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GSTR9 Form FY 2018-19 Related Some Illustrations & Solutions

OUTPUT LIABILITY OF POINT 4, 10 & 11 of GST ANNUAL RETURN FY 2018-19 Sales Part Illustration Illustration -1 Illustration -2 Illustration -3 Particulars IGST CGST SGST IGST CGST SGST IGST CGST SGST Sales as per Books FY 18-19 42000 30000 30000 42000 30000 30000 42000 30000 30000 Sales Returns as per Books FY 18-19 […]...

Meetings via VC Or OAVM | Practical Aspects, Requirements & Step wise Process

Practical Aspects - How To Undertake Meetings Through Video Conferencing (VC) Or Other Audio Video Means (OAVM), Known As Electronic Mode, Its Requirements With Step By Step Process...

Section 194K TDS on Dividend Income in Respect of Units of Mutual Funds

INSERTION OF NEW SECTION 194K FOR TDS ON DIVIDEND INCOME IN RESPECT OF UNITS OF MUTUAL FUNDS Background 1. Existing Tax Regime: How STT came into picture? a. When some taxpayers started evading tax on capital gains by not showing the details of gain on the sale of stocks b. The Finance Act, in 2004, […]...

How to view Inward Supplies Return GSTR-2A

When the supplier uploads the B2B transaction details in GSTR-1& 5/ & ISD details will be auto-populated on submission of GSTR-6 by the counterparty / & TDS & TCS details will be auto-populated on filing of GSTR-7 & 8 respectively by the counter party....

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