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Section 80E Deduction for Interest on education Loan

Have you taken an education loan to support higher studies of yourself or of your spouse, Children or for the student of whom you are legal guardian and you are not aware of the tax benefits that you are entitled to. Then here is a guide that will assist you to know tax benefits on education loans. These benefits help you to reduce the ov...

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10 lesser known Income Tax Deductions

We all know about the popularly know deductions like deduction u/s. 80C & 80D. But many times we use to forget to claim many other deductions which are available under the Income Tax Act, which can reduce our tax burden significantly. In this article we discussed 10 such lesser know deductions which taxpayers tend to forget to claim while...

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Tax Planning under section 80C and Section 80E

DEDUCTION U/s 80E -1. Conditions : Applicable to Individuals not to HUF Loan must be taken for Higher studies Loan must have been taken from approved financial and charitable institutions Only Interest is allowed as deduction Deduction is allowed only for 8 years from the date repayment not more than that ...

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Income Tax provisions – Individual Salaried for A.Y 2015-16

The article covers Introduction, Residential Status, Tax Rates, Head-wise Taxation & Deduction available under the Act. Hope you will find it useful in this Return Filing Season....

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Save taxes while applying for an education loan

Admission season is on and it’s that time of the year when every student is hoping to get in to a good college to pursue their higher studies. Once the admissions are sorted the next challenging step is to arrange the finances. The admission fee for higher studies is usually not a small amount and […]...

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Notification No. 79/2010-Income Tax Dated 13/10/2010

Notification No. 79/2010-Income Tax 13/10/2010

Notification No. 79/2010-Income Tax Section 80E of the Income-tax Act, 1961- Deduction - In respect of interest on loan taken for higher education - Financial institution notified for purpose of section 80E(3)(b)...

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