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Form GST ITC-03

Goods and Services Tax : Learn about Form GST ITC 03, its filing requirements, prerequisites, frequency, and consequences of non-filing. Understand when an...

May 23, 2024 1209 Views 0 comment Print

Is It Possible to Declare Credit Note in GST Returns After November 30th?

Goods and Services Tax : Discover if it's possible to declare GST credit notes in returns after November 30th. Get insights into the legal provisions and p...

April 30, 2024 32604 Views 0 comment Print

E-Invoicing under GST: Implementation, Requirements, Insights with FAQs

Goods and Services Tax : Understand the significance of e-invoicing, its implementation, prerequisites, and FAQs. Learn how to generate e-invoices, its ben...

April 19, 2024 2868 Views 0 comment Print

How to Respond to DRC-01C Notice for ITC Mismatch: GSTR-2B vs. GSTR-3B

Goods and Services Tax : Have you got an intimation in DRC-01C under Rule 88D for ITC mismatch between GSTR-2B and GSTR-3B? Understanding the reasons and h...

April 15, 2024 30429 Views 0 comment Print

New Tables 14 and 15 in GSTR-1 and practical cases

Goods and Services Tax : Explore the significance of newly introduced Tables 14 and 15 in GSTR-1, applicable to E-commerce operators and suppliers. Learn a...

February 20, 2024 22023 Views 1 comment Print

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Aadhaar Authentication / e-KYC for Existing Taxpayers on GST Portal

Goods and Services Tax : Functionality for Aadhaar Authentication and e-KYC where Aadhaar is not available, has been deployed on GST Common Portal w.e.f. 6...

January 10, 2021 37647 Views 3 comments Print

FAQs on GST updated till 15th December 2018

Goods and Services Tax : FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) ON GOODS AND SERVICES TAX (GST)-3rd Edition: 15th December, 2018- (Note: Changes announced in G...

December 28, 2018 10140 Views 0 comment Print

FAQ’s and MCQ’s on GST

Goods and Services Tax : ICAI has come out with revised publication titled FAQ's and MCQ's on GST. It provides a comprehensive coverage of GST in easy to ...

September 12, 2018 18750 Views 1 comment Print

100 Practical issues and possible solutions on E – way bills under GST

Goods and Services Tax : ICAI has come up with an FAQ on E-way Bill under GST in which it discussed 100 Practical issues and possible solutions on E –...

January 31, 2018 24051 Views 6 comments Print

Error Message ‘CESS liability is yet to be set off’ while resetting GSTR-3B

Goods and Services Tax : Taxpayer is not able to reset and file GSTR-3B. Error report shows YOU HAVE ALREADY OFF SETTED GSTR-3B, but CESS liability is yet ...

December 8, 2017 1269 Views 0 comment Print

Latest Notifications

Everything you must know about new disclosures in GSTR-3B

Goods and Services Tax : Taxpayers are now required to report their ITC availment, reversal of ITC and ineligible ITC correctly as per new format of Table ...

September 14, 2022 25779 Views 2 comments Print

FAQs on GST applicability on ‘pre-packaged and labelled’ goods

Goods and Services Tax : What change has been made with respect to packaged and labelled commodity with effect from the 18th July, 2022 and What is the sco...

July 17, 2022 8388 Views 0 comment Print

Blocking of E-Way Bill generation facility to resume after 15.08.2021

Goods and Services Tax : The government has now decided to resume the blocking of EWB generation facility on the EWB portal, for all the taxpayers in terms...

August 5, 2021 18177 Views 0 comment Print

Unblocking of e-Way Bill facility in ACES-GST Application: FAQs

Goods and Services Tax : Field formations have reported that they are facing several issues while issuing EWB-06. A detailed FAQ has been prepared and encl...

March 12, 2020 1902 Views 0 comment Print

FAQs on EU-GSP Registered Exporter System

DGFT : Is there any difference in tariff or customs preferences if the wholly obtained (WO) criteria is used instead of the product speci...

February 11, 2020 3282 Views 0 comment Print

FAQs on Compounding Option Under GST Law

July 1, 2016 4321 Views 0 comment Print

Quick understanding of Composition levy under section 8: Who is eligible: Registered Taxable person whose aggregate turnover as defined by section 2(6) of Draft Model GST Law, 2016 which includes both taxable and non-taxable supplies, exempt supplies and exports in a financial year does not exceed Rs. 50 Lakhs.

FAQs on Goods and Service Tax (GST)

November 11, 2009 5106 Views 4 comments Print

GST is a tax on goods and services with comprehensive and continuous chain of set-off benefits from the producer’s point and service provider’s point upto the retailer’s level. It is essentially a tax only on value addition at each stage, and a supplier at each stage is permitted to set-off, through a tax credit mechanism, the GST paid on the purchase of goods and services as available for set-off on the GST to be paid on the supply of goods and services.

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