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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Notification 102/2023: Godavari River Management Board Tax Exemption Notification No. 102/2023-Income-Tax [S.O. 5169(E)] 05/12/2023
Section 10(46): Maharashtra Council of Homoeopathy Recognized Notification No. 101/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 5045(E)] 24/11/2023
Section 10(46): Chhattisgarh Rajya Beej Pramanikaran Sanstha Recognition notified Notification No. 100/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 5044(E)] 24/11/2023
Section 138 Notification: UIDAI Appointed for Information Disclosure Notification No. 99/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 4996(E)] 20/11/2023
Revised SFT Submission Process for Mutual Fund Transactions Corrigendum to Notification No.4 of 2021 15/11/2023
Revised Procedure for submission of SFT for Depository Transactions Corrigendum to Notification No.3. of 2021 15/11/2023
Income Tax Exemption Notification: Punjab Infrastructure Regulatory Authority Notification No. 97/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 4817(E)] 06/11/2023
Income Tax Exemption for Press Council of India – Notification No. 98/2023 Notification No. 98/2023- Income Tax [S.O. 4828(E)] 06/11/2023
Income Tax Agreement Between India & Saint Vincent for information Exchange Notification No. 96/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 4756(E).] 01/11/2023
Income Tax Notification: BPC Penco XVII Corporation Exemption Notification No. 95/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 4755(E).] 01/11/2023
Income Tax Amendment: Latest Changes in ITR-7 Forms Notification No. 94/2023-Income Tax [G.S.R. 813(E)] 31/10/2023
Section 10(46) Exemption to Telangana Building Welfare Board Notification No. 93/2023-Income Tax, [S.O. 4700(E)] 26/10/2023
Section 10(46) Exemption to ‘West Bengal Pollution Control Board Notification No. 92/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 4703(E)] 26/10/2023
New CBDT Rule 16D & Form No. 56F for Section 10AA Deduction Notification No. 91/2023-Income-Tax [G.S.R. 786(E).] 19/10/2023
Punjab Dental Council: Tax Exemption on Specified Incomes Notification No. 90/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 4577(E)] 19/10/2023
CBDT Introduces Form 15CD for IFSC Unit Remittances Notification No. 89/2023-Income Tax [G.S.R. 740(E).] 16/10/2023
Notification No. 89/2023-Income Tax, Dated: 13/10/2023 Notification No. 89/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 4501(E).] 13/10/2023
CBDT amends rule 114B, rule 114BA, rule 114BB & Form No. 60 Notification No. 88/2023-Income Tax [G.S.R. 728(E)] 10/10/2023
Income Tax Notification 87/2023: Dental Council of India Exemption Notification No. 87/2023-Income Tax [S.O. 4374(E)] 06/10/2023
Income Tax Act 1961 Section 10(46) Notification for DMF Trust Notification No. 86/2023-Income Tax, [S.O. 4342(E).] 04/10/2023
CBDT notifies National Farmers Welfare Program Implementation Society: section 10(46) Notification No. 85/2023-Income Tax, [S.O. 4282(E).] 29/09/2023
CBDT notifies ‘Punjab Nurses Registration Council’ under section 10(46) Notification No. 84/2023-Income Tax, [S.O. 4265(E)] 29/09/2023
CBDT notifies Rule 21AHA & FORM No. 10-IFA for Section 115BAE(5) Option Notification No. 83/2023-Income-Tax [G.S.R.702(E)] 29/09/2023
CBDT issued Procedure for Income Tax Deduction Certificate Applications via TRACES Notification No. 02/2023-Income Tax (DIT) 27/09/2023
CBDT amends Income Tax Rule 14 & 14B and Introduces Form No. 6D -Inventory Valuation Report Notification No. 82/2023-Income Tax [G.S.R. 697(E).] 27/09/2023