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Interest under Section 50 of CGST Act 2017

PROVISIONS RELATED TO INTEREST UNDER GST ACT 2017  Case Sr. No. Section of CGST Act. 2017 Particulars Rate of Interest Interest payable/paid by RP 1. 50(1) Not Deposit/Short deposit within prescribed time under the GST Act. 2017 18% 2. 50(3) Claim of Wrong/undo ITC or Short showing Output liabilities u/s section 42(10) and 43(10) 24% [&h...

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Interest calculator in GSTR-3B is now live on GST Portal

Press Release No. 520 26/01/2022

Deployment of Interest Calculator in GSTR-3B 1. The new functionality of interest calculator in GSTR-3B is now live on the GST Poral. 2. This functionality will facilitate & assist the taxpayers in doing self-assessment. This functionality will arrive at the system computed interest on the basis of the tax liability values declared by...

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Upcoming functionality – Interest Calculator in GSTR-3B

Press Release No. 519 08/01/2022

GST Portal will now provide system computed interest in GSTR-3B to facilitate taxpayers in self-assessment. Interest will be computed in accordance with the Section-50 of the CGST Act, 2017 and proviso thereof, as amended. Interest on liability for the present period shall be computed only on the portion of liability paid by debiting the ...

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Provisions levying interest under GST Act are incomplete & ineffective

The provisions for levying interest under GST Act are incomplete and hence ineffective. Here we will discuss on the provisions laid down under GST Act for levying interest and its inapplicability as on date. Section 50 of the Goods and Service Tax Act deals with provision for levying interest. Interest can be levied at 18% […]...

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Battle of levy of Interest on reversal of input tax credit wrongly availed

Recently, many taxpayers have received notices from the GST authorities demanding interest on subsequent reversal of input tax credit (‘ITC’) wrongly availed by them. The said demands are generally pertaining to initial years of GST wherein the lawmakers and taxpayers, both were evolving to adopt the newly introduced statute. Due to t...

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Interest Liability In Case of Timely Payment & Late Filing of GSTR-3B

During the Inception period of GST era due to various reason like technical glitches in the portal, heavy load on the portal, assesses dependency on the portal’s offline utility, novel procedure to file the return etc. many assesses filled GSTR-3B belatedly when the portal resumed, or technical issue resolved or however they have deposi...

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Interest on entire net tax liability or on amount deposited after due date of GST return

Whether there should be interest on entire net tax liability or should be on the amount which were deposited beyond due date of filing GST return? 1. Section 50 of CGST Act is about interest on delayed payment of Tax. Section 50 says – Interest on delayed payment of tax.— (1) Every person who is […]...

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GST शास्त्र – Tug of war over interest rate – 18% vs 24%

An interesting tug-of-war between the taxpayer and Government is already emerging and likely to escalate over coming years on the issue of applicability of interest rate @18%/24% p.a for non-reflection of Input Tax Credit in GSTR-2A/GSTR2B....

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Interest Can Be Levied If ITC Wrongly Availed But Not Utilized?

Section 50:- Interest on delayed payment of tax.— (1) Every person who is liable to pay tax in accordance with the provisions of this Act or the rules made there under, but fails to pay the tax or any part thereof to the Government within the period prescribed, shall for the period for which the […]...

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Hear plea on Interest Charging for delayed GST Payment: HC to GST Dept

S R & Sons Vs Assistant Commissioner (ST) (FAC) (Madras High Court)

S R & Sons Vs Assistant Commissioner (ST) (FAC) (Madras High Court) This Court is of the considered opinion that the petitioner has emphatically stated that he has no grievance against the order in original dated 11.11.2020 and his grievance is against the charging of interest under Section 50 of the Central Goods and Services [&helli...

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