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One Person Company (OPC) Registration in India

Company Law : Discover the benefits of OPC registration in India and learn the step-by-step process. Limited liability, perpetual existence, and...

April 24, 2024 660 Views 0 comment Print

Converting A Sole Proprietorship Into An OPC – Is It Right?

Company Law : A sole proprietorship can be defined as a business run by a single person. A One-Person Company (OPC) can be described as a busine...

April 23, 2024 4437 Views 0 comment Print

Beief Analysis On Sole Propritorship V/S One Person Company

Company Law : Explore the distinctions between sole proprietorship and One Person Company (OPC) under the Companies Act, 2013. Learn about regis...

April 20, 2024 942 Views 0 comment Print

Converting a Private Company into One Person Company (OPC)

Company Law : Discover the legal provisions and procedural intricacies of converting a Private Limited Company into a One Person Company (OPC) i...

April 16, 2024 618 Views 0 comment Print

Why OPC Registration is best for Solopreneurs

Company Law : Explore the benefits and drawbacks of One Person Company (OPC) registration for solo entrepreneurs in India. Learn the key feature...

January 24, 2024 606 Views 0 comment Print

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Incorporation & Conversion of One Person Company (OPC): FAQs & Procedures

Company Law : Learn the step-by-step procedures and find answers to frequently asked questions about incorporating and converting a One Person C...

June 12, 2023 1302 Views 0 comment Print

9781 OPC registered between 01.01.2021 to 10.12.2021

Company Law : During the current year (from 01.01.2021 to 10.12.2021) total 9781 number of One Person Companies (OPCs) were registered under the...

March 27, 2022 540 Views 0 comment Print

Extend timelines for Annual filing of OPC due to Covid 19: ICSI

Company Law : It is requested extend the timelines for annual filing of OPCs upto 31st December, 2020. This will ease the difficulties faced by ...

September 25, 2020 3273 Views 0 comment Print

Allow remuneration paid by OPC to member: ICAI Suggests

Income Tax : The Finance Act, 2016 introduced a tax rate of 29% of total income to (domestic) company assessees provided its total turnover or...

January 26, 2018 3843 Views 0 comment Print

ICSI releases Ready Reckoner on One Person Company (OPC)

Company Law : One person company is a concept introduced in India by the Companies Act, 2013. The concept opens up new vistas of business opport...

July 3, 2014 6144 Views 0 comment Print

Latest Notifications

MCA mandates new Form & MGT-7 & MGT 7A for OPC & small companies

Company Law : (1) These rules may be called the Companies (Management and Administration) Amendment Rules, 2021. (2)  They shall come into forc...

March 5, 2021 37368 Views 1 comment Print

MCA amends One Person Companies (OPCs) rules

Company Law : MCA amends One Person Companies (OPCs) rules vide Companies (Incorporation) Second Amendment Rules, 2021 MCA amends rules 6 relate...

February 1, 2021 8133 Views 0 comment Print

Important Statutory Due dates for OPC Annual Filing for FY 2022-23

April 13, 2023 67041 Views 8 comments Print

OPCs are required to file two annual forms, namely MGT 7A and AOC 4, every year. It’s important to understand what these forms are and their respective due dates for OPC Annual Filing.

One Person Company (OPC) in India

March 30, 2023 4668 Views 1 comment Print

Explore the concept and benefits of One Person Company (OPC) in India. Learn about incorporation, benefits, points to consider, and legal compliances. Discover why OPCs are a convenient option for small businesses.

Procedure for Conversion of OPC Into Private Company

March 27, 2023 10116 Views 1 comment Print

One person Company is totally a revolutionized concept brought by Companies Act, 2013 where a single person can easily form a company of his own enjoying both the benefits of sole ownership as well as corporate identity.

One Person Company (OPC) – Features, Advantage, Disadvantage, Formation Process

March 25, 2023 34044 Views 0 comment Print

Unlock the power of AI with this guide to SEO meta descriptions. Learn to create compelling and effective meta descriptions for improved search engine visibility.

One Person Company (OPC) under section 2(62) of companies act, 2013

March 8, 2023 23658 Views 5 comments Print

Concept of One Person Company was introduced by Companies Act, 2013. In a Private Company, a minimum of 2 Directors and Members are required whereas in a Public Company, a minimum of 3 Directors and a minimum of 7 members.

One Person Company (OPC) provisions under Companies Act, 2013

February 8, 2023 17904 Views 1 comment Print

Understand the concept of One Person Company (OPC) and its provisions under Companies Act, 2013 with this article. All questions answered.

All about Conversion of an OPC to a Private Company

December 13, 2022 40017 Views 3 comments Print

According to Section 2 (62) of the Corporation Act 2013, a One Person Company is a company formed under the Company Act 2013 with just one member.

Procedure to Incorporate One Person Company

December 12, 2022 6528 Views 0 comment Print

Unlock the step-by-step procedure to incorporate a One Person Company (OPC) under the Companies Act of 2013. Learn about the advantages, disadvantages, and the seamless registration process for forming a solo-owned business entity.

Sole Proprietorship Vs One Person Company

November 13, 2022 8385 Views 3 comments Print

The proprietorship is a popular business form due to its simplicity, ease of setup, and nominal cost.  You could have one up and running within 15 days, which makes it very popular among the unorganised sector, especially in small traders and merchants. 

Conversion of One Person Company (OPC) to Private Limited Company

August 25, 2022 2691 Views 2 comments Print

After Companies (Incorporation) Amendment Rules 2021, a Company can voluntary convert itself to private/public limited at anytime without meeting any specified criteria of paid up share capital and turnover. The conversion of OPC into a private limited company will not affect the existing debts, liabilities, obligations or contracts of OPC

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