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Master Direction- Regional Rural Banks- Priority Sector Lending– Targets and Classification

RBI/FIDD/2016-17/34 Master Direction FIDD.CO.Plan.2/04.09.01/2016-17 (07/07/2016)

The guidelines for priority sector lending by Regional Rural Banks were revised by the Reserve Bank of India vide circular dated December 3, 2015. The Master Direction enclosed incorporates the updated guidelines/ instructions/ circulars on the subject. The list of circulars consolidated in this Master Direction is indicated in the Append...

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Master Direction – Priority Sector Lending – Targets and Classification

RBI/FIDD/2016-17/33 Master Direction FIDD.CO.Plan.1/04.09.01/2016-17 (07/07/2016)

The Reserve Bank of India has, from time to time, issued a number of guidelines/instructions/directives to banks on Priority Sector Lending. The Master Direction enclosed incorporates the updated guidelines/ instructions/ circulars on the subject....

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Master Circular on SHG-Bank Linkage Programme

RBI/2016-17/3 FIDD.FID.BC.No.06/12.01.033/2016-17 (01/07/2016)

The Reserve Bank of India has, from time to time, issued a number of guidelines/instructions to banks on SHG-Bank Linkage Programme. In order to enable the banks to have instructions at one place, a Master Circular incorporating the existing guidelines/instructions on the subject has been updated and enclosed....

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Master Circular–National Rural Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NRLM)

RBI/2016-17/9 FIDD.GSSD.CO.BC.No.07/09.01.01/2016-17 (01/07/2016)

Please refer to the Master Circular FIDD.GSSD.CO.BC.No.09/09.01.01/2015-16 dated July 30, 2015 consolidating guidelines / instructions / directions issued to banks with regards to National Rural Livelihoods Mission. ...

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Master Circular–Mobile Banking transactions in India–Operative Guidelines for Banks

Master Circular No. RBI/2016-17/17 DPSS.CO.PD.Mobile Banking.No./2/02.23.001/2016-2017 (01/07/2016)

Mobile phones, as a medium for extending banking services, have attained greater significance because of their ubiquitous nature. The rapid growth of mobile users in India, through wider coverage of mobile phone networks, have made this medium an important platform for extending banking services to every segment of banking clientele in ge...

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Master Circular– Policy Guidelines on Issuance & Operation of Pre-paid Payment Instruments in India

Master Circular No. RBI/2016-2017/16 DPSS.CO.PD.PPI.No.01/02.14.006/2016-17 (01/07/2016)

All pre-paid payment instrument issuers shall disclose all important terms and conditions in clear and simple language (preferably in English, Hindi and the local language) comprehensible to the holders while issuing the instruments. ...

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Master Direction- RBI (Interest Rate on Deposits) Directions, 2016

RBI/DBR/2015-16/19 Master Direction DBR. Dir. No.84/13.03.00/2015-16 (03/03/2016)

Scheduled commercial banks shall pay interest on deposits of money (other than current account deposits) accepted by them or renewed by them in their Domestic, Ordinary Non-Resident (NRO), Non-Resident (External) Accounts (NRE) and Foreign Currency (Non-resident) Accounts (Banks) Scheme {FCNR(B)} deposit account on the terms and condition...

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Gold Monetisation Scheme, 2015

Master Direction No.DBR.IBD.No.45/23.67.003/2015-16 (22/10/2015)

GMS, which modifies the existing ‘Gold Deposit Scheme’ (GDS) and ‘Gold Metal Loan Scheme (GML), is intended to mobilise gold held by households and institutions of the country and facilitate its use for productive purposes, and in the long run, to reduce country’s reliance on the import of gold....

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Master Circular– Collection of Direct Taxes- OLTAS

Master Circular No. RBI/2015-16/90 DGBA.GAD.No.3/42.01.034/2015-16 (01/07/2015)

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is responsible for administering various direct taxes through the Commissioners of Income Tax located in different parts of the country. The Commissioners of Income Tax are entrusted with the task of collection as well as refund of Income Tax and Corporation Tax, etc. under the Income Tax Act, 1961...

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RBI Master Circular on Loans & Advances – Statutory & Other Restrictions

Master Circular DBOD.No.Dir.BC. 4/13.03.00/2012-13 (02/07/2012)

This Master Circular provides a framework of the rules/regulations/instructions issued to Scheduled Commercial Banks on statutory and other restrictions on loans and advances. Banks should implement these instructions and adopt adequate safeguards in order to ensure that the banking activities undertaken by them are run on sound, prudent ...

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