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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Centralised Verification Scheme for issuance of Income Tax notice Notification No. 05/2019 30/01/2019
2nd Corrigendum to Income Tax Circular No. 1/2019 dated 01.01.2019 F.No. 275/192/2018-IT (B) 01/02/2019
Download Finance Bill 2019 as presented in Lok Sabha by FM Bill No. 5 of 2019 01/02/2019
CBDT notifies BSE Limited as recognised association U/s. 43(5)(e) Notification No. 8/2019-Income Tax / 31/01/2019
CBDT amends notification on Angel Taxation Notification No. 09/2019-Income Tax/ S.O. 584(E) 31/01/2019
Real Estate Regulatory Authorities’ notified by CBDT U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 7/2019 / S.O. 553(E) 30/01/2019
Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission Goa notified u/s 10(46) Notification No. 6/2019 / S.O. 552(E) 30/01/2019
CBDT redefines Prescribed income-tax authority U/s. 133C Notification No. 04/2019-Income Tax / G.S.R. 76(E) 30/01/2019
CBDT rescinds Notification No. 15/2008 Dated 1/2/2008 wef 01.04.2011 Notification No. 03/2019 25/01/2019
Angel Tax Relief U/s 56(2)(viib)- DIPP Notification G.S.R. 34(E) 16/01/2019
Notification No. 21 Appointment of 164 ACITs to officiate as DCITs Notification No. 21 31/12/2018
Procedure for filing of Form 13 for Lower or no deduction of tax Notification No. 08/2018-DIT (Systems) 31/12/2018
Appointment of 136 IRS officers in the grade of ACIT (Junior Scale)- Reg. Notification No. 20 31/12/2018
CBDT Notifies ‘Himachal Pradesh Kaushal Vikas Nigam’ for exemption U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 92/2018 [S.O. 6357(E)] 28/12/2018
CBDT notifies ‘National Iranian Oil Company’ as foreign company WEF 05.11.2018 Notification No. 91/2018 [S.O. 6356(E)] 28/12/2018
CBDT Notifies ‘Rajasthan State Open School Society’ for exemption U/s. 10(46) Notification No. 90/2018 [S.O. 6355(E)] 28/12/2018
PAN card can now be issued in 3 Formats and Both Physically & Online Notification 7/2018- DIT (Systems) 27/12/2018
CBDT notifies DTAA between India-Hong Kong Notification No. 89/2018-Income Tax / S.O. 6247(E) 21/12/2018
CBDT notifies period for furnishing report U/s. 286(4) by constituent entity Notification No. 88/2018-Income Tax 18/12/2018
West Bengal Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2018 No. 2227-L.—17th December, 2018 17/12/2018
CBDT notifies Special Courts under Black Money Act for West Bengal & Andaman and Nicobar Islands Notification No. 87/2018-Income Tax [S.O. 6141(E)] 11/12/2018
No TDS on Interest to Senior Citizen if not exceeds Rs. Fifty Thousand Notification No. 06/2018-DGIT 06/12/2018
Capital Asset holding period on conversion : Rule 8AA & Sec. 115JG(1) Notification No. 86/2018 06/12/2018
CBDT notifies revised provisions U/s. 115G for Unabsorbed depreciation, set off / carry forward of losses, tax credit Notification No. 85/2018 06/12/2018
Jurisdiction of CIT(A) to deal with Black money cases in MP & CG States Notification No. S.O. 6036(E). 05/10/2018