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CIBIL TransUnion conundrum, cleared

CIBIL TransUnion score, a puzzle for many and hassle for some, cleared!!!! CIBIL stands for Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited, which, in association with Dun & Bradstreet and TransUnion provides information w.r.t. a person’s credit discipline to financial institutions looking forward to sanction loans and/or issue Credit car...

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How essential is getting a CIBIL Score?

Rakesh Mehra was elated when he received an offer letter from a major multinational company with good package. Apart from moving cities, the next thing on his plate was to buy a home. He applied for a loan that  was linked to his salary account, yet the process took longer than expected. He didn’t have […]...

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How to know CIBIl Rating & Access Credit Information Report?

You can now access your Credit Information Report (CIR) directly from CIBIL. As you may be aware, your CIBIL CIR is a factual record of your credit payment history compiled from information received from credit grantors. The purpose is to help credit grantors make informed lending decisions - quickly and objectively, and enable faster pro...

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How to get CIBIL Credit Score / Rating Online

Your credit score plays a critical role in the loan approval process. Your credit score gives loan providers an indication of your capability to pay back a loan, based on your Credit Information Report (CIR). However, it is important to note that every loan provider, that uses the CIBIL TransUnion Score, has its own benchmark […]...

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Submission of Credit Information to Credit Information Companies – Dissemination of Credit Information of suit-filed accounts

RBI/2011-12/165 DBOD.No. CID.BC. 30/20.16.042/2011-12 (05/09/2011)

Submission of Credit Information to Credit Information Companies – Defaulters of Rs. 1 Crore and above and Wilful Defaulters of Rs. 25 lakh and above – Dissemination of Credit Information of suit-filed accounts...

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CIBIL launches Credit Information Reports for companies

Leading credit information company, CIBIL, on Wednesday launched Credit Information Reports for companies to help them access the system data before they go for raising a loan or other financial dealings. Till now, Credit Information Bureau India (CIBIL) shared data regarding a company's financial history (loans drawn earlier, repayment ...

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Submission of information to Credit Information Companies

RBI/2010-11/286 DNBS(PD-SC/RC).CC. No. 23 /26.03.001/2010-11 (25/11/2010)

It is therefore, advised that SC/RCs on becoming member /members of any Credit Information Company / Companies may provide them the current data in the existing format if not already furnished by the banks/FIs from whom SC/RCs acquire the assets. Care should be taken to ensure that accurate data / history regarding borrowers is given to ...

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To recover loans bank showing defaulting customers fear of reporting their name to the Credit Information Bureau

To recover dues, bankers are trying to put the fear of God into obstinate defaulters to pay up. And how? By making it plain that they could get reported to the Credit Information Bureau, bankers have been able to achieve a modicum of success in recov...

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Entry of 3 new credit rating agencies may ensure speedy loan approval and faster dispute resolution

Borrowers often find their home or auto loan applications rejected due to credit rating scores from the Credit Information Bureau of India, or Cibil. And sometimes, even though they may not have defaulted, it can be the outcome of a dispute with a ba...

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Submission of data to Credit Information Companies

RBI/2010-11/191 RPCD.CO.RF.BC.No.17/07.40.06/2010-11 (06/09/2010)

We advise that apart from Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd., (existing credit information company in operation since January 2001), the Reserve Bank of India has issued certificate of registration to Experian Credit Information Company of India Pvt. Ltd. and Equifax Credit Information Services Pvt. Ltd. on February 17, 2010 and Marc...

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