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SC upheld Constitutional Validity of Section 35F of Central Excise Act, 1944

Satya Nand Jha vs. Union of India and Others (Supreme Court)

In the case of Satya Nand Jha vs Union of India Honourable Supreme Court Upheld the Judgment of Jharkhand High Court and upheld the constitutional validity of Section 35F of the Central Excise Act, 1944. ...

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Levy not specified in SCN cannot be levied by Settlement Commission

M/s. Pravin Tex Pvt. Ltd. Vs The Customs & Central Excise Settlement Commission (Madras High Court)

This is an appeal preferred against the judgement of the learned Single Judge, dated 12.09.2016. 2. By virtue of the said judgement, the learned Single Judge disposed of a batch of writ petitions, which included, the writ petition filed by the appellant, before us....

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CENVAT Credit (Second Amendment) Rules, 2017

Notification No. 10/2017-Central Excise (N.T.) (13/04/2017)

Seeks to amend CENVAT credit Rules, 2004 to allow the importer of the goods to take Cenvat credit on basis of the challan of payment of service tax by the said importer on the services provided by a foreign shipping line to a foreign charterer w.r.t. goods destined for India....

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Central Excise (Settlement of Cases) Amendment Rules, 2017

Notification No. 09/2017-Central Exicse (N.T.) (12/04/2017)

Disclosure of information in the application for settlement of cases.--The Settlement Commission shall, while calling for a report from the Commissioner of Central Excise under sub-section (3) of section 32F, forward a copy of the application referred to in sub-rule (1) of rule 2, or sub-rule (1A) as the case may be, to the Commissioner ...

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CBEC accomplishes Indirect Taxes Collection Target for F.Y. 2016-17

The indirect tax collections (Central Excise, Service Tax and Customs) in FY 2016-17are at Rs 63 lakh crore, which is 22.0% higher than the actual revenue receipts in FY 2015-16. Till March 2017, about 101.35% of the Revised Estimates (RE) of indirect taxes for Financial Year 2016-17 has been achieved....

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Centralised Task Force not made any effort to recover Excise/ Custom Duty: CAG

CBEC constituted, in 2004, a Centralised Task Force (CTF) to co-ordinate, facilitate, monitor and oversee the efforts of Customs and Central Excise field formations in recovery of arrears. We observed that though the Task Force was entrusted with finalising and implementing strategies for realisation of arrears it did not take any such ac...

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Appellate Authority cannot Enhance Penalty: Punjab Excise Act, 1914

M/s Nirvair Singh Vs Financial Commissioner Taxation (Punjab and Haryana High Court)

Section 14 of the Punjab Excise Act, 1914 does not confer a power upon the appellate authority to pass an order more burdensome than the order appealed against. It does not entitle the appellate authority to enhance the penalty. ...

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Ms. Vanaja N. Sarna, IRS appointed as Chairman CBEC

Ms. Vanaja N. Sarna, IRS (C&CE:1980) presently holding the charge as Member (Administration), has been appointed as Chairman, Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). She is taking over on superannuation of Shri Najib Shah, IRS (C&CE:79) today i.e. 31.03.2017....

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Central Excise (Advance Rulings) Amendment Rules, 2017

Notification No. 08/2017-Central Excise (N.T.) (31/03/2017)

1. (1) These rules may be called the Central Excise (Advance Rulings) Amendment Rules, 2017. (2) They shall come into force with effect from the 1st day of April, 2017....

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Value of Goods obtained on job-work cannot be included into turnover to calculate SSI Limit

Hitachi K. K. Manufacturing Co. Vs Commissioner of Central Excise (CESTAT Kolkata)

Value of goods obtained on job-work basis cannot be included into turnover of appellants. By excluding this value items manufactured by appellants comes below limit prescribed for S.S.I. Exemption....

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In today’s economic scenario the significance of taxes has increased and it now not limited to being a financial aid for the Governments. The Union or the Central Government imposes several taxes together with their state governments. Some of the taxes are also levied by local Municipalities as well. Excise Duty comes under the taxes which are levied by the Central Government as per the provisions laid out in the Excise Duty Act, Excise Duty Rules and Excise Duty notifications formulated by the Government.

Excise duty is an indirect tax which is levied on goods manufactured in India and are intended for home consumption. Manufacturing of the goods is the taxable event and the excise duty liability arises as and when the goods are produced. Excise duty is a tax on manufacturing that is payable by a manufacturer of goods, who passes the incidence on to their customers. The CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) is the governing authority and it functions under Union Ministry of Finance’s Department of Revenue. Under the power conferred by the Central Excise Act, 1944, the Central Government levies taxes on production or manufacturing of goods. The excise tax rates are stated under the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985.

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