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Income Tax provisions relating to Private Trust (Family Trust)

The Indian Trust Act, 1882, governs a Private Trust. Private trust is a vehicle through which property can be transferred from one person (owner) to another for the benefit of an individual or an ascertainable group of people. A private trust is created for the benefit of specific individuals i.e., individuals who are defined and [&hellip...

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Taxation of voluntary Contributions received by Trusts/ Charitable Institutions

Trusts and other charitable institutions generally receive money from Voluntary Contributions from members and from the general public, let us look at the taxation aspects of these voluntary contributions....

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How to Raise Funds For NGO

Dear readers, as you all know activities related to Social Welfare are part of our Society. Some peoples from society take this initiative to do Social welfare activities to help needy peoples. In the Current situation of COVID -19, the whole economy is in lockdown and the NGO of India has taken the responsibility along […]...

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Income Tax Provisions relating to Religious Trusts

The Income Tax Act makes a distinction between Trusts for charitable purposes and those for religious purposes, though both are entitled to exemption under section 11 of the Act. The creation of religious charitable trusts is governed by the personal laws of the religion. The administration of these religious trusts can either be left to ...

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Additional Income Tax compliance burden for Charitable/Religious Trusts

A New Era of Taxation of Charitable/Religious Trusts-Facing the challenges ahead amid a Paradigm Shift in the Regulatory Scheme clothed with some additional compliance burden for the Financial Year 2020-21 This year the Taxman has come with a substantial overhaul having regard to the taxation of the Trusts, Societies, NGOs etc. i.e. Char...

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Tax on Capital gain on sale of Assets by Charitable Trust/NGO

The definition of income under section 2(24) includes Capital Gains and therefore for the purposes of section 11, Capital Gains should form part of the income and consequently it should be treated at par with any other income under section 11....

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Exit tax where charitable institution converts into non-charitable

In order to ensure that the intended purpose of exemption availed by trust or institution is achieved, a specific provision in the Act is required for imposing a levy in the nature of an exit tax which is attracted when the organization is converted into a non-charitable organization or gets merged with a non-charitable organization or do...

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5 FAQs on registration of trust in Karnataka

Q.1 How to form a Trust’?  Ans: a) A trust can be formed as per Section 4 of Indian Trust Act 1982 for a lawful purpose; b) A trust should have a document written (Trust Deed) and signed by trustees or a sole trustee; c) A trust can be formed through a will also; There […]...

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New trust entitled for Section 12AA registration despite no activity: SC

Anand Social and Educational Trust Vs CIT & Anr. (Supreme Court)

Anand Social and Educational Trust Vs CIT & Anr. (Supreme Court) Whether a newly formed trust is entitled for registration under Section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 even if any activity has not been undertaken as yet? In brief, section 12AA of the Act empowers the Principal Commissioner or the Commissioner of the […]...

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Procedure of Trust Registration in Punjab

What is Trust As per the Indian Trust Act 1882, a Trust is an arrangement where the author/ owner (trustor) transfers the property to someone else (trustee) for the benefit of a third person (beneficiary). Such a property is transferred by the author/ trustor to the trustee along with a proclamation that the trustee should […]...

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