Trade Notices

DGFT organizes EODC Camp in RAs during 11.6.2018 to 22.6.2018

Trade Notice No. 17/2018 (07/06/2018)

In order to facilitate expeditious disposal of EODC applications for Advance and EPCG authorisations, it has been decided that the following RAs would organise EODC camp from 11.6.2018 to 22.6.2018:...

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Benefit of Focus Product Scheme to HS Code 8481-FTP 2009-14

Trade Notice No. 16/2018 (07/06/2018)

It had been clarified that other items, which are not parts of bicycle, are not eligible for FPS benefit under FTP 2009-14. It was also clarified that cases where RA has issued scrips against the export of parts other than those used in bicycle under ITC(HS) 8481 is liable to be reviewed and corrective measures to be taken to recover such...

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DGFT withdraws Requirement of DSC for online/digital payment through e-MPS

Trade Notice No. 15/2018-DGFT (04/06/2018)

Keeping in view the difficulties faced by the exporters/importers in obtaining digital signatures for making miscellaneous payment digitally/online, the requirement of DSC for exporters/importers to make digital/online payment through e-MPS has been done away with....

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Guidelines to file/process MEIS applications in case of Project Exports

Trade Notice No. 14/2018-DGFT (30/05/2018)

This office has received references from the Trade and Industry stating that they are facing difficulties in availing MEIS benefits in case of exports made under the Project Exports category. The problems highlighted by the Trade is that, at the time of export, they are unable to file shipping bills under Chapter 98 and are required to fi...

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Reg. Import Quota allotted under Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement

Trade Notices No. 173/2018-DGFT (22/05/2018)

Reference is invited to the Minutes of the Meeting dated 9.5.2018 under the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement as uploaded on the DGFT's website ...

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Extension of date for mandatory digital payment through e-MPS

Trade Notice No. 11/2018-DGFT (18/05/2018)

A facility for digital payment for miscellaneous applications (e-MPS) was launched vide trade notice No. 25/2018 dated 14.03.2018. While DGFT RAs can access e-MPS through login id/ password, exporters are required to have a DSC (IEC embedded) to make payment. The digital payment was made mandatory after one month from the date of issuance...

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Implementation of Notification related to restriction on import of Peas

Trade Notices No. 12/12018-DGFT (18/05/2018)

Reference is invited to Notification No. 4 dated 25.4.2018 amending the import policy of Peas under Exim Code 07131000, Chapter 7 of the ITC (HS) 2017 from 'Free' to 'Restricted'....

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Clarification regarding DGFT Notification No. 4 & 5 on import policy of Peas

Trade Notice No. 10/2018-19-DGFT (16/05/2018)

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade has been receiving a number of queries seeking clarification on the Notification No 04/2015-20 dated 25th April, 2018 vide which the import policy of Peas under Chapter 7 of the ITC(HS) 2017 has been amended....

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Implementation of India & Mozambique MOU for import of pulses

Trade Notices No. 09/2018-19-DGFT (16/05/2018)

As per Article 3 (2) of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Mozambique and Government of the Republic of India on cooperation in the field of production and marketing of pigeon peas, both parties have agreed to target export of 1,50,000 MT of pigeon peas and other pulses grown in Mozambique to India d...

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Public Notice No. 33 dated 23.10.2017 applied to all scrips under Chapter 3 of FTP

Trade Notice No. 08/2018-19 (15/05/2018)

It is noted that all chapter 3 scrips are being issued under the provisions of the Handbook of Procedures 2015-20, which has been amended in the Public Notice 33 dated 23.10.2017. In view of above, the members of the Trade and the Customs field formations may please note that the Public Notice 33 dated 23.10.2017 applies to all scrips iss...

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