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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Bihar relaxes e-way bill requirement Notification No. S.O. 14 14/01/2019
Revision in Criteria for Withdrawal of pending MVAT Assessment Proceeding No. VAT-1518/CR 23/Taxation-1 11/01/2019
Change in due date of Maharashtra VAT Audit report in Form 704 Notification No. VAT. 1519/C.R.02/Taxation-1 09/01/2019
Amendment to Notification u/s 41(1) of MVAT Act [Refund to United Nations Organisations] Notification No. VAT-1518/CR.119/Taxation-1 27/12/2018
Maharashtra Value Added Tax (Second Amendment) Act, 2018 Maharashtra Act No. LXIX of 2018 14/12/2018
Maharashtra Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act, 2018 Maharashtra Act No. LXVIII of 2018 14/12/2018
Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Act, 2018 Maharashtra Act No. LXVII of 2018 14/12/2018
Andhra Pradesh Goods And Services Tax (Amendment) Act, 2018 ACT No. 23 of 2018 23/10/2018
Kerala State Goods And Services Tax (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018 Notification No. 21405/Leg.A2/2018/Law 15/10/2018
MVAT: Extension of time limit for remand back cases for fresh Assessments Maharashtra Ordinance No. XXIII OF 2018 24/10/2018
Assam Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Act, 2018 Notification No. LGL. 123/2017/120 20/10/2018
Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018 Maharashtra Ordinance No. XXII of 2018 13/10/2018
MVAT: Withdrawal of pending cases based on probable revenue involved Notification No. VAT.1518/C.R. 23A/Taxation-1 11/10/2018
MVAT: Restoration of notification dt. 26/08/2009 regarding e-704 Notification No. No. VAT/AMD-2018/1B/ADM-8 10/10/2018
Maharashtra reduces VAT rate on Diesel and Petrol Notification No. VAT-1518/CR-103/Taxation 05/10/2018
Rajasthan Goods And Services Tax (Amendment) Act, 2018 Notification No. F. 2 (36) Vidhi/2/2018 04/10/2018
Haryana Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Act, 2018 HARYANA ACT NO. 25 OF 2018 - No. Leg. 30/2018 28/09/2018
E-Way bill exemption on Movement of Goods w.e.f. 01.10.2018 in Gujarat Notification No.GSL/GST/RULE-138(14)/B.19 19/09/2018
MVAT: Apply for refund of security Deposit upto 31.03.2019 Notification No. VAT-1518/CR-33/Taxation-1. 19/09/2018
E-way bill not required for intra-city movement of goods in Gujarat No. GSL/GST/RULE-138(14)/B.19 19/09/2018
No- Intra State E-way Bill upto Rs. 1 Lac in Punjab Notification No. PA/ETC/2018/175 13/09/2018
Maharashtra Value Added Tax (Second Amendment) Rules, 2018 Notification No. VAT-1518/CR-32/Taxation-1 12/09/2018
Embed R. F. I. D Tag For E-Way Bill System on wind screen of Vehicle Notification No.-E-way bill-R.F.I.D./sachaldal/2018-19/1025/commercial tax 07/09/2018
Rajasthan VAT: Date of Filing of VAT 10A return for 2017-18 extended to 31.10.2018 Notification No. F26 (315)CCT/MEA/2014/577 31/08/2018
GST (Compensation to States) Amendment Act, 2018 No. 34 OF 2018 30/08/2018