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IFSCA Issues Caution on Unauthorised Entities in IFSC

IFSCA warns the public about Nyara Consultancy Services' unauthorised activities in the International Financial Services Centre. Protect your investments with IFSCA guidance....

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Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Business Loan

When it comes to fueling your business growth or overcoming financial challenges, securing a business loan can be a strategic move. However, choosing the right business loan is a critical decision that can significantly influence the success of your enterprise....

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Car Insurance Renewal: 5 Tips to Lock in the Lowest Rates

As you approach your car insurance renewal, your quest to secure the most budget-friendly rates is sensible and achievable. No one relishes overpaying for insurance, and there are strategic steps you can take to make sure you get the best possible deal when renewing your car insurance....

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IFSCA Circular: Updated Reporting Norms for Fund Management Entities

Circular No. F. No. 970/IFSCA/FME Supervision/2023-24/2 03/11/2023

Stay informed about the latest IFSCA circular amending reporting norms for Fund Management Entities. Quarterly reporting now mandatory. Read the details here...

National Savings Recurring Deposit (Third Amendment) Scheme, 2023

Notification No. G.S.R. 818(E) 03/11/2023

Introduction: The Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, issued a significant notification on November 3rd, 2023. This notification, G.S.R. 818(E), introduces amendments to the National Savings Recurring Deposit Scheme 2019. The amendments encompass changes in repayment amounts, maturity periods, and provisions for legal hei...

Trading and Profit and Loss Account Format in India

In the world of accounting and finance, understanding financial statements is crucial for evaluating the performance and financial health of a business. One of the key financial statements that provide valuable insights into a company’s operations is the Trading and Profit and Loss Account (commonly known as the Income Statement in ...

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IFSCA Banking Handbook Amendment: GAO and RO Conditions

Circular No F.No.110/IFSCA/Banking Regulation/2023-24/3 02/11/2023

Stay informed about the latest IFSCA Banking Handbook update on Global Administrative Office (GAO) and Representative Office (RO) conditions. Read the circular for details...

Unveiling the Hidden Impact: Taxation, Inflation & Fixed Deposits

Discover hidden impact of taxation and inflation on fixed deposits in India. Learn how to calculate real return on investment and preserve value of your savings....

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How a Term Insurance Calculator Eases Term Plan Buying?

Navigating the details of term insurance plans can often be an overwhelming task. The plethora of options available and the variables that needs to be considered, makes this crucial financial decision highly complex....

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India Post Payments Bank (IPPB): Services, History and Distinctions

Discover India Post Payments Bank (IPPB): history, services, differences from POSB, and who can benefit from this revolutionary banking solution....

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