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Balance sheet and Profit/loss account requirement for loan purpose

In this article, we will explore the significance of balance sheets and profit/loss accounts in loan applications, examining their purpose, key components, and why lenders rely on them to assess borrowers' eligibility....

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Inventory Financing How it works, Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Inventory Funding: Inventory funding or Inventory financing is a short-term loan which provides by Banks to the businesses against the inventory / stocks which are intended for sale. How it works: – For getting inventory financing business needs to submit application to bank along with the required documents and complete inv...

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Top Reasons to Choose NPS for Retirement Planning

#AD The best way to plan for retirement is to invest funds in schemes dedicated to retirement, such as NPS. Ensuring your retirement corpus is secure and growing steadily can help you enjoy your retirement without any financial stress. Today, you can choose from several retirement schemes that give you a substantial retirement corpus on [...

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The Role of AI in the Evolution of Financial Services

#AD With the rapid advancement of technology, financial institutions are constantly looking for new ways to improve their services. One of the most significant developments in recent years has been the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the financial industry. This article explores the impact of AI on financial services and ...

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Disadvantages of Investment in PPF (Public Provident Fund)

As we all know what are the benefits of investment in PPF and as an individual whether a salaried or non- salaried employee we wall go for investment in PPF because it offers good interest rate along with tax free interest income. Now in this article we will come to know about the disadvantages of […]...

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Status of operations at DR Site of Broker Dealers & Clearing Members registered with IFSCA

Circulars No. IFSCA/CMD-DMIIT/BCP-DR/2023-24/001 09/05/2023

Operations carried out by the Broker Dealers and Clearing Members, from their respective DR sites located outside GIFT-IFSC and within India, shall be deemed to have been carried out at GIFT-IFSC....

How to choose the right personal loan? Check these six factors

Personal loan is an unsecured credit option with no end use restrictions on its proceeds. It usually has quicker disbursal, making it an ideal choice for consumers having urgent financial requirements....

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Everything about Asset Allocation you ever wished to Know!

This blog is based on personal finance and is perhaps the only blog you shall ever have to read on Asset Allocation. Personal Finance is called personal for a reason – because it is different and personal for everyone. “There is no one size fits all strategy” That being said, there can be a few […]...

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Summary of TCS provisions and TDS on Purchase of goods

The Article gives a summary of important TCS provisions and gives comparison of TDS on Purchase with TCS on Sale. Article explains Section 194Q (TDS ON Purchase of goods), Section 206C(1H): TCS on Sale of Goods, Section 206C (1F) : TCS on Motor Vehicles and Section 206C (1G) : TCS on foreign Tours. Section 194Q […]...

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Importance of Prudence in the Life of an Accountant

As finance professionals, we are all familiar with the concept of prudence. In accounting, prudence is the principle of exercising caution when making estimates or judgments about uncertain events or transactions....

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