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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Extension of CMA Examination Applicability for two more terms under Syllabus 2016 Ref. No.: G/128/1/2023 31/01/2023
Finance Bill 2023 or Union Budget 2023 – Download Bill No. 17 of 2023 01/02/2023
CBDT notifies California Public Employees Retirement System – Section 10(23FE) Notification No. 02/2023-Income Tax, [S.O. 400(E)] 25/01/2023
CBDT approves Indian Institute of Science Education & Research under Section 35(1)(ii) Notification No. S.O. 270(E) 16/01/2023
Addendum to Notification: Format, Procedure & Guidelines for submission of SFT for Interest income Notification No. 1 of 2023 05/01/2023
Interest rates of small saving schemes for January 23 to March 23 F.No.1/4/2019-NS 30/12/2022
Instructions regarding Grant of HRA to Central Government employees No.2/4/2022-E.IIB 30/12/2022
CBDT appoints 174 ACIT as DCIT w.e.f. 01.01.2023 Notification No. 23- Income Tax 29/12/2022
CBDT appoints 145 ACIT as DCIT w.e.f. 01.01.2023 Notification No. 22 - Income Tax 29/12/2022
Notification No. 128/2022-Income-Tax, Dated: 28.12.2022 Notification No. 128/2022-Income-Tax, [S.O. 6103(E)] 28/12/2022
CBDT notifies Special Courts in Odisha under Black Money Act Notification No. 127/2022-Income Tax, [S.O. 6066(E)] 26/12/2022
CBDT notifies Under-17 Women’s World Cup, 2022 as international sporting event Notification No. 126/2022-Income Tax, [S.O. 5555(E).] 30/12/2022
CBDT notifies Public Investment Fund as sovereign wealth fund U/s. 10(23FE) Notification No. 125/2022-Income Tax, [S.O. 5345(E).] 16/11/2022
Notification No. 124/2022-Income Tax | Dated: 14th November, 2022 Notification No. 124/2022-Income Tax [S.O. 5258(E)] 14/11/2022
Notification No. 123/2022 -Income Tax | Dated: 14th November, 2022 Notification No.123/2022-Income Tax [S.O. 5257(E)] 14/11/2022
Notification No. 122/2022 -Income Tax | Dated: 14th November, 2022 Notification No.122/2022-Income Tax [S.O. 5256(E)] 14/11/2022
Notification No.121/2022 – Income Tax Dated: 14.11.2022 Notification No. 121/2022-Income Tax [S.O. 5255(E)] 14/11/2022
CBDT designates courts in Himachal Pradesh for Black Money matters Notification No. 120/2022 - Income Tax [S.O. 5248(E).] 11/11/2022
CBDT notifies Teacher Retirement System of Texas – section 10(23FE) Notification No. 119/2022 - (Income Tax) [S.O. 5080(E).] 31/10/2022
CBDT approves Krea University, Sricity for Research under Section 35(1)(iii) Notification No. 118/2022-Income Tax [S.O. 5070(E)] 28/10/2022
CBDT notifies Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission under Section 10(46) Notification No. 117/2022-Income Tax [S.O. 4936(E).] 19/10/2022
CBDT notifies ‘H P Electricity Regulatory Commission’ under Section 10(46) Notification No. 116/2022 [S.O. 4944(E).] 19/10/2022
CBDT notifies Norges Bank as sovereign wealth fund U/s. 10(23FE) Notification No. 115/2022-Income Tax [S.O. 4893(E).] 14/10/2022
CBDT notifies Ontario Limited as pension fund – section 10(23FE) Notification No. 114/2022-Income Tax [S.O. 4872(E).] 13/10/2022
CBDT notifies jurisdiction of CIT(A) under Faceless Appeal Scheme, 2021  Notification No. 113/2022-Income Tax [S.O. 4873(E).] 13/10/2022