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This Index lists out the original wording of the Notification without carrying out any subsequent Amendment.
Title Notification No. Date
Order no. 151/2018 -Transfer/postings in the grade of Pr. CIT Office Order No. 151 of 2018 14/09/2018
Order No. 147/2018: Transfer/postings of officers in JCIT/Addl. CIT Grade Office Order No. 147 of 2018 05/09/2018
Order No. 148/2018: Transfer/postings of officers in ACIT/DCIT grade Office Order No. 148 of 2018 05/09/2018
Transfer/postings (Local Changes) in Pr. CCIT/Pr. DGIT/CCIT/DGIT Grade Office Order No. 146 of 2018 31/08/2018
Office order No. 142/2018- Promotion and Postings in Pr. CCIT Grade Office Order No. 142 of 2018 29/08/2018
Office Order No. 143/2018 – Transfer and posting in CCIT Grade Office Order No. 143 of 2018 29/08/2018
Income Tax Return due date for Kerala taxpayers extended to 15.09.2018 F.No. 225/242/2018/ITA.II 28/08/2018
Promotion of 118 Income Tax Officers in the grade of ACIT Office Order No. 137 of 2018 23/08/2018
CBDT Revises list of cases to be contested on Merit irrespective of tax effect F No 279/Misc. 142/2007-ITJ (Pt) 20/08/2018
Additional Charge of Member (Admn.) CBDT to CBDT Chairman Office Order No. 123 of 2018 02/08/2018
Income Tax Return Due Date extended to 31/08/2018 F. No. 225/242/2018/ITA.II 26/07/2018
CBDT notifies authority U/s. 138 for furnishing information to CEIB F.No. 225/245/2018/ITAJI 25/07/2018
Transfer & Posting of 50 Officers in Addl. / Joint CIT Grade Office Order No. 118/2018 24/07/2018
Extension of ad-hoc appointments of ITOs to ACIT grade for 2015-16 Office Order No. 109 of 2018 12/07/2018
Extension of ad-hoc appointments of ITOs to ACIT grade for 2014-15 Office Order No. 110 of 2018  12/07/2018
BSE notifies Compulsory Delisting of 6 companies WEF July 4, 2018 Notice No. 20180702-29 02/07/2018
Likely Vacancy for the post of Members of CBDT for FY 2018-19 F.No.A.12026/20/2017-Ad.I 04/07/2018
Transfer and Posting of officers in Addl./Joint CIT Grade Office Order No. 102 of 2018 03/07/2018
Due date to link Aadhaar with PAN extended till 31.03.2019 F.No.225/270/2017/ITA.II 30/06/2018
Regularization of promotion of officers to Principal CIT Grade Order No. 90 of 2018 11/06/2018
Transfer & Posting of 66 officers in ACIT/ DCIT grade (Local Change) Office Order No. 86 of 2018 04/06/2018
Extension of ad-hoc appointments of 57 IRS officers to JCIT Grade 76 OF 2018 25/05/2018
Early hearing should be granted by ITAT Bench: Delhi HC NA 24/06/2018
Rajasthan GST: Extension of Time Limit to conclude Inspection Proceedings No. F. 17 (131) ACCT/GST/2017/ 3564 23/05/2018
Extended time to Task Force for drafting New Direct Tax Legislation F No 370149/230/2017 22/05/2018

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