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Safety and Health Laws in Indian Workplaces: An Analysis

The importance of workplace safety and health cannot be overstated, as it has a direct impact on the well-being and productivity of workers. In India, there are a number of laws and regulations aimed at promoting workplace safety and health....

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Guidelines for validation of EPS-95 higher pension

Circulars No. No. Pension/SupremeCourt/judgement/HPM/2022/406 23/04/2023

EPS-95 higher pension - Application for validation of option / joint options- Scrutiny of information & wage details submitted by employee & employer...

Amendment of Entity Master Data on FIRMS portal of RBI

In the previous article, we have studied about Entity Mater Creation on the FIRMS portal of RBI. After creation of entity master, we are required to enter the basic details of the Company, particularly pertaining with respect to the shareholding pattern. Sometimes, it may happen that the details of the Company in the Entity Master [&helli...

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The Great Unemployment Crisis: Fighting Illegal Layoffs During COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to the global economy and job market. Governments around the world have implemented measures to slow the spread of the virus, such as lockdowns and social distancing guidelines, which have led to the closure of many businesses and a sharp rise in unemployment rates....

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All about Lockout

During a lockout, the employer may close the factory for a short period, but this will not be done permanently. It is often used to ensure that a group of employees continues to adhere to their employment terms in the face of a dispute. An employer may threaten or implement a lockout to coerce a […]...

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A critique of Unorgnized Workers Social Security Act, 2008

Objective of Unorgnized Workers Social Security Act, 2008:According to workforce employment, India's unorganized industry is country's largest....

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Understanding Dividends under Companies Act, 2013: Legal Provisions, Forms, Explanations, and Case Laws.

Companies Act, 2013, contains various provisions relating to the payment of dividends by companies to their shareholders. These provisions lay down the legal framework for the payment of dividends and set out the rights and obligations of companies and shareholders....

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Who Is a ‘Worker’: Watching Through Indian Labour Law

Since the dawn of industrial age in the wake of industrial revolution which sprang up in England in the 18th century, the core unit of this whole operation has been its tiniest unit. It bears the whole burden of the whole industrialisation effort and is unsung....

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Salary Structure & Income Tax – A Useful Article for HR & IT Professionals

Salient features of the Article: While this Article is widely covered by many authors – I feel one place a blend of both Acts is a must and most of the time HR professionals are unacquainted with income tax provisions & accounts get stereo-type salary structures and accordingly they calculate TDS on salaries without giving […...

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Registration Under GST – Who Must Register

Registration under GST is mandatory for all businessman who had exceed the threshold limit for registration under GST section 22 to 24. As registration under GST is pan based & it for specific states only, this means one registration per state is mandatory. ...

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