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Implications of US Investor on Indian AIF

  14 May 2024   0 comment
Understand the implications of US investors on Indian Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), covering registration, exemptions, taxation, and regulatory requirements....
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Amendment in Buy-Back Regulations- An Attempt to Ease Open Offers

  09 May 2024   0 comment
Securities and Exchange Board of India, (SEBI), in its notification dated 7 February, 2023 has bought in SEBI (Buyback of Securities) (Amendment) Regulations, 2023. The applicability date of these amendments is 9 March, 2023 which is fifteenth day from the date of publication of the amendments in the official gazette. In this article, we ...
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Navigating journey through SME IPO

  09 May 2024   0 comment
Embark on the journey of SME IPOs with expert insights. Learn about planning, preparation, and execution, ensuring compliance and leveraging market optimism for success....
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Regulating High Frequency Trading under Indian Securities Market

  30 Apr 2024   0 comment
Explore dynamics of high-frequency trading (HFT) in Indian securities market, its regulatory challenges, strategies, and SEBI's measures to fortify market integrity amidst technological advancements....
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SEBI simplifies registration process for investment advisors & research analysts

  29 Apr 2024   0 comment
SEBI streamlines registration for investment advisors & research analysts, reducing fees. Learn about the changes, implications, and effects on competition...
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IPO through Pre-filing of Draft offer Document

  29 Apr 2024   1 comment
Explore the process and benefits of IPO pre-filing with SEBI. Learn how it safeguards sensitive business data and its recent adoption by Swiggy....
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SM REITs: A Game Changer for Investing in Fractional Real Estate?

  22 Apr 2024   0 comment
Discover how SM REITs are transforming real estate investment, making it accessible to a broader audience. Learn about their structure, features, and comparison with traditional REITs....
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SEBI Issues Guidelines for Draft Offer Documents and Returning Draft Documents and Its Resubmission

  15 Apr 2024   0 comment
SEBI issues guidelines for draft offer documents, outlining requirements for presentation, returning, and resubmission. Ensure compliance and transparency for smoother processing....
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SEBI Ushers in New Era for Real Estate Investment with Small & Medium REITs (SM REITs)

  11 Apr 2024   0 comment
SEBI introduces Small and Medium Real Estate Investment Trusts (SM REITs) to regulate fractional ownership platforms, offering transparency and structure to the real estate market....
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SEBI Compliance Calendar for the Month of May, 2024

  05 Apr 2024   1 comment
Understand SEBI regulations for listed entities & avoid penalties. Learn about filing returns with BSE, due dates, and exemptions....
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