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How to get better investment returns than your friends or others?

In order to invest at a right place, you need to understand few things first. You should be aware about your motive to invest. Generally, we all aim to secure our future by investing into shares and mutual funds. Mutual funds are more secure than shares but also are little slower when it comes to return on investment....

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How do you know if you are actually ready to retire

Should you quit your never-ending job, and make a decision to retire early? What else do I need to have, in order to consider my retirement seriously? These are just a few, but very common questions popping up in the minds of most young and middle-aged working person. The thought of early retirement instantly lets […]...

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10 Practical Tips for Early and Wealthy Retirement

The key to early retirement planning, via smart wealth building is not only about learning, but about living by the tips mentioned below: ...

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How to get most out of idle money in your savings account?

Almost everyone has a tendency to save some excess money in his or her bank accounts, to use the same for any unplanned expenses in future, or during any unexpected situations, or even sometimes just as a factor of comfort. ...

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Dos and Don’ts to remember when buying a life insurance policy

How do we define a good life insurance policy? A life insurance will be termed as satisfying, if it provides: a decent financial support at the minimal cost to our loved ones, in a situation when the person insured suffers an ill-timed end of his/her life....

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How to protect yourself from misleading or fraudulent Investment Schemes?

Every now and then, one gets to read some kind of fraud investment plans or fake how-to-get-rich-quick schemes. Having a deep thought over such incidents, we may realize that these scams are a reflection of our own over-attraction towards the investments, which yield good returns. But in such temptation of ours, have we ever thought [&hel...

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Mutual funds – Are ratings the real indicators?

When it comes to investing, most of us believe in lady luck, intuitions and fate. Successful investing is not based on destiny; it involves a right blend of logic, research, discipline and planning. Investing for returns is directly proportional to the risk tolerance of the individual. Based on the risk appetite...

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The Fall and Rise of the Indian Rupee

Factors that contributed for Rupee’s Fall- Every incident occurs due to the presence of one or more factors which may directly or indirectly influence it. The story of the fall of the Rupee can also be linked to a host of elements which may not apparently look to be attributable to the fall, but has actually contributed to its drop. Let...

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