensation cess on import of goods under licenses Notification No. 35/2018-Customs 28/03/2018
Notification 34/2018- Customs-Tariff dated: 27th March 2018 Notification No. 34/2018-Customs 27/03/2018
IGST & compensation cess exemption to EOUs on imports till 01.10.2018 Notification No. 33/2018-Customs 23/03/2018
CBEC reduces BCD to 5% on Opencell (15.6” & above) of LCD/LED TV panels Notification No. 32/2018-Customs 23/03/2018
Consequential amendment due to change made vide N/N. 22/2018-Customs (N.T.) Notification No. 31/2018-Customs 20/03/2018
CBEC reduces export duty on raw /white / refined sugar to Nil Notification No. 30/2018-Customs 20/03/2018
Notification No. 29/2018-Customs, Dated: 01.03.2018 Notification No. 29/2018-Customs 01/03/2018
CBEC increases BCD tariff rate on Chickpeas from 40% to 60% Notification No. 28/2018–Customs 01/03/2018
CBEC notifies BCD Rate on various goods for cellular mobile phone Notification No. 27/2018-Customs 23/02/2018
CBEC reduces Customs Duty on motorcycles Notification No. 26/2018-Customs 12/02/2018
Custom Duty on import of Chana (Chickpeas) increased to 40% Notification No. 25/2018-Customs 06/02/2018
CBEC increases import duty on all types of sugar to 100% Notification No. 24/2018-Customs 06/02/2018
‘Nil’ rate of export duty on Electrodes of a kind used for furnaces Notification No. 23/2018-Customs 02/02/2018
BCD on specified parts of cellular mobile phones and other electronic goods Notification No. 22/2018-Customs 02/02/2018
Seeks to exempt CVD, in lieu of Additional Duty of Excise (Road and Infrastructure Cess) levied under clause 110 of Finance Bill, 2018 Notification No. 21/2018-Customs 02/02/2018
CBEC exempts Additional Duty of Customs (Road Cess) levied U/s. 116 of Finance Act, 1999 Notification No. 20/2018-Customs 02/02/2018
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