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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
CBIC notifies concessional rate of UTGST on Covid-19 relief supplies Notification No. 05/2021-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 407(E).] 14/06/2021
CBIC reduces UTGST rate on Covid related services till 30.09.2021 Notification No. 04/2021-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 404(E)] 14/06/2021
UTGST: CBIC clarifies on Date of issuance of completion certificate Notification No. 03/2021- Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 382(E)] 02/06/2021
UTGST: CBIC notifies changes in GST rate of services wef 02.06.2021 Notification No. 02/2021-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 379(E)] 02/06/2021
UTGST: CBIC notifies changes in GST rate of goods wef 02.06.2021 Notification No. 01/2021-Union territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 376(E)] 02/06/2021
CBIC exempt UTGST on satellite launch services Notification No. 05/2020-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 645(E).] 16/10/2020
CBIC extends UTT exemption on 2 type of transportation Services Notification No. 04/2020-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 606(E)] 30/09/2020
CBIC revises UTGST rate of Matchsticks & Telephone Sets Notification No. 03/2020-Union territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 218(E)] 25/03/2020
UTGST reduced to 5% on MRO services of aircraft with full ITC Notification No. 02/2020-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 1211(E).] 25/03/2020
UTGST: CBIC notifies rate of GST on supply of lottery Notification No. 1/2020-Union territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 136(E)] 21/02/2020
UTGST: RCM on renting of motor vehides – req Notification No. 29/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 975(E).] 31/12/2019
UTGST exemption on certain services | 38th GST Council meeting Notification No. 28/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 974(E).] 31/12/2019
UTGST: Changes in GST rate on goods | 38th GST Council Meeting Notification No. 27/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) 30/12/2019
UTGST: Bus body building includes building of body on chassis of any vehicle Notification No. 26/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 872(E).] 22/11/2019
UTGST: Grant of alcoholic liquor licence is not a supply of goods/service Notification No. 25/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 748(E).] 30/09/2019
UTGST: Govt amends entry related to GST on cement under RCM Notification No. 24/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 744(E).] 30/09/2019
UTGST: Explanation on applicability of provisions related to supply of development rights Notification No. 23/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 741(E)] 30/09/2019
UTGST: Govt notifies certain services under RCM wef 01.10.2019 Notification No. 22/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 738(E).] 30/09/2019
Govt exempts certain services from UTGST wef 01.10.2019 Notification No. 21/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R 735(E).] 30/09/2019
Changes in UTGST rates of certain services wef 01.10.2019 Notification No. 20/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R 732(E).] 30/09/2019
UTGST Exemption on supply of goods for specified projects under FAO Notification No. 19/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 725(E).] 30/09/2019
UTGST: Manufacturers of aerated waters excluded from purview of composition scheme Notification No. 18/2019- Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 722(E).] 30/09/2019
UTGST exemption on supplies of silver & platinum by nominated agencies Notification No. 17/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 720(E)] 30/09/2019
CBIC extends concessional UTGST rates to specified projects under HELP/OALP Notification No. 16/2019-Union Territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 717(E)] 30/09/2019
UTGST exemption to dried tamarind and cups, plates made of leaves Notification No. 15/2019-Union territory Tax (Rate) [G.S.R. 714(E).] 30/09/2019