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Changeability of Income Tax on Source of Incomes of Family Investment Funds (Company/LLP)

Understand how Changeability of Income Tax affects Family Investment Funds (Company/LLP) in the IFSCA Fund Management Regulations. Learn how the set up of a FIF in IFSC's can help you invest globally with a closer to the ground Indian approach....

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What are the benefits of maintaining Books of Accounts?

Maintaining books of accounts is an ancient practice that provides businesses with many benefits. Find out what they are with this article. What are the benefits of Books of Accounts?...

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Challenges of Financial management

Financial management is the most integral part of any business as it involves planning, organising and controlling the financial activities in a systematic manner so that the business can achieve their organisational goals....

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Public Provident Fund (Amendment) Scheme, 2023

Notification No. [G.S.R. 831(E)] 07/11/2023

Explore the latest amendments in the Public Provident Fund Scheme, 2019 by the Ministry of Finance. Understand changes in account extension provisions for better financial planning...

National Savings Time Deposit (Fourth Amendment) Scheme, 2023

Notification No. [G.S.R. 830(E)] 07/11/2023

Delve into the details of the National Savings Time Deposit (Fourth Amendment) Scheme, 2023 by the Ministry of Finance. Understand premature closure conditions and interest rates...

Senior Citizen’s Savings (Fourth Amendment) Scheme, 2023

Notification No. [G.S.R. 829(E)] 07/11/2023

Explore the latest amendments in the Senior Citizen’s Savings Scheme 2019 by the Ministry of Finance. Understand new eligibility criteria, extension rules, and withdrawal conditions...

Format of Intercompany Loan Agreement for Holding & Subsidiary Company

Explore the significance of an intercompany loan agreement between a holding company and its subsidiary in India. Learn how it fosters financial growth and compliance...

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Reducing Complexities in Small Business Finances: Utilizing Business Loan EMI Calculators and Aadhar Cards for Hassle-Free Loans

In this blog post we will cover two tools that can streamline this journey: Business Loan EMI Calculators and the Aadhar Card. Let's see how these can make getting loans much simpler....

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IFSCA Invites Public Feedback: Review of Bullion Exchange Regulations 2020

Participate in IFSCA's call for suggestions on Bullion Exchange Regulations 2020 review. Contribute to shaping future policies for the precious metals industry in IFSC...

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FATF Identifies High-Risk Jurisdictions and Updates Monitoring List

The FATF's latest update highlights high-risk jurisdictions and those under increased monitoring for AML/CFT deficiencies. Get the details here....

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