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Blessing of CSR for recent development in modern India

In the intricate landscape of modern Indian corporate sectors, the emphasis on development as a tool to combat poverty through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model is becoming increasingly prevalent....

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Registered Office shifting from One State to Another: Draft Resolutions, Procedure & Attachments

Complete procedure, resolutions, and required attachments for shifting a company's registered office from one state to another. Ensure compliance with Companies Act, 2013....

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37 FAQ’s on Foreign Company’s Registration in India

Explore statutory obligations for foreign entities in India under CA, 2013. Learn about registration, financial statements, and compliance requirements....

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From Certificates to Clicks: Private Company Dematerialization Process

Explore the dematerialization process mandated by the Companies (Prospectus and Allotment of Securities) Second Amendment Rules, 2023, affecting private companies. From rules to procedures, understand the shift from physical shares to electronic holdings....

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Private Limited Small Company Annual ROC Compliances Due Dates

Stay updated: check this chart for Private Limited Small Company annual ROC compliances due dates. Get the correct, up-to-date information for your business. ...

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One Director, One DIN: Legal Framework & Implications on Multiplicity of DIN

Learn about the Director Identification Number (DIN) system in India, its provisions, the prohibition on holding multiple DINs, and the consequences of non-compliance....

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Delay of 664 days in filing of from MGT-6 – MCA IMposes 9 Lakh Penalty

Order No. ROC/D/Adj/Order/89/BMM TESTLAB/4177-4180 08/11/2023

Read about the penalty order issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs against BMM TESTLABS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED for violating Section 89 of the Companies Act, 2013. Details of the case, adjudication, and appeal process...

Comprehensive Checklist for Company Incorporation in India

Filing your SPICe+, electronic MOA and AOA, DSCs - Get the comprehensive checklist for initiatives needed to incorporate a company in India from this blog post....

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Object Clause for Hospital or Main Object for Hospital

Explore comprehensive object clause for hospitals, covering healthcare activities, research, education, and support services. Learn about a hospital's multifaceted objectives...

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Calling Extraordinary General Meeting: Procedure & Obligations

Learn how to call an Extraordinary General Meeting under Companies Act, the requisition process, and board's obligations. Get insights on EGM....

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Corporate law also known as the company law is the study of how the directors, shareholders, creditors, employees and other participants in the community, consumers, and the environment work together with each other. Company law deals with organizations which are registered or incorporated under the Indian company law. The latest Companies Act is the Act which controls the incorporation of companies, responsibilities of companies, directors and laws relating to dissolution of any company. The newly constituted Companies Act 2013 is divided into twenty-nine chapters comprising 470 with 7 schedules. This Act replaced the previous Companies Act, 1956 on August 29th, 2013. The newly constituted Act came into action on September 12th, 2013 with number of changes.

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