Madras High Court

CMRL Responsible for TDS under TNVAT, Not Work Contractors: Madras HC

Tvl. Transtonelstory Afcons – Joint Venture Vs Assistant Commissioner (CT) (Madras High Court)

Madras High Court ruling on Tvl. Transtonelstory Afcons – Joint Venture vs. Assistant Commissioner (CT). CMRL liable for TDS, not contractors. Full judgment details....

Madras HC upholds ITC Claims despite discrepancies in GSTR-3B

Sri Shanmuga Hardwares Electricals Vs STO (Madras high court)

Madras High Court rules: ITC claims valid if in GSTR-2A & GSTR-9, not solely on GSTR-3B reflection. Sri Shanmuga Hardwares case sets precedent...

Madras HC direct Appellate Authority to consider Belated GST Appeal Due to Illness on Merits

Great Heights Developers LLP Vs Additional Commissioner (Madras high court)

Belated filing of appeal due to illness: Madras High Court directs GST Appellate Authority to consider appeal on merits. Detailed analysis of the case provided....

ITC cannot be Rejected Solely on Supplier’s retrospective GST Registration Cancellation

Engineering Tools Corporation Vs Assistant Commissioner (ST) (Madras High Court)

Explore a case where Input Tax Credit (ITC) was reversed due to supplier's GST registration cancellation. Learn about implications and legal insights....

No Interest on incorrectly availed ITC if assessee has sufficient credit in their account

Infac India Pvt. Ltd. Vs Deputy Commissioner (Madras High Court)

Madras High Court orders refund without interest charge when no revenue loss occurs, setting a precedent for GST and tax refund cases....

GST: No 100% Penalty for Show Cause Notices Issued Under Section 73

K.S. Janarthanam Vs Deputy State Tax Officer (Madras High Court)

Discover the outcome of K.S. Janarthanam v. Deputy State Tax Officer case by Madras High Court. Learn about penalties under Section 73 of TNGST Act....

Notice to be served via Alternate Communication Methods if Assessee Ignores Email

Sakthi Steel Trading Vs Assistant Commissioner (ST) (Madras High Court)

Get insights into Sakthi Steel Trading v. Assistant Commissioner case by Madras High Court. Understand implications of serving notices through email and other modes....

Discrepancies in initial assessment: Madras HC Orders Fresh Tax Assessment

Jolarpet Malaya Gounder Rajhenthiran Vs National Faceless Assessment Centre (Madras High Court)

Madras High Court remands for a new tax assessment order, directing fair hearing and consideration of all documents by the National Faceless Assessment Centre....

Madras HC Quashes GST Revision Order Against Renault Nissan

Tvl. Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. Vs Joint Commissioner (ST) (FAC) (Madras High Court)

Madras High Court overturns GST revision order, granting Renault Nissan a chance for fair hearing on their substantial ITC refund claim. Read for detailed insights....

Madras HC Orders Unblocking of ITC under Rule 86A for Lack of Written Reasons

Tvl. J.M. Traders Vs Deputy Commissioner (ST) (Madras High Court)

Explore the Madras High Court's ruling in Tvl. J.M. Traders vs Deputy Commissioner case. Learn about Input Tax Credit block, Rule 86A, and implications for taxpayers....

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