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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Case reopened in light of SC judgment in Ashish Agarwal to be completed by 31.05.2023 F. No. Pr. CCIT/KNP/DCIT(T&J)/5(31)/2022-23/7211 27/01/2023
SOP on filing of Appeals/SLPs by Income Tax Department in SC Instruction No. 2/2022-Income Tax 15/12/2022
Partial relaxation with respect to electronic submission of Form 10F F. No. DGIT(S)-ADG(S)-3/e-Filing Notification/Forms/2022/9227 12/12/2022
Revised Instruction for withholding of Refund u/s 241A in Scrutiny cases Instruction No. 07 of 2022-Income Tax 06/12/2022
Time limit reduced to 21 days for submitting response to intimation u/s 245 by AO Instruction No. 06 of 2022 28/11/2022
Amendment in Guidelines for Compulsory Scrutiny of Income Tax Returns during F.Y 2022-23 F.No.225/ 81/2022/ITA-II 26/09/2022
Carry out due verification before initiating Section 148/147 proceedings: CBDT F. No. 299/10/2022-Dir(Inv.III)/647 22/08/2022
Instructions for AO after Adverse observations of Allahabad HC Instruction No. Pr. CCIT/KNP/JCIT(T&J)/5(17)/2022-23/2816 07/08/2022
SOP for Faceless Income Tax Assessment under Section 144B NaFAC/Delhi/CIT-1/2022-23/112/92 03/08/2022
Process of filing application for approval/renewal of Electoral Trust u/s 2(22AAA) F.No. 173/62/2022-ITA-1 11/07/2022
Changes in ITBA functionalities for Faceless Assessment NaFAC/Delhi/CIT-I/2021-22/105 /49 14/06/2022
Inspector of Income Tax to submit Preference of Allocation of Region F.No. HRD/CM/127/11/2021-22/1656 07/06/2022
Revised Guidelines for compulsory Income Tax returns scrutiny F.No.225/ 81/2022/ITA-II 03/06/2022
Section 148 Notices: Steps to follow in cases impacted by SC decisions ITBA Step-by-Step Document No. 1 12/05/2022
CBDT Instruction on Implementing SC Judgment on Section 148 Notices Instruction No. 01/2022 11/05/2022
Compulsory Income Tax Scrutiny criteria/Guideline for FY 2022-23 F.No.225/81/2022/ITA-II 11/05/2022
New guidelines for panels looking into high-pitched scrutiny assessment grievances F.No.225/10112021-ITA-ll 23/04/2022
Reg. Application in Form 15E for section 195(2) & 195(7) certificates Instruction No. 1 of 2022 [F. No: CPC(TDS)/197 Certificate/Cut off date/2021-22/] 02/03/2022
ITBA Functionality for Set-Aside Matters in Income Tax Exemption Module Draft ITBA-Exemption Instruction No. 6 25/02/2022
Release of Refund determined for cases selected for Income Tax Scrutiny Instruction No. 14 16/02/2022
Modification of Constitution to GoM on Casinos, Race Courses & Online Gaming S-31011/12/2021-DIR(NC)-DOR 10/02/2022
9 Commonly occurring procedural lapses in Assessment Proceedings F No. NaFAC/Delhi/CIT-3/2021-22/340/148 31/12/2021
Guidelines for priority/out of turn disposal of appeals by CsIT (AU) and CsIT (Appeals) F. No. 279/Misc./M-102/2021-ITJ 29/12/2021
Functionality in Rectification Module of ITBA to pass online rectification order Notification No. DGIT(S)/ITBA/Instructions/Rectification/2021-22 13/12/2021
AO to identify information for section 148 notice F.N0. 225/135/2021/ITA-II 10/12/2021