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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
GST Clarifications: Passenger Transport, Electricity Charges, Job Work, DMFTs & Horticulture Services Circular No.206/18/2023-GST 31/10/2023
CBIC Clarifies on GST rate on imitation zari thread or yarn Circular No. 205/17/2023-GST 31/10/2023
Clarification on taxability of personal & corporate guarantee in GST Circular No. 204/16/2023-GST 27/10/2023
Clarification regarding determination of place of supply in various cases Circular No. 203/15/2023-GST 27/10/2023
CBIC clarifies conditions for export of services under IGST Act 2017 Circular No. 202/14/2023-GST 27/10/2023
GST Clarification 2023: Applicability of GST on certain services  Circular No. 201/13/2023-GST 01/08/2023
GST Clarification 2023: Rates & Classification of Goods Circular No. 200/12/2023-GST 01/08/2023
Clarification on Taxability of Services between Distinct Offices under GST Circular No. 199/11/2023-GST 17/07/2023
Clarification on Applicability of E-Invoice for Supplies to Government Departments Circular No. 198/10/2023-GST 17/07/2023
Clarification on GST Refund Issues: CBIC Circular 197/09/2023-GST Circular No. 197/09/2023-GST 17/07/2023
Taxability of Shares in Subsidiary Company: CBIC Circular 196/08/2023-GST Circular No. 196/08/2023-GST 17/07/2023
Clarification on ITC Availability for Warranty Replacement Circular No. 195/07/2023-GST 17/07/2023
Clarification on TCS Liability for Multiple E-commerce Operators Circular No. 194/06/2023-GST 17/07/2023
Clarification on Input Tax Credit Availment in GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A Circular No. 193/05/2023-GST 17/07/2023
Clarification on Charging of Interest for Wrong Availment of IGST Credit – CBIC Circular Circular No. 192/04/2023-GST 17/07/2023
Clarification regarding GST rate and classification of ‘Rab’ Circular No. 191/03/2023-GST 27/03/2023
Clarifications regarding applicability of GST on certain services Circular No. 190/02/2023- GST 13/01/2023
CBIC clarifies on GST rates and classification of certain goods Circular No. 189/01/2023-GST 13/01/2023
Manner of filing application for GST refund by unregistered persons Circular No. 188/20/2022-GST 27/12/2022
Treatment of statutory dues under GST law for taxpayers under IBC Circular No. 187/19/2022-GST 27/12/2022
Taxability of No Claim Bonus & applicability of GST e-invoicing Circular No. 186/18/2022-GST 27/12/2022
Applicability of section 75(2) of CGST Act, 2017 & its effect on limitation Circular No. 185/17/2022-GST 27/12/2022
ITC Entitlement where place of supply is determined under proviso to section 12(8) of IGST Act Circular No. 184/16/2022-GST 27/12/2022
Clarification to deal with difference in ITC availed in FORM GSTR-3B Circular No. 183/15/2022-GST 27/12/2022
Guidance Note for Verification of CGST Transitional Credit Claimed In TRAN-1/TRAN-2 Circular No. 182/14/2022-GST 10/11/2022
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