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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
DGFT Policy Circular: Relief in Average Export Obligation for Declining Sectors Policy Circular No. 10/2023-2024- DGFT 22/02/2024
Covering SEZs and EOUs under the RoDTEP Scheme Office Memorandum K.43022/35/2019-SEZ 16/02/2024
Import restrictions not apply to Desktop Computers falling under tariff head 8471: DGFT Policy Circular No. 09/2023-24 12/01/2024
DGFT Policy Circular: Clarification on Ad-hoc Norms Applicability Policy Circular No. 08/2023-DGFT 27/12/2023
Clarity on Minimum Value Addition for Spices in FTP 2023 Policy Circular No. 07/2023-DGFT 21/12/2023
Clarifications on Implementation of IT Hardware Import Management Policy Circular No. 06/2023-24-DGFT 19/10/2023
Clarification: Re-import of Unsold Exported Jewelry – DGFT Policy Circular No. 05/2023-24-DGFT 16/10/2023
DGFT Policy Circular: Clarification on Isopropyl Alcohol Import Restrictions Policy Circular No. 04/2023-24-DGFT 31/08/2023
Clarification: Import of Gold by SEZ Units – DGFT Policy Circular 03/2023-24 Policy circular No. 03/2023-24 DGFT 14/07/2023
Procedure for Amnesty Scheme Application for Default in Export Obligation – Manual Mode Policy Circular No. 02/2023-24-DGFT 23/06/2023
Procedure for applying for Amnesty scheme by Advance & EPCG authorization holders Policy Circular No. 1 /2023-24-DGFT 17/04/2023
Processing of MEIS/SEIS applications pending at RAs Policy Circular No. 46/2015-20-DGFT 20/02/2023
Implementation of Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS) – FAQs Policy Circular No. 45/2015-20-DGFT 23/01/2023
List of product groups showing percentage decline in exports during 2021-22 Policy Circular No. 44/2015-20 17/11/2022
Relaxation in provision of submission of ‘Bill of Export’ Policy Circular No. 43/2015-20 27/07/2022
Non-Ferrous Metal Import Monitoring System (NFMIMS) – FAQs Policy Circular No. 42/2015-2020-DGFT 27/07/2022
Applicability of PIMS at the time of import at SEZ/FTWZ/EOU/DTA Policy Circular No. 41/2015-2020-DGFT 05/07/2022
DGFT clarifies on Chip Import Monitoring System (CHIMS) Policy Circular No. 40/2015-2020 27/06/2022
DGFT relaxes provision of submission of ‘Bill of Export’ for Advance Authorisation Policy Circular No. 39/2015-20 07/06/2022
Re-import of steel for packaging will not be covered under SIMS Policy Circular No. 38/2015-2020-DGFT 19/01/2022
Relief in Average Export Obligation in terms of para 5.19 of HBP of FTP 2015-20 Police Circular No. 37/2015-20-DGFT 10/09/2021
Providing documents sought by investigating agencies like CBI, ED, DRI, etc. ECA Circular No. 36/2015-20 07/12/2020
Extensions in Import Validity period and Export obligation period in Advance  authorizations/DFIA Policy Circular No. 35/2015-20-DGFT 23/04/2020
Clarification on Export of API/Formulations (Restricted) under Advance Licence Policy Circular No. 34/2015-20-DGFT 20/03/2020
DGFT Clarification on issues faced by exporters of APIs/Formulation Policy Circular No. 33/2015-20-DGFT 20/03/2020