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Archive: 14 June 2024

Posts in 14 June 2024

Live Course on 360 degree Analysis of Input Tax Credit from a Litigation Perspective

July 14, 2024 1953 Views 0 comment Print

Join CA Sachin Jain for a live course on Input Tax Credit from a litigation perspective. Gain practical insights and master ITC complexities. Register now!

IFSCA Circular: Amendment to Current Account Interest Rules

June 14, 2024 1143 Views 0 comment Print

IFSCA updates ACDE Module v6.0 with changes to current account interest rules for IFSC Banking Units. Details on amendments, implementation, and impacts.

IRDAI Master Circular on Submission of Returns

June 14, 2024 639 Views 0 comment Print

Explore IRDAIs consolidated Master Circular on Submission of Returns effective April 2024. Simplify compliance with 202 regulatory returns.

SEBI Circular: OFS Shares to Employees – Updated Framework

June 14, 2024 477 Views 0 comment Print

SEBI modifies the Offer for Sale (OFS) framework for employee shares via stock exchanges. Details on bid procedures, implementation, and regulatory impact.

Understanding AS 10: Property Plant and Equipment

June 14, 2024 1068 Views 0 comment Print

Understand Accounting Standard 10 (AS 10) for “Property Plant and Equipment” covering recognition, measurement, valuation, depreciation, and disclosures, ensuring accurate financial reporting.

No GST on Imported Goods Sold & Moved from FTWZ to Bonded Warehouse under MOOWR

June 14, 2024 651 Views 0 comment Print

Tamil Nadu AAR ruling clarifies GST applicability on goods sold from 3P FTWZ to bonded warehouse under MOOWR scheme. Analysis of SEZ, Customs Act implications.

Delhi HC Went Overboard in deciding Tata Bhushan Steel vs. Venus Recruiters

June 14, 2024 357 Views 0 comment Print

Delhi HC’s ruling on Tata Steel BSL Ltd. v. Venus Recruiters allows avoidance proceedings beyond CIRP, diverging from established legal interpretations.

What S&P 500 Hides for U.S Economy?

June 14, 2024 1836 Views 0 comment Print

Despite the S&P 500 hitting new highs, underlying economic issues persist in the U.S., from inflation and debt burdens to small-cap struggles and wealth inequality.

Calcutta HC Stays Section 148 IT Notice Due to Limitation and Pending Appeal

June 14, 2024 1698 Views 0 comment Print

Calcutta High Court stays Section 148 notice for 2016-17 due to limitation issues and pending appeal. Jurisdictional conflicts lead to stay on further proceedings.

ICSI Announcement: Additional Attempt for 2017 Old Syllabus Students

June 14, 2024 393 Views 0 comment Print

Attention Executive & Professional Programme students under the 2017 old syllabus! ICSI grants one more attempt in Dec 2024 & June 2025. Switch to new syllabus by 2025.

Mediation and Conciliation under Companies Act, 2013: Framework, Implementation & Distinctions

June 14, 2024 570 Views 0 comment Print

Explore mediation and conciliation under the Companies Act, 2013. Learn about their framework, implementation, and distinctions from civil proceedings.

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