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Archive: 19 January 2023

Posts in 19 January 2023

Can NRI (Non Resident India) purchase Commercial property in India?

January 19, 2023 13056 Views 1 comment Print

NRIs can buy commercial properties in India. Discover the provisions and procedures for buying property, types of properties and foreign investment classes. Can NRI (Non Resident India) purchase Commercial property in India?

Amendment In Import-Export Code (IEC) Provisions

January 19, 2023 8817 Views 0 comment Print

Amendment In Import-Export Code (IEC) Provisions: Discover the Post Amendment to the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 under Ch.1 & Ch.2. Know procedure to obtain e-IEC from

Registration of Partnership Firm: A Detailed Analysis

January 19, 2023 43863 Views 0 comment Print

Until the Indian Law of Partnership came into force, the Indian Courts used to deal with disputes between business partners in accordance with the customs and usages then prevalent in the country.

Clarification on classification of shares issued by virtue of demerger to Insurance Companies

January 19, 2023 894 Views 0 comment Print

It is clarified that dividend criteria as stipulated under Regulation 3(a)(4) and 3(a)(5) of IRDAI (Investment) Regulations, 2016 read with Clause 1.11 of IRDAI Investment Master Circular dated October 27, 2022 applicable to Demerged Company

Guidelines on Insurance claims of victims of Landslides in Joshimath, Uttarakhand

January 19, 2023 558 Views 0 comment Print

As you are aware, Subsidence and Landslide have caused loss to property in some areas in the State of Uttarakhand. There is an urgent need for the general insurers to take immediate steps to mitigate the hardships of the affected insured population by ensuring immediate registration and settlement of eligible claims.

Opportunity of hearing to be provided before passing of any order by GST Authority

January 19, 2023 1833 Views 0 comment Print

Directed the Revenue Department to issue a physical notice to assessee apart from uploading it on GST Portal and provide reasonable opportunity to assessee to defend case.

All About Issue of Bonus Shares (With Process)

January 19, 2023 35913 Views 2 comments Print

A listed company proposing to issue bonus shares shall comply with the following: No company shall, pending conversion of FCDs/PCDs, issue any shares by way of bonus unless similar benefit is extended to the holders of such FCDs/PCDs, through reservation of shares in proportion to such convertible part of FCDs or PCDs.

Companies (Authorised to Register) Amendment Rules, 2023

January 19, 2023 1869 Views 0 comment Print

These rules may be called the Companies (Authorised to Register) Amendment Rules, 2023. They shall come into force with effect from 23rd January 2023.

Companies (Incorporation) Amendment rules 2023

January 19, 2023 12882 Views 0 comment Print

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS NOTIFICATION New Delhi the 19th January, 2023 G.S.R. 42(E). – In exercise of the powers conferred under section 3, section 4, sub-sections (5) and (6) of section 5, section 6, sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 7, sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 8, clauses (a) and (b) […]

Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel) Amendment Rules, 2023

January 19, 2023 4428 Views 0 comment Print

These rules may be called the Companies (Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel) Amendment Rules, 2023.

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