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Section 147 to 153 Income Escaping Assessment (Reopening of Cases)

Income Tax : Learn about Section 147 to 153 Income Escaping Assessment and Reopening of Cases Under Income Tax Act, 1961. Get guidance on the p...

December 10, 2023 17805 Views 5 comments Print

Validity of Section 148A(b) & Section 148A(d) Proceedings: Legal Analysis

Income Tax : Explore legality of Section 148A(b) & Section 148A(d) proceedings post Finance Act 2021. Understand implications of local assessm...

October 21, 2023 4635 Views 0 comment Print

Reassessment proceedings against struck off company invalid unless revived u/s 252 of Companies Act

Income Tax : In a recent case, Madras High Court rules on reassessment proceedings against a struck-off company, highlighting the need for rev...

October 12, 2023 1032 Views 0 comment Print

Critical Role of Initial Enquiry under Section 148A(a) for Taxpayer Protection

Income Tax : Understand the critical role of the initial enquiry under Section 148A(a) for taxpayer protection in income tax assessments. Explo...

July 12, 2023 5505 Views 0 comment Print

Critical Analysis of New Reassessment Provisions: Section 148, 148A and 149

Income Tax : Read this critical analysis of the new reassessment provisions introduced by the Finance Act, 2021. Understand the changes in Sect...

July 10, 2023 32742 Views 2 comments Print

Latest News

Request to amend section 151 Sanctioning Authority for reassessment

Income Tax : Humble Representation for modification of Section 151 of the Income Tax Act relating to Sanction for issue of Notice under sec. 14...

July 25, 2022 6438 Views 0 comment Print

Request to clarify on SC judgement on Section 148 notices

Income Tax : Income Tax Gazetted Officers’ Association requested CBDT to issue Clarification in respect of the judgement of Hon’ble Supreme...

May 12, 2022 6915 Views 0 comment Print

Indiscriminate Income Tax notices without allowing reasonable time

Income Tax : In view of Indiscriminate notices by income Tax Department without allowing reasonable time it is requested to Finance Ministry an...

March 20, 2022 12873 Views 0 comment Print

Extend Time Limit for Income Tax Assessment time barring on 31.3.2022

Income Tax : Lucknow CA Tax Practicioners Association has made a Representation to FM for Extension of Time Limit for Assessment cases time bar...

March 20, 2022 41316 Views 2 comments Print

Notices for assessment/reassessment of income of old cases

Income Tax : Under the provisions of Income-tax Act, 1961, notices for assessment/reassessment of income of old cases of more than six years fr...

August 3, 2018 1893 Views 0 comment Print

Latest Judiciary

Reassessment Notice Under Section 148 Invalid If Issued After Four Years

Income Tax : Learn why a reassessment notice issued under Section 148 beyond the four-year period from the end of the relevant assessment year ...

May 28, 2024 11853 Views 0 comment Print

Delhi HC Quashes Reassessment Proceedings as section 147 Notice Issued by Non-Jurisdictional Officer

Income Tax : Reassessment proceedings initiated by officers without jurisdiction and completed by different officers without recording fresh re...

May 20, 2024 1683 Views 0 comment Print

ITAT Directs AO: Delete Addition for Client Code Modification, No SEBI Violation Found

Income Tax : ITAT observed that reasons recorded by AO for reopening assessment did not mention name of assessee's broker or specific details i...

May 19, 2024 432 Views 0 comment Print

Assessments cannot be reopened merely on the basis of a change of opinion without valid grounds

Income Tax : Upesi Ventures Ltd. vs. ACIT: Bombay High Court nullifies reassessment notice for AY 2015-2016. Analysis of stock details reveals ...

May 19, 2024 1518 Views 0 comment Print

Reassessment cannot be based solely on reasons borrowed from other departments or reports

Income Tax : In case of Balaji Mines And Minerals Pvt Ltd vs ACIT, Bombay High Court ruled that reassessment cannot be based solely on reasons ...

May 5, 2024 1230 Views 0 comment Print

Latest Notifications

Limitation date for reopening cases related to Ashish Agarwal judgment

Income Tax : Supreme Court in the matter of Shri Ashish Agarwal, several representations were received asking for time-barring date of such cas...

February 6, 2023 5298 Views 0 comment Print

Time barring date for reopening cases arising out of SC direction

Corporate Law : Income Tax Gazetted Officers’ Association (W.B.) Unit Date: 02.02.2023. To The Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, W...

February 2, 2023 2922 Views 0 comment Print

Case reopened in light of SC judgment in Ashish Agarwal to be completed by 31.05.2023

Income Tax : CBDT directed that cases reopened u/s 147/148A in consonance with Judgement of SC in case of UoI vs. Ashish Agarwal & CBDT instruc...

January 27, 2023 14109 Views 1 comment Print

Carry out due verification before initiating Section 148/147 proceedings: CBDT

Income Tax : Consequent to order passed by Allahabad High Court passing severe strictures and proposing to levy exemplary cost of Rs 50 lakhs i...

August 22, 2022 13227 Views 0 comment Print

Revised Guideline for Issue of Section 148 Notice

Income Tax : Salient features of new Section 148 to 151A 'i.e. assessment/reassessment procedure of Income Escaping Assessment...

August 1, 2022 73521 Views 1 comment Print

Date of reckoning for limitation period provided U/s.154(7) of Income Tax Act, 1961

November 22, 2009 1769 Views 0 comment Print

Once an appeal against the order passed by an authority is preferred and is decided by the appellate authority, the order of the said authority merges into the order of the appellate authority; with this merger, order of the original authority ceases to exist and the order of the appellate authority prevails; the limitation for the purpose of section 154(7) is to be counted from the date of this order of CIT (A) and not the date of original order of assessment.

Validity of re-opening when no concealment of income and department applied higher tax rate of tax for framing re-assessment

November 12, 2009 1169 Views 0 comment Print

In assessment years 1995-96 and 1996-97, the only identical reason recorded by the Assessing Officer for reopening the assessment, with variation in the amounts involved, is that the interest income under section 244 A has escaped assessment and to reassess the same under section 147 of the Act notice under section 148 of the Act was issued. While completing the assessment under section 143(3) read with section 148 the Assessing Officer applied a higher rate of tax, i.e. @ 55%, applicable to foreign companies on the business income instead of the tax rate applicable to domestic companies, aga

Validity of notice u/s. 148 of the IT Act, 1961 by affixture when no material on record to show effort made by AO

November 5, 2009 666 Views 0 comment Print

However, in the impugned case there is no material on record to suggest or to hold that any sincere attempt was made by the Revenue to make the service through normal mode. For the reasons discussed above, the decision in the case of Jagannath Prasad & Ors. Vs. CIT (supra) will have square application to the present case and relying on the decision in the case of M/s Ganeshi Lai & Sons (supra), it cannot be held that service of notice by affixture in the present case was a valid service.

Change in method of valuation of closing stock allowed if such change is bona fide and assessee has proper reasons for such change

October 22, 2009 1191 Views 0 comment Print

Section 153A(1) contains non-obstante clause and hence provisions of this section will over-ride the provisions of section 139, section 147, section 148, section 149, section 151 and section 153 of the Act. Under section 153A(1) the assessing officer is empowered is empowered to issue notices to the assessee searched for a period of six year sin order to assess the income on the basis of material found during the course of search.

Validity of reopening of Assessment If Assessing Officer failed to disclose the basis on which he formed the opinion that income chargeable to tax had escaped assessment

October 9, 2009 905 Views 0 comment Print

We are of the firm opinion that the present writ petition is liable to succeed with costs. The reasons which have been recorded seeking reopening of the assessment, and as reproduced above show that there is no application of mind by the Assessing Officer which can be said to be the mind of a reasonable person to arrive at a conclusion, which has been arrived at in view of the reasons recorded.

An order passed without discussion is liable for reopening

October 6, 2009 288 Views 0 comment Print

In respect of AY 2000-01, the assessee filed a ROI. In the accompanying balance sheet it was disclosed that prior period expenditure of Rs. 5,41,850 was debited to the P&L A/c and that interest of Rs. 8,34,720 receivable from a particular party had not been accounted for as income. The AO passed an order u/s 143(3) in which he did not make any addition on account

Reassessment U/s. 148 cannot be declared invalid, if any reasons taken by AO sustainable

July 21, 2009 2881 Views 0 comment Print

If the notice under section 148 of the Income-tax Act is sustainable on any of the reasons taken by the Assessing Officer, the initiation of reassessment cannot be declared as invalid; there cannot be any initiation of reassessment proceedings on the basis of an item of income or disallowance which has been made in another proceedings of the same assessee for the same year.

Proceedings u/s. 147 / 148 do not set aside original proceedings

May 16, 2009 729 Views 0 comment Print

8.3 It cannot be disputed and it is not the case of either side that the reasons extracted hereinabove did not precede the issuance of notice under Section 148(1) of the Act. The requirement for recordal of reasons by the Assessing Officer before issuing a notice is provided for under sub-section (2) of Section 148 of the Act. 8.4 A perusal of the reasons would thus show that the Assessing Officer was

Limitation period for passing order u/s 201 of IT Act in absence of any express provision in Act

May 16, 2009 3500 Views 0 comment Print

14.2 After considering the rival submissions in the light of the material placed before us and the precedents relied upon it is obvious that sub-sections (1) and (1A) of section 201 do not prescribe any time limit for the initiation of the proceedings or the passing of the order. We find that for the most of the actions under the Act, the particular time limit has been given for the commencement and completion of the proceedings

I-T department slaps Rs 400-cr notice on DLF for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2006

May 8, 2009 636 Views 0 comment Print

DLF, the country’s biggest real estate developer, said the Income Tax  (I-T) Department, had raised an additional demand of Rs 300-400 crore for understating its income for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2006. The tax demand comes at a time when DLF’s profit has shrunk by 41 per cent to Rs 4,629 crore for […]

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