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Goods and Services Tax

Goods and Services Tax India: Read all latest GST news, articles, notification, circulars, case laws news on, MVAT DVAT PVAT GST GSTN IGST CGST GST Council GST Rates SGST GST Forms GST Rules.

Latest Articles

Administration Mechanism of GST

Goods and Services Tax : Discover the structure, powers, and recent updates of the GST Council in India, including key decisions from the 53rd GST Council ...

July 19, 2024 222 Views 0 comment Print

GST on Aviation Academic Services for Commercial Pilot License Qualification

Goods and Services Tax : Explore GST exemptions for educational institutions under Notification 12/2017(CTR) and case laws. Learn how these exemptions appl...

July 19, 2024 321 Views 0 comment Print

Understanding Input Tax Credit (ITC) under GST: Rules & Benefits

Goods and Services Tax : Understand Input Tax Credit (ITC) under GST: Learn about eligibility, conditions, and types of ITC. Stay updated with latest amend...

July 18, 2024 1386 Views 1 comment Print

What is the Time Limit to Avail ITC under RCM?

Goods and Services Tax : Understand the time limit to avail Input Tax Credit (ITC) under Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) and the implications for registered...

July 18, 2024 1413 Views 0 comment Print

Police Lack Authority to Check Invoices/E-way Bills for Goods in Transit: State Government Directive Needed

Goods and Services Tax : State directives needed to stop police from illegally checking invoices/e-way bills, hindering trade. Only GST officials have this...

July 18, 2024 411 Views 0 comment Print

Latest News

Interoperable services of E-Invoice-1 and E-Invoice-2 Systems

Goods and Services Tax : Explore the interoperable services of E-Invoice1 and E-Invoice2 systems, boosting efficiency and reliability for taxpayers. Learn ...

July 19, 2024 288 Views 0 comment Print

New API Features of E-Invoice Interoperable services

Goods and Services Tax : Discover the latest API updates for E-Invoice and E-Way Bill systems, including interoperable services and new error codes for sea...

July 18, 2024 423 Views 0 comment Print

Live Course on 360 degree Analysis of Input Tax Credit from a Litigation Perspective

Goods and Services Tax : Join CA Sachin Jain for a live course on Input Tax Credit from a litigation perspective. Gain practical insights and master ITC co...

July 18, 2024 4161 Views 0 comment Print

CBI Arrests CGST Superintendent and Inspector for Bribery

Goods and Services Tax : CBI arrests CGST Superintendent and Inspector in Solan, HP, for demanding and accepting Rs.8000 bribe, leading to searches and ong...

July 15, 2024 801 Views 0 comment Print

CBI Arrests Superintendent for Accepting Rs. 15,000 Bribe in GST Refund Case

Goods and Services Tax : CBI arrests Superintendent of Central GST & Central Excise in Berhampur for accepting Rs. 15,000 bribe from complainant regarding ...

July 13, 2024 537 Views 1 comment Print

Latest Judiciary

GST Applicable on ‘Abhivahan Permission Shulk’; Ineligible for ‘Nil’ Rate

Goods and Services Tax : Detailed analysis of AAAR Chandigarh ruling on GST applicability for Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company Limited's Abhivah...

July 19, 2024 33 Views 0 comment Print

Rejected/Damaged Paddy Not Fit for Consumption Subject to 5% GST

Goods and Services Tax : Explore the GST implications on rejected paddy under Section 101 of CGST Act in Chhattisgarh. Learn about HSN classification, tax ...

July 19, 2024 21 Views 0 comment Print

ITC of IGST Paid on Iron Ore Import eligible but No Refund for Unutilized ITC on Exported Services

Goods and Services Tax : Detailed analysis of GST AAAR Goas ruling on Chowgule & Company Pvt Ltd's appeal regarding IGST liability and unutilized ITC refun...

July 19, 2024 39 Views 0 comment Print

GST on One-Time Concession Fee for 60-Year Lease of Anjuna Property

Goods and Services Tax : Explore the GST implications on one-time concession fees in the Goa Tourism Development Corporation Limited case. Detailed analysi...

July 19, 2024 30 Views 0 comment Print

ITC on Motor Vehicles Used for Demonstration in Business Supply Treated as Capital Goods

Goods and Services Tax : Understand the ruling on GST input tax credit for demo cars used in business. Detailed analysis of the Sai Service Pvt. Ltd. case ...

July 19, 2024 81 Views 0 comment Print

Latest Notifications

Integrated Services from NIC-IRP e-invoice-1 and e-invoice-2 Portals

Goods and Services Tax : Explore the integrated services of NIC-IRP e-invoice-1 and e-invoice-2 portals, launching on July 18th, 2024. Learn about seamless...

July 17, 2024 867 Views 0 comment Print

Weekly newsletter from Chairman, CBIC dated 15.07.2024

Goods and Services Tax : Explore CBIC achievements, updates, and recent cases in the July 2024 newsletter from the Ministry of Finance, Department of Reven...

July 16, 2024 291 Views 0 comment Print

GST Rates: Solar Cookers, Fire Sprinklers, Poultry Machinery Parts, Pre-Packaged Agricultural Produce & Govt Agency Supplies

Goods and Services Tax : GST rates on solar cookers, fire water sprinklers, parts of poultry-keeping machinery, pre-packaged agricultural produce and suppl...

July 15, 2024 345 Views 0 comment Print

GST Clarifications: Railways, SPV, RERA, Digital Payments, Reinsurance & Accommodation Services

Goods and Services Tax : Latest GST clarifications on services including Indian Railways, RERA, digital payments, insurance schemes, and accommodation serv...

July 15, 2024 372 Views 0 comment Print

Refund of Additional IGST Paid on Upward Goods Price Revision

Goods and Services Tax : Learn how exporters can claim refund of additional IGST paid due to price increases post-export. Details on application process an...

July 15, 2024 1719 Views 1 comment Print

Profession Tax Amnesty Scheme for defaulters in Maharashtra

November 5, 2009 5473 Views 0 comment Print

The Amnesty Scheme is open for the period from 1st August, 2009 to 31st March, 2010 and is called “Profession tax Enrollment Incentive scheme 2009”.

Goods and Services Tax may not be applicable from April 1, 2010

October 31, 2009 870 Views 0 comment Print

The Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, on Friday hinted at some slippage to the scheduled Goods and Services Tax (GST) system rollout by April 1, 2010. Introduction of the GST, billed as a flagship tax reform measure of the UPA Government, is considered crucial for attracting increased doses of domestic and foreign investments.

Relaxation of the due date for the uploading of e-returns for the period ending September 2009

October 30, 2009 682 Views 0 comment Print

After the introduction of the e returns, the dealers were required to make the payment of tax within the prescribed date, but were permitted to upload the e returns within 10 days from the due date prescribed in the said Rule 17 (Please refer Trade Circular No 16T of 2008) Thus the dealers, who paid the tax within the due date and upload the e return within the aforesaid period shall not be treated as late filers.

MP Government likely to challenge GST in Supreme Court

October 20, 2009 498 Views 0 comment Print

The Madhya Pradesh government is gearing up to take on Centre over the goods and service tax (GST) issue. If things do not happen its way, the state is likely to challenge the Centre on the issue in the Supreme Court.

MVAT circular on extension of date for filing refund application electronically

October 15, 2009 2420 Views 0 comment Print

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-rule (2) of rule 17A of the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Rules, 2005, the requisite notification cited at reference was issued. As a result of this notification every registered dealer who is entitled to claim refund as provided under section 51 of Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002 was required to file refund application in Form-501 electronically. The electronic filing of said application was made mandatory with effect from 1st October 2009.

Under GST regime import will attract Goods and service tax

October 14, 2009 496 Views 0 comment Print

The Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers has endorsed in principle the levy of GST on imports and mandated a Joint Working Group to prepare a report in four weeks on the structural changes necessary to be adopted for this purpose.

Levy of Goods and Services Taxes from 1 April 2010: Preparedness of Taxable Persons

October 13, 2009 504 Views 0 comment Print

It is likely that the extant central and state levies of indirect taxes on the domestic production and sale of goods and on provision of services may be replaced by the levy of central and state Goods and Services Taxes from 1 April 2010.

Instruction – E- Application For MVAT Registration

October 3, 2009 14117 Views 0 comment Print

1.         Dealer log  on to web-site  www.mahavat.gov.in 2.       Click on e-registration in   e-services column on home page. 3.   Instruction sheet – Detailed guidelines regarding application process flow, location details, list of required documents are provided in the instruction sheet. Click “next” and then “e registration information” page will appear.

MVAT – Electronic Filing of Audit Report in Form -704

October 1, 2009 23738 Views 0 comment Print

Any dealer who files Audit Report on or after 1st October 2009 for any period shall file the same in the new Form-704. Now, it is mandatory for all the dealers who are required to get their books of account audited as per the provisions of the section 61 of the MVAT Act, 2002 to file Audit Report in Form-704 electronically.

MVAT circular on Periodicity of return filing for the period 01.04.09 to 31.03.10

October 1, 2009 14635 Views 0 comment Print

Nothing in this paragraph shall apply to the said registered dealer unless he applies to the Joint Commissioner of Sales Tax (Returns), in Mumbai or as the case may be Joint Commissioner of Sales Tax (VAT Administration) in rest of the State.

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