M S Venu Gopal
M S Venu Gopal

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Post Graduate in Commerce, Post Graduate in Business Management and Law having 20 yrs of Experience in all facets of accounts and Direct and Indirect Taxation.
Member Since: 17 Sep 2022
Total Posts: 6
Qualification: LL.B / Advocate
Location: Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh, India
Company: 3F Industries Limited
Designation: Tax Lead & Dy.General Manager



Job Experience

17 Years Experience in Indian Multinational Company M/s 3F Industries Limited.

Job Skills

All Facets of Accounts, Indirect Tax, Direct Tax, Laisoning, Commercial Laws, Commercial accounts, Finalization & Secretarial laws.

M S Venu Gopal 's Posts

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6. Washout Charges or Liquidated Damages in GST
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