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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
State Level Committee to Resolve Issues Relating to High-pitched GST Assessments and its Demands Procds.in CCST’s Ref.No. L1 (2)/35/2022-2 13/12/2022
Exemption from generation of e-way bill for movement of vehicles for testing Notification No. 8/2022-TNGST PP1/GST-15/23/2022 18/10/2022
M. Ram Mohan Rao appointed as member of Maharashtra AAR Notification No. GST-1022/C.R.40/Taxation-1 26/09/2022
Constitution of Group of Ministers (GoM) on GST System Reforms S-31011/12/2021-DIR(NC)-DOR 22/10/2022
Rajiv Ranjan appointed as member of Maharashtra Advance Ruling Authority Notification No. GST-1022/C.R.38/Taxation-1 13/09/2022
Rajasthan VAT Amnesty Scheme Extended till 31-10-2022 F.12(97)FD/Tax/2017-Pt.-I-43 31/08/2022
Rajasthan VAT: ITC Mismatch/Verification Date Extended to 31.10.2022 F.16 (100) Tax/CCT /14-15/666 30/08/2022
Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Act, 2022 Maharashtra Act No. XXXIX of 2022. 26/08/2022
Clarification to Notification related to Rajasthan Amnesty Scheme No. F.16 (752) VAT /Tax/CCT/2022-23/Part-II/589-596 02/08/2022
Reduction in rate of VAT on Petrol & Diesel in Maharashtra Notification No. VAT/1522/CR32/Taxation-1 14/07/2022
Annual GST return filing exemption for financial year 2021-22 CCT Notification No.7-2022-TNGST 07/07/2022
Instructions regarding processing of applications for registration in FORM GST REG 01 Memo No - 367/GST- 2 24/05/2022
Decision taken by Haryana GST to implement taxpayer friendly measures Memo No :- 362/GST 19/05/2022
Haryana State COVID Small Trader Support Scheme, 2022 – reg Notification No. ...... 22/09/2022
Reduction in Rate of Profession Tax on Employment in Gujarat  Notification No. GHN-35-PFT-2022-S.3(2)(10)-Th 08/04/2022
Govt designate authorities under Maharashtra Settlement of Arrears of Tax, Interest, Penalty or Late Fee Act, 2022 Notification No. DC (A & R)3/VAT/MMB-2022/2/ADM-8 30/03/2022
Maharashtra reduces rate of VAT on Natural Gas to 3% Notification No. VAT-1522/CR-18/Taxation-1 25/03/2022
E-Way Bill limit extended to Rs. 2 Lac in Rajasthan wef 1st April 2022 Notification No. F.17 (131-Pt.-II)ACCT/GST/2017/7713  24/03/2022
Rajasthan VAT: ITC Mismatch/ Verification Date Extended to 31.08.2022 No.F.16 (100) Tax /CCT/14-15/1423 23/03/2022
New Rule of E-Way Bill in M.P from April,15 2022 No. FA3-08/2018/1/V(18) 23/03/2022
RVAT: Clarification Regarding VAT Amnesty Scheme 2022 Notification No. F.16(752)/Tax (VAT)/Amnesty/ CCT/22-23/PL-I/1383-1390 21/03/2022
RVAT: Exemption of Petrol & Diesel Retail Outlets from Filing VAT Returns Notification No. F.16(503) Tax/CCT/2021-22/Part-X/1392-1397 21/03/2022
Maharashtra Settlement of Arrears of Tax, Interest, Penalty or Late Fee Act, 2022 L. A. Bill No. IX of 2022. 16/03/2022
Haryana govt allows reimbursement of SGST on film titled ‘The Kashmir Files’ No. 259GST-2/Panchkula 11/03/2022
Rajasthan VAT – Procedure for VAT Amnesty Scheme 2022 No.F.16(752)VAT/Tax/CCT/2022-23/Part-1/1330 —1337 09/03/2022