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Web-based Form DPT-3 as per New Rules

Stakeholders are now required to ensure that the Financials are audited within the stipulated timeframe so that the disclosure made w.r.t outstanding deposits including exempted deposits in Web Form DPT-3 by 30th June every year in an accurate and appropriate manner so that the true essence of this form is maintained with enhanced transpa...

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Central Payments Fraud Information Registry – Migration of Reporting to DAKSH

RBI/2022-23/158, CO.DPSS. OVRST. No. S1 619/06-08-005/2022-2023 26/12/2022

RBI had operationalised the Central Payments Fraud Information Registry (CPFIR) in March 2020 with reporting of payment frauds by scheduled commercial banks and non-bank Prepaid Payment Instrument (PPI) issuers....

Problem of GST RCM and Suggestion

GST was Introduced in India to make a convenient and simple indirect tax law for the taxpayers, but from the very beginning, some of such provisions were brought in this law, about which experts had warned in the beginning that these provisions will affect the simplification of GST Negatively and these provisions will make this […]...

No service tax on discount allowed to dealer by Vehicle Manufacturer

B M Autolink Vs C.C.E.-Kutch (Gandhidham) (CESTAT Ahmedabad)

B M Autolink Vs C.C.E.-Kutch (Gandhidham) (CESTAT Ahmedabad) We find that the fact is not under dispute that the appellant being a dealer purchase the vehicles from M/s. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and subsequently sell the same to various customers. The transaction between M/s. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and the dealer and subsequently sale t...

Protect Yourself From Digital Scams: A Guide For 21st Century

Digital fraud is a type of fraud that is perpetrated through the use of digital technologies. This can include things like online scams, identity theft, and other types of cybercrime....

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Concept of Diminishing Marginal Utility

The law of diminishing marginal utility is an economic principle that states that as a person consumes more and more of a particular good or service, the additional satisfaction or utility they derive from each additional unit decreases. In other words, the first unit of a good or service is likely to be more valuable […]...

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Resolution Plan of Sintex Industries Limited approved by CoC members is conditional and less than liquidation value

Resolution Plan of Sintex Industries Limited (Corporate Debtor) was approved by Committee of Creditors (CoC) members on 19.03.2022 and the same has been submitted for approval before Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Ahmedabad for approval on 23.03.2022. Resolution Plan approved by CoC members of Corporate Debtor was uncondi...

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ITAT deletes addition for loan taken as Assessee duly proved source & identity

Balaji Janakiraman Vs ACIT (OSD) (ITAT Chennai)

Balaji Janakiraman Vs ACIT (OSD) (ITAT Chennai) In the case of Smt. NS. Lakshmi, the assessee had taken a sum of Rs.20 lakhs through bank, and out of Rs.20 lakhs, the AO has accepted a sum of Rs.6 lakhs as genuine, and the remaining amount of Rs.14 lakhs has been added as unexplained credit. The […]...

All About Anti-Defection Law In India

Anti-defection law in India refers to the legislation that aims to curb the practice of politicians switching parties for personal gain, such as for the purpose of securing a ministerial position or obtaining other perks and benefits. This law applies to members of parliament (MPs) and members of state legislative assemblies (MLAs) in Ind...

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आखिर क्यों समस्या बनता जा रहा है जीएसटी आरसीएम – एक सुझाव


रिवर्स चार्ज मेकेनिज्म जिसे आम तौर पर RCM के नाम से जाना जाता है यह भी एक ऐसा ही प्रावधान है जो प्रारम्भ से ही विवादों का विषय रहा और इ...

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