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Zero Rated Supplies to SEZ

Supplies to SEZ unit/ Developer are Zero-rated Supply: In terms of Section 16 of the IGST Act, 2017, the following supplies of goods or services are considered as zero-rated supply. (Relevant provision of Section 16 is reproduced here in below):...

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Refund on Account of Supplies made to SEZ Unit/ SEZ Developer (Without Payment of Tax)

A. FAQs on Refund on Account of Supplies made to SEZ Unit/ SEZ Developer (Without Payment of Tax) Q.1 How can I get my refund of ITC on account of supplies made to SEZ Unit/ SEZ Developer (Without Payment of Tax)? Ans: You may comply with the activities as specified below: 1. You have to […]...

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Benefits To SEZ Entities Under The Income Tax Law

An entrepreneur, who begins to manufacture or produce articles or things or provide any services during the period beginning from 1st April, 2005 to 31st March, 2020, shall be eligible to take a deduction under section 10AA with respect to the export turnover of his unit located in SEZ....

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Uniform list of services to be followed in SEZs for IGST Exemption

F.No. D.12/19/2013-SEZ (02/01/2018)

The BoA was appraised that consequent to implementation of GST Act, some State Government are not extending the benefits of IGST exemption for default services, Since, SEZs are exempt from IGST and the above matter was placed before 80th BoA meeting held on 17th November, 2017. The BoA, after deliberations, approved the reiteration of the...

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Open Letter on issues in Supplies to SEZ Units / Developers with Suggestions

Issue – 1 : All Suppliers to SEZ Units / SEZ Developers Need to Compulsorily Register under GST- Supplies to SEZ Units / SEZ Developers is treated as Inter-State Transaction as per provisions of Sec 7(5) of IGST Act, 2017. Therefore all such suppliers are Compulsorily Registration under GST irrespective of their Turnover as per Sec 24...

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Supply of Services to SEZ Unit / SEZ Developer

Defining export of service has been very tricky due to intangible nature of service transaction and contradictory provisions in GST Law. Due to this nature of services, there has been constant confusion regarding meaning of export of services and its ramifications in various types of transactions. Let us discuss here one such case of supp...

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SEZ Act 2005 vis-à-vis GST Act 2017

Notification 18/2017 – of IGST rates - exempts services imported by a unit or a developer in the Special Economic Zone for authorised operations, from the whole of the integrated tax leviable thereon under section 5 of the Integrated Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 (13 of 2017). No IGST on the import of services by the SEZ unit or devel...

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GST-a real major incentive for making investments in SEZs

Though imposition of Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT) in 2011 slowed down growth of special economic zones (SEZs), but implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) provides wonderful opportunity for making investments in Indian SEZs, a top Commerce Ministry official said at an ASSOCHAM event held in New Delhi today....

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IGST refunds DTA vs SEZ transactions

The article primarily deals with the procurements made by the SEZ units from the DTA suppliers and the tax ability thereon. It contains a summarized procedure for availing supplies at zero rate of tax by the SEZ units and also discusses the refund mechanisms available in the hands of the supplier. ...

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DGFT: Can manipulation be termed as Export Promotion

DGFT exists as on date & the DGFT is the policymaker & Customs simply an implementer. However, under the new GST regime, there seems that the authority of the DGFT is totally undermined as if that authority does not exist anymore. However, it appears that the DGFT in itself has brought upon them this situation....

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