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Cenvat credit is allowed if inputs are wheeled out to sister company: Madras HC

  29 Feb 2024   0 comment
Explore the Madras High Courts decision in India Cement Limited v. Commissioner of Customs, allowing Cenvat credit for electricity supplied to sister units. Analysis, implications, and key takeaways....
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IEC CODE: Way to Start International Trade

  16 Jan 2024   3 comments
Unlock global trade success with the IEC code. Learn its legal significance, role in customs clearance, financial transactions, and government incentives. Get a step-by-step guide....
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Unconstitutional Excise Duty Collection by Central Government: 16/09/2016 to 30/06/2017

  31 Aug 2023   0 comment
Explore the constitutional issues surrounding the Central Government's Excise Duty collection from September 2016 to June 2017. Uncover the research and discussions on the implications, legal perspectives, and the appellant's efforts to address the matter through writ proceedings....
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Unused CENVAT Credit does not incur any interest liability: CESTAT Kolkata

  20 Jun 2023   0 comment
CESTAT, Kolkata made a significant ruling regarding the amendment in Rule 14 of CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004. Previous version of the rule stated 'taken or utilized,' but it was modified to 'taken and utilized.' This alteration in wording clearly indicates the legislative intent to exclude the imposition of interest when the credit has been ...
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BUDGET 2023- Analysis of Excise Duty related amendments

  04 Feb 2023   0 comment
Notification No. 05/2023-Central Excise dated 01.02.2023 is being issued to exempt excise duty on blended Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) from so much of the amount as is equal to GST paid on biogas /compressed bio gas contained in such blended CNG subject to the specified conditions....
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Flexible Windfall Tax

  11 Jan 2023   0 comment
Taxing unexpected profits earned due to windfalls of war, pandemic, or other unforeseen events: learn all about Windfall Tax. Optimize for Flexible Windfall Tax!...
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Transportation cost separately charged should not forms part of assessable value

  26 Dec 2022   0 comment
CESTAT held that transportation charges collected by way of issuing additional invoice cannot be included in the assessable value of goods for levying excise duty....
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Multiple litigations in Budgetary Support Scheme Refund

  29 Oct 2022   0 comment
Find out about the litigations surrounding the Budgetary Support Scheme Refund in India. Learn more about the impact on eligible units and the reimbursement process....
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CENVAT Credit on Commission Agents Services – Calcutta High Court

  09 Oct 2022   2 comments
A vexed issue, being eligibility of CENVAT credit on Sales Commission Agent's Services, post the judgment of the Hon’ble Gujarat High Court in Cadila Healthcare Limited, came up before the Division Bench of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court. The period in dispute in this case was from 2011 to 2016....
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CESTAT: Demand of duty of Rs. 163 Crore based on assumptions is not permissible

  04 Oct 2022   0 comment
CESTAT held that the assessing authority has not found any undeclared machines in the manufacturing premises or factory of the assessee and duty has been demanded based on assumptions and presumption, which is not permissible under the scheme of compounded levy on the product manufactured by the assessee. Therefore, the appeals filed by t...

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