"18 June 1992" Archive

SEBI : Guidelines for public issues, Dated: 18.06.1992

ref:SE/4726 (18/06/1992)

These guidelines will apply to all issues of capital made by companies hereafter. However, those companies holding consents from the controller of Capital Issues granted prior to the promulgation of the Ordinance may proceed with the issues on the terms and conditions contained therein, subject to the requirement that the guidelines now i...

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SEBi : Clarifications on some of points – Guidelines for Disclosures and Investor Protection

Circular No. PMD/Cir.4730/92 (18/06/1992)

In respect of further issues, if there are no promoters, the "promoters contribution" will mean contribution by directors, friends, relatives, associates and contribution from them shall not be less than 25% or 20% of the total issue of equity capital as the case may be, with lock-in period of five years....

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